May 202008

The summer is over, and the transfer merry go round is starting. Every day a few new players are linked, some sound plausible, others most definitely do not. Here are ten of those that will not be happening this year, complete with links to the original story.

1. Robinho. Consistently linked, you have to imagine that if Wenger really wanted to sign him for a considerable fee, he would have done so already. He has gone on record to say he admires the Brazilian, but the fees that are being suggested are simply out of the question.

2. Roque Santa Cruz .Adebayor scored thirty goals last season, Van Persie can score twenty five if fit. Walcott is beginning to shine, Bendtner is waiting in the wings and Vela will be used as a squad striker. Plus Eduardo is on the mend. Sure, not many of these are established, but you can’t become established until given the chance, much like Ade this season. Wenger will not sign a striker this summer.

3. Mauro Zarate. Nothing like a few good games to suddenly get the media salivating. Zarate, on loan from Qatar club Al Saad (where he’d been dropped), produced the odd moment of magic for Birmingham, but was inconsistent, and didn’t convince McLeish to regularly start him. Now, apparently, Arsenal are interested in paying over 10 million for him. I think not.

4. Yaya Toure. Kolo’s little brother can be as interested as he wants in joining him at Arsenal, but he has had trials here before, and Wenger had plenty of opportunities to sign him. He chose not to, and I see no reason why he would now.

5. David Villa. Another who is interested in coming, but Wenger isn’t interested in signing. He is an excellent striker, but we’re stocked in that department.

6. Sebastien Frey. Another summer, another link to Frey. Watch for the links to Buffon, I’m sure those equally unfounded stories will crop up in time.

7. Alberto Aquilani. Classic agent garbage – “Aquilani is speaking to Arsenal. We will have to see if Roma will be able to match his demands.” Watch him sign a new contract in the coming weeks, earning his agent a nice fat paycheck.

8. Lillian Thuram. Seriously, when was the last time Wenger signed a 36 year old?

9. Thierry Henry. Wenger sold him, he hasn’t looked that great since, is now more injury prone than ever and the wrong side of thirty. Plus Wenger never re-signs players he has previously sold. He’ll always be a legend, but he isn’t coming back.

10. David Dein. No matter what he plants in newspapers, no matter what he says or does now, he isn’t returning, at least while the current board are in charge. Edelman may have gone, but he was far from Dein’s only enemy, and the orange one’s actions over the past year make this utterly impossible.

  10 Responses to “Groan’s 10: Ten who won’t be joining Arsenal this summer”

  1. Good article.

  2. Yaya wasn’t signed for permit reasons, not ability.

  3. You could be right BUT I still seriously believ he’s going to get Thuram.
    1.He’s French
    2.He’s going to start his coaching soon, what better club to start with it than Arsenal
    3.He’s still an amazing player
    4.He’s satisfied with sitting on the bench and fill holes when he’s needed
    5.We could do with another good defender

  4. great article, finally clearing up some of those ridiculous rumours.

    I have to say though I am still keen for a couple of them to be true – Thuram for one and Robinho for another, I don’t think bendtner is up to the task and won’t be next season either.

  5. i think that arsen wenger will buy nasri. he wont buy david villa not for 20 million notfor one player need a striker because edwardo will still be be out until at least is very importand that we have large enouh squad because injuries will happen.

    tour and gallas dont play that well together,plus the fact gallas not a very good captain but i dont think he stay if he is not captai

    remember mr wenger has stated even if flamini and hleb , and leyman he stated still wanted to bring in at least two so if feel with three will leaving he will bring around five players. one striker two or three midfielders and a defender. the fact that we came so close and and up short of insuries and he knows that if we dont win anything next year fabrigas is gone

  6. must say..great article..very likely wenger will nt sign any striker..ade has scored 30 goals dis season.but wat goes unnoticed is the no. of chances he has wasted..some in very crucial situations..i personally think arsene should sign a striker..

  7. Wenger signed older players at the start – Grimandi, Garde and the like – because he needed them ultimately to be scouts – which they have become, very successfully. I don’t quite see what Thuram will do for us in that regard, and what we clearly now have is Alex Song who looked great in the last games of the season.

    What we have got are four youngsters moving up into the first team squad, two guys back from Spain (Merida and Vela) and 3 new signings. On that basis it must be two midfielders and a defender.

  8. Whoever is being signed …. you’ll not hear about it before the deal is done.

    If you hear of a player being signed, he isn’t coming.

    Fabregas has apparently advised Wenger to buy Villa.Wenger doesn’t buy players on the say so of other players … Remember Henry wanting SWP. LOL.

    Current players signing a new contract are considered by Wenger as another signing.

    Expect Gallas to be gone and needing a replacement. So that’s 2 Midfielders, 2 Central Defenders and cover for Left-Full Back.

    I want a Goalkeeper.

  9. Anonymous, Wenger has said that Yaya was an option in the past, but he chose not to go in for him.

    Limpar, I’ve always been a Robinho fan too, and he is someone who could play the wide man cutting inside role while offering a goal threat. I think he’d be an Arsenal player if he were cheaper.

    vinayak, sure Ade has missed quite a bit this season but at 23 he is far from the finished article – he has come on leaps and bounds this season and there’s no reason to think he can’t continue his improvements next year.

    Tony, I agree, midfielders and defenders are the top ones right now. There may only be two to slot straight in, and one more prospect, who knows.

    Arsenal1Again, Wenger normally does do his deals on the quiet, yes, but occasionally they are leaked, as with Sagna last summer. I don’t think we need a left back though, with Clichy so good, Traore waiting in the wings and the Brazilian Pedro third choice.

  10. is nasri signing? what does arsene see in him? lightweight, unproven btw, is he going to the euros?

    what arsenal need is a real left winger (no stop gap players there puhleez), a midfielder who could deputise for o’silva and a tough, never whinning centerback.

    address those issues wenger.

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