Jun 242008

It’s been a few days, apologies for that but at the same time there has been very little going on. First, the Samir Nasri saga – a claim was placed on Nasri’s website, indicating that a deal was done, but has subsequently been replaced by an apology from the site administrator.

Both Arseblog and Gunnerblog indicate that their sources suggest the deal is very much done, just not public, and quite frankly I trust those two a lot more than some of the media fighting for your loose change every morning with increasingly extravagant stories. It says something about this country’s press that certain blogs hold more accurate information. Food for thought indeed.

Not that the press in other countries is much better. The Spanish press, who have been leading the way on practically every rumour you hear about, are so short of stories that they plump for ‘Wenger expects a Spain-Germany final’ for a full page spread in El Pais. Wow – manager predicts two favourites to get through. How… newsworthy.

Back in this country, and the rumours continue to surround Adebayor. Frankly, not a lot more can be said on this – Wenger and Ade both say they are staying, Milan say they want him, and there may be interest from other clubs too. Speculation will continue but until we hear something concrete, keep an open mind I guess.

Euro semis start tomorrow, and I have a suspicion we’ll be seeing Germany and Russia progress. For all those tipping Spain, just remember that they always bottle it. Me, I’m happy – I got Turkey and Russia in my work sweepstake, and started out a bit miffed. Not now.

Enjoy the rest of the Euros, there’s nothing else going on.

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