Jun 192008

After a well earned few days on holiday, there are a few stories floating around for me to touch on, so let’s look at them in turn.

Adebayor-Milan. Tiresome. Really and truly tiresome. Every summer we have these sagas, and usually, all we ever ask is for the player to come out and unequivocally say he intends to stay. Adebayor has done precisely that, on numerous occasions, and yet these rumours persist, with absolutely no quotes to back them up. Ade is staying, and I recommend that you ignore anyone who tells you otherwise, whatever paper or blog it happens to be.

Rosicky’s injury. The Czech midfielder has been out since January with a ‘niggling injury’. After surgery that confirmed he would miss the Euros, we at least thought he’d therefore be fit for the start of the season. It now turns out that he probably won’t. If he isn’t joining pre-season training, he won’t be back until September at the earliest. That’s eight months out with a niggling injury, and who says it ends there? At 27, you do have to wonder whether he will ever be the player Wenger wanted him to be.

Hleb’s departure. He’s leaving, we’re not sure who to yet. Frankly, I couldn’t care less as long as we recoup the 10m we paid for him. He and his seemingly endless list of agents won’t be missed.

Nasri. Hasn’t signed yet, despite the ‘exclusives’ that the papers like to scream at you. One way or another, it should be decided soon with France out of the Euros so dismally (au revoir Domenech!).

And that’s about it. Good week to go away, I think.

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