Mar 172008

Welcome to the Beautiful Groan!

After a little over a year of life over at the old site, welcome to the relaunch of The Beautiful Groan here at The site is now ready, feel free to take a look around. All articles will now be posted here rather than at the old site, which will point here in due course.

Expect more pages and features to be added to the site in the coming weeks, but for now, thanks for reading, and if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to contact me via the Contact page, above.


  4 Responses to “Welcome to Groan’s new home”

  1. Good luck Pete,

    I remember transferring from Blogger to my own host. Daunting for an old git who relied on what I could find on Google to help with the move.

    Luckily I must have stumbled on some really good articles because it wasn’t as painful as I had thought.

    I’ll still think long and hard about doing it again though!

    Anyway, it’s looking good. Well done Pete.

    aka ‘holic.

  2. Cheers Dave,

    It certainly does take a lot of time to get everything moved across, but I’m hoping that everything should be fully launched in the next week or so.

    Sometimes I wish I hadn’t written so much on the old site though, it’s hard work republishing everything!

    Thanks for your support, see you over on your excellent blog!


  3. Hope it all went well with the moving – bored in Cali by any chance??

  4. Well, I was out all day Saturday in the sun, but it was sleeting yesterday and that put paid to be leaving the hotel room!

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