Nov 082008

So here we go, the first huge game of the season, and what a time it comes at. Some are ridiculously calling for Wenger’s head, most are writing us off, and before we’ve even tested ourselves against any of the best sides in England or Europe.

That changes today, with the visit of United, and one thing is for certain – if any of the players show the lack of fight present at Stoke, they should not be wearing the shirt. Fortunately, they are professionals, and that shouldn’t happen, because if they can’t show the right application in a home game against United, with points desperately needed, then something is seriously wrong.

But they also need support. In the big games, the crowd does tend to raise the roof, with none of the waiting to be entertained that we sometimes see. There should be no impatience for the team to click, no angry murmurs when United have a period of pressure, because these games are always fiercely competitive.

According to all the bookmakers, we are quite severe underdogs for this one, some bookies offering longer than 2-1 odds, which shows just how little faith the footballing world has in us right now. It is time to prove them wrong.

Bet of the day

And who better to step up to the mark than Cesc Fabregas? He is a big game player, scoring in this fixture last season, as well as against Liverpool, Spurs and Milan. In a new feature, I’ll be keeping track of Groan’s betting tally for the season, with the first pound going on the best odds I could find on Cesc scoring today, 4.7-1 at Betfair.

It’s almost time. Enjoy the game, wherever you are.

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  1. I can’t believe we played united the way we did. The boys were just wonderful…I hope they can play lik this against the small boys.

    what I find different from this season and that of last season is the team’s ability to manage crisis which I really think will help us win something this season.

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