Aug 242008

Or at least, it was his equivalent.

Fulham 1 (Hangeland 21) Arsenal 0

That was painful to watch. We normally keep our transfer business quiet, but it says something that Wenger had admitted we need a central midfielder, and even the normally quiet Cesc is agreeing. Everyone knows it, and if they didn’t, they knew on their way home from Craven Cottage.

Because let’s face it, that was a dreadful performance. Yes, Fulham should’ve been down to ten men early, but it was Eboue who was tackled dangerously, and you have to admit that if you were the ref, you’d have a doubt in your mind whether the tackle really was as bad as it looked – after all, Eboue would roll around like that if you shook his hand.

And there can be no excuses anyway, because you have to be able to beat a frankly poor Fulham side, who weren’t even playing that well themselves. But thanks to some uninspiring and toothless creative play, and another stupid set piece goal, we come away with nothing for the second time in three years.

Ah yes, the goal. Our inspirational leader Gallas lost his man, and instead of chasing after him he simply weakly stood off and watched the goal happen. I know Gallas is an easy target right now, but I’m getting really bored of typing ‘Gallas turned his back’, and ‘Gallas stood off him’ when describing a goal. The guy is our most experienced player, a supposedly top notch defender, and above all else, is supposed to be leading by example. He has some serious work to do to win me over this season.

It is ironic that while ten out of eleven players were below par, the only one playing to expected levels is Eboue. Admittedly, that may be because our expected levels of him are around Conference level, but still, he is actually doing okay in an unfamiliar position. But Denilson beside him was abysmal. How is it that we’ve had two Brazilians in our side recently, and between them they haven’t been able to control a ball (Baptista) or pass it (Denilson)? They’re Brazilian!

There are six days left before the transfer window closes, and while I’m an optimist at even the worst of times, I’m not stupid enough to claim we’ll challenge for the league if we don’t replace Flamini properly. Or the combination of Flamini, GIlberto and Diarra.

Two seasons ago we lost this sort of match all the time, and we had Cesc then, so I don’t buy the popular theory (in the media) that we lost because he’s injured. Of course it didn’t help, but yesterday’s performance was exactly the sort of insipid display that never happened on Flamini’s watch. We need that again.

Over to you Arsene.

  19 Responses to “It wasn’t Cesc we missed, it was Flamini”

  1. Flamini might be one of the reasons. furthermore, there was no linking between the players. two seasons ago we still played beautiful games when we lost. without Cesc, no one on the pitch was able to control the pace. even after his comeback i still doubt the team will play the same beautiful style as it was before.. i do miss hleb.

  2. Flamini would of helped for sure but with Cesc playing we probably score 2 or 3 and win. I wish he would of tried Nasri in the middle with Denilson playing the defensive role…

  3. untill arsene pulls his head out of his arse and forgets his obsession with winning trophies with the youngsters we will not win anything. to compete we have to make big signings every year. today i watched kompany get man of the match for man city, a player arsene said he was not going to sign. he’d of been a bargain for 7m and not only would be excellent cover at CB but also stated today his best position is deffensive midfield. i don’t know what arsenes thinking at the momment, hes been a great manager but he needs to get with the times and buy some players that we can win with.

  4. I agree with u Highbury,the players are poorly paid while Arsene Wenger is among the highest paid managers in the world and still refusing to respect the services of good players.Had Hleb could have been a Manchester united player,Ferguson would not have let him go not to talk of Flamini,Diarra, Aleadare etc.It is horrible to see Arsenal playing like a second division team.I am ashame.

  5. the players had bad day at the office but i still feel that delison is very good and the strikers need to be sharper,i dont think having all but one outfireld player on international duty helped either,the problem is if we have two or three injuries in midfield we are deep troulble, and i feel if we had won 3-0 we would still need 1-2 more players, to me if lost risisky,diaby and fab we me major trouble but if it was chelsae or manu they could cope

  6. eboue is used as an excuse if we play bad/loose.he was a great rb, especilly in the season and run to cl final few years back. since then his played Lb Cb Lm Rm Cm and thats crazy. its so we can say look were so injury plaged weve got eboue in cm. truth is ramsey, song wilshire, vela, even toure or djorou can go there. eboue is a good rb so play him there or rm. van p can play Lm so it cn be nasri in middle not eboue and niklas with ade. point is we have probs but we have options still we jus dnt use em

  7. i watched all matches since season started felt only one thing no midfield u havee one of the best defence n strike force here i wanna mention on a bad day we missed clear cut chances as well but u don’t have midfield force.even fabregas played one of the match still except him we were missing flamini .get udinese n alonso seriously if he don’t buy two player we will still suffer .

