May 222008

When the semis were completed, I thought the prospect of a United-Chelsea final was about the most horrible thing I could imagine, and no possible outcome was really that satisfying.

I was wrong.

I wanted United to win, mainly because although not my favourite club by a country mile, they have at least earned their position at the top table of the game, unlike their opponents. Plus they don’t have quite as many odious characters at Chelsea, who field at least nine per game.

And win they did, so no London club has yet lifted the trophy, giving us the chance to be the first. To add icing to that cake, Drogba was sent off for a petulant slap, Ronaldo missed a penalty, Terry missed a penalty which would’ve won it, and Anelka missed the decider.

If Ashley Cole had missed a crucial one too, then the night would’ve been perfect, all things considered. But the man who betrayed a club to seek money and trophies goes home empty handed from this season, in the knowledge that his replacement at Arsenal is proving to be more capable and a damn sight more popular.

We don’t miss you, Ash, not one iota.

  4 Responses to “A hideous Champions League final that actually turned out quite well”

  1. damn right we dont miss u ash.
    among the arsenal fans we call him cashley btw

  2. Read in the buildup that Ashley was a doubt for the final & I was desperate for it to be true, couldn’t face the idea of him winning the CL. But so hapy now that he played and won nowt.

  3. daniel, one of many names….

  4. Well the game was ok.

    The commentators said it summed up the best bits of the Premier League. Err, what? One half one team plays bad defensive football, the other half the other team does. Yeah, unbelievable.

    I was watching it wishing it had been Liverpool Arsenal’s Quarter Final second leg instead. Our game was infinitely better, more entertaining, with a much higher tempo, better skills, better goals, more offensive and just as much drama with the late Theo goal and Liverpool’s comeback.

    THAT was an advert for English football, not just a pretty standard game where both sides played nothing more than ‘well’ for a half each at a slow tempo.

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