Nov 292008

I’ve been away for a few days, so by now you’ll know about all the events of the past week, so here is a quick recap:

On Tuesday, we qualified for the next stage of the Champions League with a bitty 1-0 win against Kiev, Bendtner finishing very well in the last few minutes after an inventive and perfectly weighted through ball by our new captain. It was an excellent start for Fabregas, and Gallas impressed by working his socks off and quietly getting on with his football. The match itself was scrappy, neither side having a great deal of belief.

The match also saw a good piece of refereeing, with Kiev idiot Aliev (who had earlier leapt back up when his team got possession back after acting like he had a broken leg) tried to push the official out of the way to take a free kick, and got a red card for his troubles, the first such dismissal I can remember since Petit got his marching order from Paul Durkin years ago. Personally, I liked it, because I hate how the rule of not being able to lay hands on the referee is being ignored by all and sundry.

Since then, we’ve had unhelpful extracts from Gallas’ autobiography, but as long as the man himself keeps quiet and plays his football, he might have a future lasting the rest of this season. We’ll see.

I’d actually be happy for Gallas to stay until the summer, if he shows the same will to win he had on Tuesday night. If the captaincy was a millstone around his neck perhaps a fresh start is what he needs. Either way, he’ll surely leave before August. On the subject of centre backs, I watched Senderos play for Milan against Pompey on Thursday night and thought he had a good game. I miss big Phil, we could actually do with him right now.

It is, of course, Chelsea tomorrow afternoon, and Nasri, Adebayor and Sagna may return. In reality, I’d bite your hand off for a draw right now, even though we need more than that. Realistically, we need a confidence boost, and a good performance coupled with a point would supply that.

More on that game tomorrow, but as I type, Hull are winning so anything less that a win tomorrow and they’ll be ahead of us. Incredible.

  2 Responses to “Cesc enjoys a good first week but Chelsea await”

  1. Come on Pete!

    Sendoros had a good game? The first goal was his fault! Other then that he had a decent game but we can say the same about most of his Arsenal performances – good, but one moment costs him and the team a goal. That is not good enough for a title winning team.

    Im glad he is in Milan and I for one hope he stays there and if Gallas goes then maybe Wenger will buy at least one good centre-back but probably knowing him he will say “err, no, we have Hordveit coming through bla bla bla”. However, we live in hope…

  2. Durkin was a prick and who gives a fuck about Hull anyway let them win they’re no threat to us we’re Arsenal for fuck sake! Lets keep it positive I think we’ll win tommorrow Chavski aren’t the machine they were under Moronio and people (it pains me to say it but many ‘gooners’ included completely underestimate just how good we can be. COME ON ARSENAL STICK IT UP THOSE GLORY HUNTING PRAWN SANDWICH MUNCHERS

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