Jun 052008

Part III of the review of the predictions made back in August, here are those sides I placed in positions 10-6.

Groan’s Premiership Predictions (10-6)

10. Portsmouth (Finished 8th)

I predicted Portsmouth to do well, and got it right – hurrah! Unfortunately, my reasoning was that David Nugent would shine. Ah well. A great season for Pompey, completed by the FA Cup triumph, and they’ll be an interesting prospect in the UEFA Cup next season.

9. Aston Villa (Finished 6th)

Another side that outperformed my predictions, Villa challenged hard for a European spot, but were eventually undone by the two cup winners – usually sixth place gets you into Europe but not with Spurs and Pompey taking the cup glory. Villa could be even stronger next season – O’Neill is one of the best around.

8. Newcastle (Finished 12th)

At the start of the season, I figured Newcastle would become a boring, hacking but successful team under Allardyce. By May, they were an unsuccessful but highly entertaining side under Keegan. Yeah, I get it badly wrong sometimes.

7. West Ham (Finished 10th)

Relegation was never going to be a threat anymore, but after their strong finish to the previous campaign, a European challenge seemed likely. In the end, their season petered out into nothingness.

6. Tottenham (Finished 11th)

Ha ha. Ah ha ha. Muhahahahahaha. Ah hahahahahahaha. I think that about says it all. Top four? Don’t make me choke.

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