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Well, midnight has come and gone, and barely even a rumour around the club means that, for once, it seems there will be no late deadline day arrivals at Arsenal.

And that in itself will let the doom and gloom brigade have their fun, predicting bottom half finishes, empty seats, mounting debt, and everyone from Spurs to West Ham becoming a bigger force in English football. Unfortunately, with an international break going on, there can be no football to silence them.

Am I disappointed? Absolutely. In fact I’d go as far as to say that it’ll be almost impossible for us to win the league now. To do so would require a great deal of luck with regard to injury, luck that we have not had over the past few seasons. Our first team is as good as anyone’s, but we have potential in reserve rather than readied players, a fact that cost us last season.

Am I joining the ‘Wenger out’ brigade that blighted the comments section of the last entry here? Of course not. These fans are a cross between two evils – fickleness, and believers that real life is one big Football Manager simulation. In that world, we could fill the gaps in midfield with anyone we wanted, even ridiculous names like Gerrard (as one commenter suggested).

But this is the real world. Aston Villa refused to sell Barry to anyone, Liverpool first wanted far too much money for Alonso and then became reluctant to sell when their midfield depth was tested. Inler signed a new contract, and who else could come in and provide value for money? Wenger’s genius is that we don’t often know the name we want, just the line ‘the usual sort of cheap but excellent Wenger signing’. And some of those same people now want him out.

Wenger clearly could not find someone who a) wasn’t ridiculously overpriced, b) had the quality to make a difference this season, and c) had the mental attributes he looks for. The latter point is why we don’t sign mercenaries, the likes of Robinho, who is now chasing the easy money at Man City.

Also, consider this. The general reaction to the board’s words of ‘there is money to spend’ is ‘okay, so spend it’. But is it really worth spending 15m, even 10m, on a player who really isn’t what we’re looking for, only to find that the player you really want becomes available a year later, and you can’t afford him because you blew the kitty on mediocrity?

If this all seems like I’m seeing the world through rose tinted glasses, then don’t be fooled. The fact that we don’t appear to have signed anyone is a major blow. I know why it has happened, it is because the right player was not available, but it is a problem nonetheless. Perhaps not a surprise given how Clichy was talking up the existing squad earlier in the day, mindful that maybe it wouldn’t be strengthened, but I think if a league challenge was realistic, we needed more bodies.

Now our only hope is luck with injuries, and perhaps a boost in January. The thought of Cesc getting injured now doesn’t bear thinking about.

But please, enough of the knee jerk reactions. That goes for you too, Myles Palmer, with your typically sensationalist piece about how Man City will now remove Arsenal from the top four. They will be strong, no doubt, but it takes a lot to break that quadopoly. Just ask Spurs.

Remember – there is still an outstanding core of talent at the club. And they need our support.

  11 Responses to “It doesn’t look like anyone is signing…”

  1. wenger has let us down he promise to before the transfer window close he will sign but he dont sign any i think we are out of the premier league and champion league race because of wenger false planing because we dont a defence middlefer who will play with fabgras in the middlee

  2. fuck you wenger you are a big liar

  3. Please can somebody tell me why arsenal keeps treating the fans like this,i can’t even count the number of players that left us last season but we just brought in just one player Nasri cos to me other players are nothing to write home about.We are not even sure of any match again since the whole club sthrengthed their squad.See my fellow die heard fans do have to carry our heart in our hands when we play teames like wigan and hull city.

  4. The biggest strength and the biggest enemy of Arsenal FC are the fans. The transfer deadline is closed. Now support the team we have, because we do have talent, we do have a chance. If we don’t believe, who will? You say we are a DM short, I say maybe, but let the season progress, and if we do badly, well, there’s always next season. Arsenal won’t disappear…will you?

  5. you guyz do realise that we have Diaby lurking in the background (just reminding) and loads of players who are at medical bay now.
    But i guaran-dam-tee that we have a rocking squad.
    Diaby, Eduardo, Ramsay, That werden bremen dude (forgot his name… ) even Mikel silvestre. And then the long line of talented reserves.
    Even right now on first team, Denillson is doing well (along side fabregas ofcourse… ) and song is just as good.. if not better..
    We needed a DM b4. now i am not sure..
    and there is the Jan Transfer window too…..

  6. Go Gooners! Let’s show we can win it without the millions. I for one believe we will sign a defensive midfielder in the January market. By then we will have quite a few of the injured players back too hopefully. And this time Arséne, will prove us wrong yet I again. (I hope! :)) Come on, you mighty Reds!

  7. Aw so disapointing was waiting frantically for xabi alonso or veloso or any signing but 12 came and went and we will have to make do! :(

  8. Gutted to be honest – but “you can only piss in the pot you got” so lets get behind them and give them full support .Yes we need depth in the squad , which we haven’t got. Yes we’re in trouble if we get whacked with injuries.Cesc injured – disaster !If , if , if ! Cheer ’em on to glory folks – and keep your fingers crossed too !

  9. i think wenger has several midfielders that he had lined up but it takes 3 parties for deal to go through and all the players we were going for decided to stay at there clubs,i feel that arsenal still have very strong midfield, i would more worried if we didnt have risicky and diaby comming back,i think its more important to buty the wright player that will have quality and will intergrate into team than just buying for the sake of it, i feel its upto the likes of delinson,diaby and song to step up. i dont believe they are to young if your good enough or old enough.

  10. to be honest, wenger is riding his luck to far. agreed his bunch of kids are talented,but wait what about the mental grit required to pursue glory with the likes of manu n chelski? we lost it last season to inexperience n d absence of grit.count the injury list n u wud realise what i am talking about.(rosicky,eduardo,v persie,flamsta at d end of d season,sagna). the likes of diaby n co will always leave our hearts aching for the near miss. its quite strange to see clubs like valencia in spite of their financial struggle, kept the key players. wenger needs re-orientation. we may never champions league glory during his time(i hope not)

  11. Did enybody see the youth match against chelsea? I think we have no problems in midfield we have Fran merida how is superb and randall comeing to the first team.

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