Jul 302008

Non-Arsenal related, but it made me laugh – at the same time as the BBC posted that Villa had called off the Gareth Barry to Liverpool negotiations, the Sun claimed the deal was almost complete:

Classic crossed wires at the Sun
Classic crossed wires at the Sun

The Sun use the age old ‘we understand’ to completely contradict the quotes, which are quite clear in themselves. Villa said:

“Aston Villa can announce that Gareth Barry will be staying with the club following the interest from Liverpool over recent months. During discussions in the past few days, a final deadline to conclude this episode was set that all parties were aware of and agreed to. This deadline has now passed and so Gareth will remain with Villa.”

Fairly conclusive, although the Sun think otherwise, starting the very same article with:

GARETH BARRY is on the brink of joining Liverpool. The Reds have agreed an £18million fee with Aston Villa for the England midfielder.

Oh really?

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