Mar 182008

Amidst all the doom and gloom surrounding the Emirates at the moment, it must be remembered that after a first half of the season where it looked like three teams might hit the magic 90 point mark, no-one is now embarking on that all-conquering winning streak that usually ends in the Premiership trophy. In fact, the most on form of the top teams is Liverpool, and they were out of the race long ago.

It’s well documented that Arsenal aren’t playing well at the moment, and while losses are being prevented by sheer determination, that alone hasn’t been enough to turns draws into victories for a off colour team. But why are many so quick to write off our chances when the other two contenders aren’t exactly firing either?

Chelsea are back to the days of grinding out victories, aside from the hammering that everyone gives to Derby, and they were lucky to beat a Sunderland side at the weekend who have hardly been setting the world alight recently. There is still unrest around the side and unlike previous years, where they would be kicking on right now, you don’t get the same inevitability about their victories anymore.

As for United, they struggled past Lyon, lost at home to Portsmouth with a strong team out, and then were frankly awful against Derby, leaving it late to sneak a 1-0. The way they are playing, I’d fancy Liverpool to pull off a result at the weekend.

If United win and we lose this weekend, then we’re in massive trouble of course. But like we didn’t get carried away with the five point lead, let’s not now. 

  One Response to “Has no-one noticed that United and Chelsea aren’t playing well either?”

  1. Whether they’re playing well enough or not is not the point… as long as they are picking up 3 points every game, it doesn’t matter how they play…

    Arsenal manages to drop points despite playing well!

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