Jun 192008

Holland are seriously good. You have to love a side that responds to pressure by throwing on more strikers in a ‘you might score, but we’ll score two’ style.

The other three top seeds – Austria, Switzerland and Greece, were abysmal. It is often said that the European Championships have a greater quality of football than the World Cup. Not on this showing.

Spain might look good, but they will bottle it. Would it honestly surprise you if Italy knocked them out on Sunday?

France were dreadful, truly dreadful. From the sulkiness to the laziness, you had Domenech’s ineptness, Makalele’s flailing elbows, no creativity, weaknesses in defence, everything was just all wrong.

Russia are a completely different team with Arshavin available.

Petr Cech really needs to drop the ball more with Chelsea, just for amusement sake.

Sweden are not what they once were. Old, tired, and lacking in ideas against Russia, they were duly dispatched.

There is not a more colourful or more likable manager in international football than Slaven Bilic. Croatia could beat anyone on their day.

Germany always do what is required to qualify. Why they are underdogs against Portugal tonight is beyond me given their history of doing exactly what they are doing now.

Expect some tight quarter finals – there is not a walkover in sight.

England would’ve been dumped out in the group stages had they qualified.

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