May 302008

I have to say, I’m sick of the following headline:

Arsenal close in on Nasri deal

I’ve seen it, or variations on it, about ten times now, in various papers who need to fill a few column inches. You can see the logic – we all know it’ll happen, and in the absence of any real news, this is all they can come up with.

Folks, have patience. Sometimes there just is no news.

Another story that refuses to be resolved is that of Hleb’s future. It is pretty clear that he will be leaving, and the time for him to announce his intention to invoke the Webster clause ended on Monday, so it does seem we’ll get a fee for him, probably around the 10m he cost in the first place. Good business as far as I’m concerned. Hleb himself has been trying to get people on his side recently, but his words are utterly transparent – it is all very well professing your love for a club and the manager, but if you aren’t going to say you’ll stay, then those words mean absolutely nothing.

Finally, the relentlessly idiotic Sepp Blatter is celebrating his ‘victory’ this morning, as Fifa voted to push ahead with his six-plus-five rule. The EU’s take on it is this:

“The intentions announced by FIFA to impose the so-called ‘6-plus-5 rule’, [are] directly discriminatory and therefore incompatible with the EU law”

Seriously Blatter, give up on this one.

  14 Responses to “Nasri/Hleb stories rumble on, Blatter refuses to let go”

  1. Why would we not get a significantly higher sum for Hleb than we got him for? His status and rep have shot up! We made him.

  2. He only has two years left on his contract, and isn’t going to get much better now, so it isn’t as if he has got loads of potential left to improve.

    And is he a better player now then when he arrived three years ago? Remember he was superb in the Bundesliga, now he’s a player lacking in end product.

  3. I think mamy of you are forgetting how could hleb can be and what technical attributes he brings to our game. I think if he does leave he will be a great loss.
    Watching nasri most weeks for marseille he has more than 100 caps and is is influencing game much more at 20 hes obviously going to get consderably better.

  4. fcuk Blatter up his sleeves.It seems his momma used to give him everything he cried for,thats wat spoilt him.Hleb can also get them 4 letter word from me too.keep courage mates

  5. If Alexandra Hleb will gone we need more than one player. Nasri is only player and Flamini is gone too,so you have buy more than one or two player.

  6. Arsene Wenger this comment is going to you and you make this a small team and you don’t have any cup with two season, so you don’t have FA cup,
    Premier League, Champions League, and even Carling cup so you change this team instead of playing without taking any cup.

  7. Goodbye arsene wenger if you need my e-mail is have a good weekend goodye our manager.

  8. Y’know, I’m not convinced Wenger’s much of a blog reader…

  9. i feel the stories with hleb are keep running on and on until a club puts in decent offer for him,because despite the claims that clubs are prepard to make 15 million from his agent are all false,no club has made an offer him, if they made kind of offer wenger get rid him. as for nasri ifeel will happen but i think wenger would have preferd that was alot more low key and he without dought got alot more players lined up but until there 100% complete and medicals have been completed you wont here anything.

  10. wenger,just get us karim benzema from lyon.days all.

  11. No to Benzema – we won’t be buying a striker this season, with Adebayor, Van Persie, Eduardo, Walcott, Bendtner and Vela all in and around the first team.

  12. pete i think your wrong there you count out vela and edwardo,first of all vela will without dought need time adapt to prem, edwardo will still be out until christmas, and van persi gets injured quite easily, iwhen look all the strikers i can see you would think that we have enough strikers but a fe insuries here and there and you rin crap he will try get another striker who start straight away that will score around 30 like edwardo someone wont need time who has experience, because he wont to keep players fresh incase they niggles he can rest them so there injuries dont escilaite thats exacly what ferguson did at manu injuries and experienceis what just the prem

    .i also feel he will bring nasri hopefu;ly that will go through and a good goal keeper, holding midfielder and a good defender. however gallas -toure situation must be resolved.

    i cant believe gallas just walked and got a bigger contact than toure , given the captaincy befoure toure and even played out of postion for gallas, toure is not happy and wrightfuly so, toure would be a better captain and they play that well together but wenger defender as good gallas so idont whats going happen with those two.

  13. I really don’t think he’ll buy a striker – we always make the mistake of thinking he’ll bring a first team player in from elsewhere to plug a gap, when in reality he has faith in people stepping up.

    Last season Adebayor stepped up, and there is no doubt that his first choice pairing this year is Ade and Van Persie. So what we need is decent rotational ability.

    Eduardo will miss the first half of the season, otherwise he would be ideal, so Wenger has to decide whether Bendtner and Walcott can fill in (I agree that Vela will need time to settle).

    I think Walcott will fill that role. The only other option is to sign a player, but then that player would equally need time to settle so what does it really solve?

  14. pete i relieved to here edardo is will be commimng back erlirer that expected when first sawthe tackle edwardo took you see it realy bad so good for, i think if i can a striker on the cheap he will get one bust he wont paying any more 7 million. i do agree the rotation of the strikers will be very important.

    i cant wait see the hleb, he is a good player him and his agents is really pissing off, if decent offer does not come in for him i still cant see playing first. whats really worrying me is toure and gallas,they clealy dont play that well together, and cant believe gallas has got bigger contract than toure and only that toure has to play out of position accomidate gallas, i feel if gallas is given the armband over toure this seaseon toure will be off and i know that alot of clubs will stab him no time.

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