Sep 162008

After a bit of a blog break, I thought it time to reflect on the past couple of weeks, and talk about the one thing that really struck me amongst the furore around Theo’s international hattrick. And that was David Bentley’s reaction.

If you get another chance to see the highlights, take a look as Walcott is substituted. The camera pans across the bench where, to a man, the players are warmly applauding as the hero leaves the pitch. There is one exception – Bentley is sitting there, looking as sulky as is humanly possible, clear annoyance and bitterness on his face.

Now of course Walcott’s emergence threatens Bentley’s place in the side, but a true professional desires team success over personal glory. Contrast his reaction to that of the oncoming sub, David Beckham, whose international career Theo is helping to close. Beckham is grinning from ear to ear, congratulating the man on his fantastic night’s work.

Say what you like about Beckham, but there’s little doubt that a) he is an absolute professional, and b) he is desperate for England to succeed, even if it means his own appearances are limited.

Bentley, on the other hand, has the best years of his career ahead of him but once again seems to be reacting extremely poorly to competition, much like he did at Arsenal when he demanded to leave because he couldn’t oust the Pires-Ljungberg combination. He also recently suggested Walcott do the same for the sake of his career, clearing missing the point that Walcott is a) a brighter prospect and b) a more level headed individual.

Players who respond to adversity positively succeed. Walcott himself has, after the difficult period following his World Cup call up and the pressures that brought. Bentley is from the Diarra school, a self-important man who will probably never fulfil what is undoubtedly huge potential.

I know which one I’d rather have at the club.

  9 Responses to “David Bentley did not enjoy Walcott’s hattrick”

  1. totally agree

  2. I known theo will be future player for,i just want him to keep put more effort

  3. I really couldn’t have said it better myself. Theo is level headed and has shown that by working hard and being patient English players who have the quality can be apart of Wengers plans. Arsenal haters and footballers like Pennant, Bentley, Muamba, Sidwell who have the quality but don’t quite have the patience need to take note.

  4. fo sho

  5. Yeah Bentley’s a little twat. One of my mate’s told me he was out in London and Bentley was gloating “I’ve got two and a half mil in the bank”, my mate responded “So…I’ve got a Transit full of porn”…that shut the c**t up!

    Beckham is a true pro who is gracefully phasing himself out of the game. He’s been victim to a lot of unwarranted stick over the years and I’m glad that all football fans are finally beginning to recognise him as the great ambassador of English football he is, unlike that scumbag John Terry.

  6. Walcott has a very bright future” only if he can b patient

  7. Muamba left because Wenger told him that it would be next to impossible for him to play. He has nothing to be ashamed of and I actually hope he continues to develop as a player.

  8. ” but a true professional desires team success over personal glory.” Well at least he’s at the right club for him.

  9. Bentley always was a loudmouthed,over-impulsive,idiotic moron and is surely no replacement for the likes of Beckham and Walcott.The proof of the pudding is in the eating and after his 5 or so doldrum years playing kick and rush alongside Savage and Pedersen,he has fortunately committed himself to kicking himself alongside relegation challengers Jenass and Robinson-clone, Gomes.We attempted to educate him, it was clear that what went in,came out the other end. As for talent,there are 200 better talents than him queueing up to join us every week. Capello will do well to offload him asap before he poisons the new spirit that Theo has instilled in this England team.I predict that Theo will follow in Beckhams footsteps and become a real candidate to don the captains armband,epecially after that Prima Donna Terry misses his next crucial penalty kick against the Krauts at the 1/4 finals at Bloemfontein in 2010!!

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