Sep 012008

Finally, we’re here. The days leading up to the transfer deadline are painful, with rumours flying around left, right and centre, and barely a transfer being completed as most clubs wait for the final evening.

Today, it all gets resolved, one way or another, and unlike some deadline days, there are likely to be some big money moves, the two likeliest being Robinho and Berbatov. As far as Arsenal are concerned, we’re all simply hoping for another body in central midfield.

But it isn’t easy. There is no one stand out signing that we all think should be made. Alonso isn’t the terrier that many want, and I suspect the desire for his signing is borne only out of the desperation for anyone to arrive rather than logic saying he is the answer.

I would be surprised if midnight came without a signing though, and if that happens it won’t just be the fans who are disappointed. Wenger himself will be – he said after the first Twente game that he intended to bring someone in, and again this weekend indicated that he is working hard on it. If no new faces arrive, it won’t be for the lack of trying.

I missed out covering the two cup draws this week. The Carling Cup draw is annoyingly familiar, as we seem to play Sheff Utd every year, but at home it should be a great run out for the younger players, while the Champions League draw isn’t actually that bad. Sure, trips to Fenerbahce and Dynamo Kiev are long hauls, and Porto have the experience, but we avoided Bayern Munich and Zenit, the two most dangerous floating sides, and we should easily have enough to go through.

But back to today, and don’t panic if nothing happens by 6pm. It rarely does.

It could be a late night.

  13 Responses to “Deadline day arrives”

  1. surely wenger should do smething before the door is closed,i would welcome vieira to hold middle role accompanying fabrigas since he has enough experience in english premiership and alot of leadership skills which would guide the young skilled gunners.

  2. hopeing yaya would be the one. but i’ve got a feeling it will be a big big surprise if anyone at all.

  3. vieira would back up fab superbly. he might not be as quick but hes got what we need

  4. very unlikely to be vieira though as it would be against arsenal policy to sign former players.

  5. Please wenger buy a holding midfielder.

  6. please wenger come on i hear that players like.
    ar in the emirates
    pleas sign them all :P

  7. FRED
    U’ve stated GERRARD!!!! R u having a fuckin laugh

  8. I really hope Fred’s being ironic.

  9. wnger mustgo off bc al summer haveliar arrived any player ani midl..but no all liar no i not believe a more here all liar comentare why this world is with liar im not like im not like u arsene wenger u are joka …u are want bussines with that arsenal….i love arsenal but no with that wenger

  10. what the fuck are we waiting for?…. we ain’t gonna sign no1, man city r gonna take our 4th spot,we’ll probably win the carling cup,that all i can see from that wanker wenger

  11. Stop slating Wenger you sad twats. We showed we can complate on Saturday.

  12. Arsenal,
    For all u arsenal fans who thinks wenger’s a manager,arsenal can’t do without,r a bunch of prats, alright he has turned a FEW, and i say FEW players into world stars, can u arsenal supporters remember : RICHARD WRIGHT,GILES GRIMANDI,PASCAL CYGAN PHILLIP SENDEROS,SLVAIN WILTORD,JULIO BAPTISTE(okay loan),FRANCIS JEFFERS,REYES,do i need 2 mention more? i don’t think i have enough space!… the truth is he HAS DONE A VERY GOOD JOB,but i feel it’s time for a change! just like Highbury

  13. Oh MICKEY T
    WE ALWAYS BEAT NEWCASTLE,IT’S NOTHING NEW,it’s not like we beat MAN U is it? TWAT!!!WE’RE MEANT 2 BEAT NEWCASTLE,DON’T GET CARRIED AWAY just because we beat newcastle! do urself a favour,follow mr wenger 2 the toilet and wipe his arse with nose

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