Nov 222008

So with the news that Gallas is not in today’s squad for Man City, and has arrived at the training ground instead, it is all but confirmed that his tenure as Arsenal captain is over.

And quite rightly. No matter how accurate his statements over the past week, no matter how few potential captains we have waiting in the wings, his complete betrayal of his teammates, those he is supposed to guide, has made his position untenable. Wenger has again shown that, despite some criticising his ‘softly, softly’ approach, he can make the brutal decisions when they have to be made.

I find it interesting that Gallas is actually at the training ground today – whether that is an indication that he has a future at the club or whether training with the reserves is a punishment remains to be seen, but I fully expected him to be away from the club for a few days at least. It is unclear whether he will play for Arsenal again, perhaps the lack of options will force him back in, but it would be difficult for the new captain to lead a team with Gallas in it.

I’m sure the situation will become clear over the next few days – certainly Wenger’s interviews will be interesting, but what is important now is knuckling down and getting results on the board. An injury ravaged side (we have no right sided players fit in defence or midfield) faces a tough trip to Eastlands tonight, and another to Stamford Bridge next weekend. The odds are stacked against us, but maybe a fresh start can be created out of this mess. We’ll find out later.

Today’s captain is likely to be Almunia, and that may continue for the foreseeable future. I wouldn’t be surprised if he retained the armband until at least January.

Bet of the day

The most important thing today is to put this whole sorry mess behind us, and get three points at Man City. Van Persie returns to the side after suspension, and my bet of the day (which is 0 for 2 so far) is for him to be first goalscorer, widely available at 7/1, to add an ironic touch to the week after the finger pointing seemed to be in his direction.

Enjoy the game.

  6 Responses to “Gallas gone as captain, the season restarts here”

  1. it is good that captianship has been from gallas for he is not self discipline and hoping to recruit matured and world class player for we are worried.

  2. Date: November 22, 2008 @ 2:25 pm

    it is good that captianship has been from gallas for he is not self discipline and hoping to recruit matured and world class player for we are worried.

  3. I would not be disturbed even if the team lose. The most important thing is playing well. This is a tough period of the players, the fans, the management and the club as a whole, it is now left to Wenger and the players to pick the piece and prove the world wrong.

    I believe in this team, I believe we have a great futre but patience, patience, patience.

  4. i agree that that triping gallas captaincy and i think it will help the team,although is very good defender is is very clear he is not team player,very difficult get along with and there is no dought he lost huge amount of repect after the birmingham game i never unsdertood why wenger looked past gilberto and toure and give the armband, i have seen him as the type to harm round you and encourage and puts you down and yell at you, however i still arsenal lack a little but leadership midfield.both delinson,diaby and song have very little experience but alot of ability and i have yet see any of these players show leasership,but that s is wenger in my view but a huge mistake letting gilberto go and not getting a few more experiened but the young players might prove me wrong i have no dought gallas was helping the team spirit

  5. I think it is one of the wise decisions Wenger has made to sort out the problems in our beloved club.
    Personally I don’t see any quality of leadership in Gallas, if you recall last season after Birmingham match he failed completely to play his part as a leader and starting crying. I asked my self what would players like Walcot,Farbrigus,Denilson and others do? Because he was the most experienced player in Arsenal line up that day.
    As an Arsenal die hard, I there is going to be team spirit now e.g look at our yonger team the kind of fighting spirit they have, its not any were in our first team which is laed by Gallas.

    Secondly what he put in the media is enough to show that he has no team spirit and heart for the team.

    Trust me, we are better off without Gallas. I believe we can now compite for silver ware.

    Let us go fo it.

    Stay Gunners.

  6. […] season was going from one bad result to another, before taking a nightmare turn when William Gallas uttered the public criticisms that led to his removal as captain of the football club. Back then, it seemed inconceivable that he […]

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