  8. the season has started but with arsenal i dont feel as if it has yet alonso would b a great signing but i dont think wenger will go for him i dont know wats wrong with him somtimes

  9. I think Le Boss has finally lost the PLOT!


  11. I don’t know d problem with arsene wenger.he should sign a midfielder & not 2 manage players,eboue & denilson are not good 4 d midfield.arsene should sign players & not 2 manage 16-17years old.

  12. look guys lets be truthful now
    WENGER NEEDS TO GO or forget arsenal winning anything. like they say we are just a selling club, bring back david dein

  13. It took time to get into this mess, it will take some time to climb out. Changes are needed but with our board change is unlikely without a major disruption. Who knows if we have money or not but could wenger even buy us out of this situation? Kompany had a great game, he’s slotted in way less than six months, trust me. One of wenger’s flaws is he can not let go of under achievers. I might be over-reacting but i’m angry and disappointed, we didn’t even fight for it and now the whole league knows just pressurize our midfield, deny space and they have a chance to beat us.

  14. say what you want,theo walcott is the reason we lost.he was simply shite,why he’s still playing in the 1st team,i don’t know.sagna was average for the first time and theo was the reason.i have
    always read people going on about eboue,he was the team on saturday.

    solution?theo in the reserves,song in the middle alongside cesc or denilson and gallas on the djourou,he a serious defender in the making

  15. Blimey folks, enough with the ‘Wenger out’ stuff. You can see what he’s trying to do – it’s the same thing he does every year, which is wait until transfer deadline day and then get a cut price bargain.

    The trouble is, that’s fine when you’ve got 2-3 players in a position and need to bolster it, not when you have no-one. The deadline day is five matches into the season and you can already be playing catch up by then.

  16. The problem was not Flamini being missed, we never really had problems with defending through-out the match apart from bad defending by Gallas in a situation that should have been routine for him and cost us the goal.The problem was in the midfield getting the ball through to the strikers, 90% of the time there was a wayward pass from either Eboue and especially Denilson. We missed a creative midfielder in that match.

  17. Sabara, I disagree – Flamini offered more than defensive work, he controlled the game from midfield, allowing the creative players around him to shine. Without that, we don’t have enough of the ball.

  18. it is very sad that arsene wenger has decided for four seasons running to keep breaking the hearts of faithful arsenal fans.What in the world will the likes of Denilson,wilshere,Bendtner and Ramsey doing on Arsenals bench.These are players that better be sent on laon to go and gain more experience.Coming to Arsenal midfiled,the truth is thta we can replace Fabregas but can we replace Flamini,of Course no,Many a time people give kudos to the wrong players,Wenger has always praised Fabregas but what has Fabregas won with Arsenal since the exit of Viera?How come Arsenals midfield crumble against Liverpool in the second leg of of Champions league Quarter finals?Was it not when Flamini was injured that Liverpool came into the game?What about Ac Milan?Was it not Flamini that held Kaka.Why is it that Spain never allowed Fabregas in their midfield?
    Wenger should reason.You can replace Fabregas but it is very difficult to replace Flamini.Another thing is that why did Wenger not send Diara on loan?If he had done this with the exit of Flamini,We would still have at least a vibrant midfield.Sometimes Wenger makes me laugh because he simply gambles to me and football has way passed gambling.Let him learn from Fergie.

  19. The deadline keeps getting closer and Arsenal don’t sign anybody, it’s making me nervous. I like Denilson and sometimes he looks good but then he invariably gives the ball away. I read today Wenger said he didn’t want to panic buy. no! panic! panic buy! do it now!

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