Nov 202008

Just when you think the stock of William Gallas can’t get any lower in the eyes of his club’s own fans, he goes and trumps all that has gone before.

Speaking in a now widely quoted interview, Gallas said of ‘a teammate’:

“When, as captain, some players come up to you and talk to you about a player…complaining about him…and then during the match you speak to this player and the player in question insults us, there comes a time where we can no longer comprehend how this can happen”

“I’m 31, the player is six years younger than me. I am trying to defend myself a bit without giving names. Otherwise I’m taking it all (the blame). It’s very frustrating.”

So, to sum up, Gallas, the captain of our club, is refusing to take any blame for a lack of unity of the field by passing the buck to another player. First off, that is disgraceful on a number of counts. One, it is his responsibility to unite players, and if he wants them to respect him he damn well has to earn it. Second, that he is even speaking about this to the press should see him stripped of the captaincy. Players fall out all the time, but it must be kept in house. Bleating to the media about it is pathetic, and unbecoming of a man who claims to be a leader of any kind.

To make matters worse, he utters the line: ‘I’m 31, the player is six years younger than me.’ That is such an unnatural conversational line, and he knows it. It is clear that despite claiming he doesn’t want to name names, he quite deliberately does, and makes it abundantly clear than he and Van Persie have a problem.

Now, that in itself is not a surprise. Two gifted, slightly unstable, and undoubtedly arrogant characters are not two you’d expect to stick in a room together and become the best of friends. But to vocalise this outside the dressing room is frankly out of order.

Gallas is acting with selfish self-interest, trying to shift the blame from himself to another player. That is unacceptable from any player, but from a captain it is unforgivable.

In the same interview, he claimed dressing room unrest at half time in the Spurs game. Again, what agenda does he have spouting all this off for the world to hear?

I’m not normally driven to colourful language on this blog, but Gallas, fuck off. The sooner he is removed as captain of Arsenal, the better.

Enough is enough, surely. It is clear he has lost the dressing room, and the fans. He still thinks he is bigger and more important that the rest of the players, perhaps even the club, and he needs to be comprehensively shown that this isn’t the case, preferably with a boot up his backside.

  12 Responses to “Gallas lets himself down. Again.”

  1. You sir, have it quite correct. Gallas is a twat. Time to make him sit down and shut up by removing as club captain.

  2. I agree!! In another part of that interview he says “I have to win something. I have to win something, Arsenal has to win something”. Yes he said it like that in that order showing clearly how his priorities lie. He is far too egotistical and far too sulky to be a leader.
    How Wenger is going to brush this one aside is anyone’s guess but I bet you he will.

    He knows if he publicly rebukes Gallas he might as well sell him in Janurary cos he won’t be a happy bunny.

    But I don’t care, i say sell him now, we’d be a better team without him. Sell his Chelski loving ass and make Kolo captain and Cesc Vice Captain!

  3. Gallas is really not a player for Arsenal is many sense. As a captain he sucks, he cries, …
    Then added to that he makes so much mistakes too technically and tactically.

    Time to let him go and get us a more liked Captain.

  4. i must disagree with these comments.gallas has never been a captain before, he is a very pationate man,he does like losing infacts he desents it. he comes in he is having deal with kids who have alot of ability but lack any kind fight or determination,now everthing that goes at arsenal is blamed on gallas becuase of the birmingham game,gallas did not appoint himself as captain wenger did, the problem stems from wenger, i dont think gallas is that bas of a captain the fact is arsenal have only got kids and asking gallas to baby sit his team mates,he can only do so much arsenal need some more leaders in midfield besides fab, at chelsea nad manu it dont maqtter who the captain is because there leaders all over field and they have more than just ability they will fight and scrap to the end until they result, wenger is far to soft on his players he needs get alot tougher, changing the captaincy will solve the underling problems which is arsenal need several leaders on the pitch and they lack trhe demonation to fight for what they want.

  5. Get rid of the moaning frog now wenger before its to late

  6. Gallas needs a brain surgery and he needs it fast. It is bad enough that there are problems in the dressing room but who does Gallas thinks he is by saying it in the press.

    I can’t wait to see him get sacked because of this silly statement.

  7. What we really need is for Toure and Djourou to make an awesome partnership so Wenger will be forced to drop Gallas.

    It’s got to the point where most gooners will be secretly hoping him to mess up just for the possibility of him finally being resigned to the bench where he belongs.

    What was Wenger on when he made him Captain!!

  8. i keep on reading get rid of gallas,now were are going to find an experiened defender of the his ability that play anywere in defence,i would never defender as good him,the fact arsenal lack leaders in the team and it does take an armband to be leader

  9. i agree with leon. gallas is quality he had such a good game against united if u was arsenal manager u would keep him all day long stop whining u stupid mugs

  10. Leon/alan : It is one thing having a good game. It is quite another being a good captain.

    Henry was a wonderful player, and a crap captain – the two do not go hand in hand.

    I am not doubting that Gallas at his best is a superb defender. But 1) we don’t see that very often, and 2) his off-field (and sometimes on-field) actions and words are not becoming of an Arsenal captain.

    It should be possible for a player to play for Arsenal without being a captain, so the argument about him being a quality player/playing well in X game is completely irrelevant.

  11. As hard as it is to take Gallas is right

  12. Milton – that is irrelevant. I imagine he is right, so as captain he has a right to say something in the dressing room. But not in the media. No captain airs the internal politics in public. It is unprofessional.

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