Jun 062008

Winner: Germany

Twelve years since their last tournament victory, the Germans consider themselves overdue, and their status as favourites is well earned. They’ve got a powerful midfield, a decent defence, and a dangerous strike partnership in Klose and Podolski. They’ve got the simplest of groups, and should cruise through as winners, and play the Czechs or the Swiss in the quarter finals.

Dark Horse: Switzerland

Many are suggesting that Austria and Switzerland are the worst host nations ever to hold a major tournament, but then they said the same about the South Korean side that reached the semis of the World Cup six years ago. For me, Austria are dreadful, but Switzerland are underrated. With a decent defence, Barnetta running the midfield and Frei leading the line, they can surprise a few in front of their own support. I’d be surprised to see them go out early.

Top Scorer: Podolski, Germany

Germany have a habit of scoring plenty in group stages and bullying the smaller teams – witness their 8-0 demolition of Saudi Arabia six years ago. They’re in a weak group, and Podolski showed throughout the qualifying campaign that he knows where the back of the net is.

Early Leavers: France

In a group of death with Holland and Italy, one of the three has to go, and despite widespread predictions of that team being Holland, I could see France having another short lived campaign, much like the two they had prior to the 2006 World Cup. A loss to the Dutch, and a draw against Italy unable to save them perhaps.

What are your predictions?

  4 Responses to “Groan’s Euro 2008 predictions”

  1. Can’t hide my feeling .. Its a prediction at the end of the day.

    Winners: Holland, Can’t see the powerful attack not being effective. Van Der Sar will organize the back line.

    Dark Hours: Russia

    Top Scorer: Torres, Spain

    Early Leavers: Again one of the 3 will leave. I think Italy will be it.
    With France striving for the pay back against them, cant see Italy go through as they will stumble against Romania.

  2. well here are the predictions..

    Winners: will be between Spain the underachievers, having a point to prove and France if they are capable of coming out of their group.

    Dark Horse: Russia everyone knows what Guss is capable of, although a big ask still but proven a decent squad… Also i believe Poland and the Swiss are underdogs…

    Top Scorer: Ever Fernando Torres, everyone has seen what he can do… or Karim Benzema if he gets the game time…


  3. italy italy italy, hope they go str8 away the dirty diving pricks :D there u go

  4. Winners-france if they get out of the group

    Dark horse-portugal,with c-ronaldo and co, and a scolari as coach

    Top score-benzema with a good midfield or torres

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