May 012008

Yes, I know it’s normally Groan’s 10. But there weren’t as many things that wound me up this week, okay?

1. Chelsea are in the final

It is a truly sickening sentence. They scratched around in a group containing the superpowers of Schalke and Rosenborg. They were poor against Valencia, who are 15th in La Liga. They made Olympiakos look half decent before losing to Fenerbahce. They deserved to lose the first leg of the semi final and didn’t deserve to win the second. And yet, despite all that, they’re in the bloody final.

2. Essien’s card waving

Last week it was Deco, this week Essien. After Carvalho had executed a perfect sliding tackle which took ball and then man, Essien ran full pelt over to the referee, brandishing an imaginary card and telling him to book Torres (I believe) for a non existent dive. The ref ignored him. Then Arbeloa came over to tell the ref to book Essien for telling him to book Torres, and received a yellow for his complaints. You’ve got the love the consistency.

3. Barcelona were rubbish

The United-Barca semi final was supposed to be a classic. But United didn’t play very well, and once they’d scored they realised that despite all the supposed attacking talent of their opposition, they were pretty toothless, Messi apart. So they double teamed Messi and killed the game. Nothing wrong with that, it was a good tactic. But Barcelona were simply awful at actually creating chances – they were like a worse version of the frustrating Arsenal play of last season – all the possession and no cutting edge.

4. Didier Drogba

He was in last week’s list, and he’s back for more. Benitez mentioned before the game that Drogba dives, which he does. But a note to Didier – you can’t score, run over to the Liverpool bench, pointedly do a celebratory dive in front of the opposing manager, and then accuse himof a lack of class after the game. Besides, Benitez was right to say what he said, he just got the timing all wrong. Wait until after the game to fire up your opposition’s top striker, you muppet.

5. It’s now all about United and Chelsea

If you arrived into the season at this point, you’d never know that anyone other that Chelsea or United ever had a chance of winning honours. It seems cruel that Arsenal contributed so much to this season and now have to watch as those two slug it out for the league and Champions League. Football is a game of such fine lines.

Silver lining – although it means supporting United for the next three games, we are left with the amusing possibility that Chelsea might win nothing, and come second in three trophies this season. That would actually be hilarious.

  2 Responses to “Groan’s 5: Five irritating things about the Champions League semis (part 2)”

  1. I agree with most everything you said except point 2. Typically I hate Drogba b/c he is a diver, albeit a great player. But I did love that he showed up Rafa. Screw that tubby fuck. If it wasn’t for the refs, he wouldn’t have had the chance to be complaining about Drogba. Not to mention that if someone sneezes on Stevie G, its a foul.

  2. I completely agrre with everything except for point 1. That should be replaced with “Man Utd are in the final”. They’re arrogant little cnts. I would’ve preferred an Arsenal-Barca clash like Paris 2006 but things don’t always go the way we want it, hey? I can’t stand United, especially now they’ve won the title so I want Chelsea to win. United can win the league. Taunting them with a CL trophy is so much more fun than taunting them with a EPL trophy.

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