Nov 152008

It has been a long time since we started a league season as poorly as this, certainly if you look at the losses column. After another defeat today, at home to Aston Villa, here are some slightly depressing statistics:

1. Before this campaign, Arsenal had lost only four league games at home in five seasons (United, Chelsea and West Ham twice), compared to two in the first seven home games this time around.

2. This was Arsenal’s first home Premiership loss by more than one goal since Chelsea won 2-0 in December 2005.

3. This was Arsenal’s first home Premiership loss by more than one goal to a side outside the Big Four since Newcastle won 3-1 in December 2001 (thanks largely to Graham Poll, as I remember).

4. Last season, the Big Four combined lost two home games out of 76. Arsenal have already lost as many in seven.

5. This was Aston Villa’s first league win over Arsenal since December 1998, twenty matches ago.

6. Arsenal have now conceded fifteen goals in thirteen league games this season, more than a goal a game. Chelsea, United and Liverpool have conceded 22 in 38, just over a goal every two games.

7. Arsenal’s fifteen goals against is more than half any of Liverpool, Chelsea or United conceded in the whole of last season.

And now for some optimism:

8. Last time Arsenal lost a Premiership game at home by two goals, they went on to reach the Champions League final.

9. Last time Arsenal lost a Premiership games at home by two goals to a side outside the Big Four, they went on to secure the Premiership and FA Cup double.

10. Last season United won the league with five defeats. Anything is possible…

  2 Responses to “Groan’s 10: Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

  1. blind optimism….i love it

  2. No place for optimism, nor blind faith.
    This is a team that cannot defend, a team of no leaders, a team that loses the ability and confidence to fight back.
    We are going backwards from last season, and I fear the worst–that we will lose to ManCity and Chelsea. three losses in a row. When is the last time this happens?

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