Mar 262007

You can almost see what’ll happen in the Andorra-England game on Wednesday. England will win 2-0 (with a late second to seal it), or 2-1, and the performance will be stale and uninventive, against a side unwilling to attack.

Not enough to actually be a good result, but not bad enough to force McLaren out. I’ll be honest – I don’t see him lasting after the Euros, if we don’t qualify he’ll be gone in a millisecond, but even if we do I can’t see a future there. This is a man who spent millions at Boro without ever really getting them anywhere. Although it’s not as if there’s a candidate in waiting.

As for Gallas, he has divided opinion, between the scathing and the sympathetic. There’s an intriguing article on Gunnerblog, and it’s certainly fair to say that his comments have been exaggerated, but this is man who has dealt with the English press for years – he is an experienced man and he should know by now how they work, and that everything he says is scrutinised. The timing is atrocious, and while he probably has a point it simply is best left to be expressed internally.

The trouble is, these things grow at the moment because there’s no actual football or real news to supersede it. Roll on the weekend, where hopefully Liverpool will find that once again their defensive record at Anfield means nothing when we come to town.

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