Oct 282008

Nicklas Bendtner has been a bit of an enigma over the past couple of years, undoubtedly blessed with wonderful footballing talent, but often showing worrying signs of being arrogant and not fitting in at a club where team spirit is so important.

In his loan spell at Birmingham, he rubbed a few people up the wrong way, we had the infamous Adebayor incident last season (which was blown out of proportion, in my opinion), the lack of him celebrating with teammates (which was more concerning as it hinted at a deeper problem), and the general air of nonchalance and arrogance that followed him around. He seemed detached from the rest of the players somehow.

Recently, that has all changed. His joining in with the goal celebrations might seem trivial, but it suggests a much tighter bond with the squad, and I don’t consider it a coincidence that at the same time, he is linking up far better in a footballing sense.

There was one moment against West Ham that displayed this perfectly – he and Adebayor played a double one-two, Ade ending up forcing a good save from Rob Green, chasing in the rebound and ending up tumbling off the pitch. The Bendtner of last season would probably not have combined with his fellow striker quite as well, and even if he had, he would’ve probably casually trotted away after the chance had gone. This time, he ran over to Adebayor, helped him up, tapped him on the back and carried on.

Now this might all seem very subtle, and perhaps meaningless, but everything about his demeanour has changed in the last six months. No longer does he seem arrogant, merely confident (in a good way), and he can now be the selfish striker he needs to be, as shown by his superb curling shot from a wide position when Walcott was calling for it in the middle, while also turning supplier when appropriate, as he did for the second goal.

It is almost as if he is now comfortable at the club for the first time, and that can only be a good thing going forward. A clear talent, the worries around him have usually been the nature of his character, but if he can continue to be as much of a team player as at present, he could really fulfill his enormous potential.

  7 Responses to “Bendtner now seems to be settling as an Arsenal player”

  1. He is crap. He misses chances, cant header, poor off the ball movement, has no chemistry with any of the midfeild, makes wrong decisons at key times, cant pass in a pressure situation (none of the less intelligent people say “what about West Ham”!) and has finishing as good as Adebayor with a new contract.

    Add to that his poor attitude and completely unwarrented arrogance and you start to wonder why Wenger keeps wasting all the valuable resources. Do a Bently and sell him with a huge sell on clause, if he develops then great for the coffers if not then let the clown rot at somewhere like Stoke.

  2. ps 1 decent (or in my opinion below average) performance against West Ham does not excuse 3 years of poor ones. If he proves me wrong and helps win the title then great, but I cant stand the thought of him being aruond when there are plenty of strikers available for cheap around the £10m mark that we could have had but we are paying £50 a game to keep faith in Bendtner which can make some people get annoyed rather quickly :/

  3. Titi186: Are you forgetting his glorious header against the spuds.

    He is an exceptional talent but needs time to develop.

  4. Bendtner is very good, he will gel into the squad. It’s been a rough couple of years but he’s just too young to judge other than to say his potential is sound. There’s as many reasons as not to believe he will come good for us. The hard part of having such a young team is not knowing from game to game or season to season what we actually have until they’re given time to mature. It can be frustrating at times.

  5. Agree with the author here. Have never been a fan of Bendtner at all, but recently he seems to have turned a new leaf of sorts. It was trivial, but I noticed him helping Ade up as well, and thought it an encouraging sign. In footballing terms, he’s not nearly as efficient as most of the Arsenal players, but I think he works much harder than most, including Ade. His biggest problem, imo, is that he looks clumsy a lot of times, but he does usually manage to get the ball out from under his giant legs on time. Not saying he should replace anyone yet, but it’s good to see him starting to show signs of having the correct attitude to succeed here.

  6. he’s still young, don’t forget that. I’m anticipating big things for him.

  7. Titi, you are a waste of space. you say there are better strikers at 10 mill, please show me…would you prefer Bent at 16 mill? the kid is brimming with talent, and still so so young!, What he did at Brum was phenomenal for a kid of his age back then! Show me a striker that doesnt have arrogance. And by the age of 23/24, he will be world class. Mark my words.

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