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In the manner of football agents everywhere, Stephane Courbis has been showing a remarkable selective memory in his latest quotes regarding Adebayor’s future, indicating that Arsenal need to show that they want to keep him, and it isn’t all about money:

“It is vital that Arsenal show their motivation to keep him. If this was a money problem, then he would have asked to leave. He is a man of heart, not of money. He is not greedy.”

Is it not enough of a sign to the player that he was trusted with filling Henry’s shoes, and given a decent pay rise last summer before he even began to show this form? Is it not enough that despite his reputation before he arrived, Wenger put considerable trust in him and has since been rewarded? It now not the time for Adebayor to return that faith?

Unfortunately, this is depressingly familiar. When a player struggles these days, the manager sticks by them, doing everything they can to make that player succeed. The minute they make it, they demand exorbitant wages or leave. I understand that higher wages are tempting, but he isn’t badly paid, and will surely get arise in any case. To me, his actions are borne out of pure selfishness.

And that is a real shame, because while he split opinion, no-one could accuse him of not working hard, and it was that trait that was heading him in the direction of being a crowd favourite. Now, like a few before him, he will either leave or be forced to be exceptionally contrite if the fans are to stick with him.

Milan, meanwhile, have claimed that Arsenal have set an asking price of 35m, which they are not going to pay. Can’t blame them, to be honest, he isn’t worth anything like that. I don’t buy the suggestion that they’re looking elsewhere though, there may yet be middle ground found.

A week ago, I was convinced Ade was going nowhere. Now a large part of me wants him out, as long as we get the sorts of sums being talked about.

Elsewhere, Andrei Arshavin’s agent claims Arsenal are the most active club in the chase for the Russian, but I don’t see it happening. Wenger came out after the Euros and openly said he wished he’d seen Arshavin when he was 21, and to me if he was interested in signing him he wouldn’t be making those sorts of comments. In any case, a google search of the agent in question, Dennis Lahter, brings up nothing but this story, so I’m not convinced by his authenticity either.

Chelsea seems the likely destination, and if he does make that trip, let’s hope his European Championship performances makes him the next Karel Poborsky.

Finally, there’s Amaury Bischoff, who claims that he will be joining the reserves shortly. At 21, he doesn’t seem convinced that he would be in the first team picture straightaway, which makes his signing a little odd. I guess he’s defensive minded, otherwise his central midfield position is too crowded.

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