Dec 062008

I’ll talk about the match in full later, but first have to mention the absolutely appalling treatment dished out to Eboue today. Not by the opponents, or the opposing fans, but our very own ‘support’, those individuals who are supposed to get behind our players.

Eboue had a poor game by anyone’s standards, and a certain level of frustration is inevitable. That he was coming back from injury and playing out of position is part of the reason, but even taken that into consideration he will know that he can and should be doing much better.

But to boo him to the point of destroying his confidence, and then to compound that by cheering when he was taken off (as if substituting a substitute isn’t demoralising enough) is flat out disgraceful, and every ‘fan’ who did that should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

Fans are supposed to help their team, not hinder them and destroy their morale. What hope have we of seeing our team succeed when our very own fans give players a reason to leave the club? This is not an isolated incident, too many of our number are too quick to slip into a negative mindset.

I want to make it clear that this is not aimed at all fans. Most support the club through thick and thin, loyally defending our own and believing to the end. But to those plastic fickle fans who come along without the intention of giving the players the support they need, you might as well not turn up. There are plenty of fans ready to take your seat.

Eboue was very poor today, but his performance nowhere near plumbed the depths that certain members of the crowd sunk to. It was embarrassing, shameful, and beneath the standards of our great club.

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  1. Agreed. He was playing like he had money on the Wigan side but that is no reason to humiliate the man.

  2. Totally agree. What’s the point in shattering a player’s confidence after a bad match? What they should’ve done was encourage him. It really pissed me off because those fans are fortunate enough to be able to go to the Emirates Stadium, but don’t get behind the team. I wish the tickets belonging to those so-called fans at the Emirates would go to true fans, like myself and you, Pete, who would never boo any member of the squad, regardless of performance.

  3. You are SPOT ON!

    I was disappointed to see Eboue come on ahead of Wilshere or Ramsey who both had great games against Wigan in the Carling. I was even more isappointed to see him despatche to the left wing. He ALWAYS looks totally out of it when aked to play there (but gives it his best shot and scored once).

    I felt AW was at fault on these two counts. However, the behaviour of the o called fans who booed his low onfidence to a level lower than whales sit should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. He was obviously shattered. His confidence may be irreparably damaged.

    I bet the atmosphere in the dressing room after the game was very subdued. Don’t those dummy’s know how badly this kind of things hurts a team struggling to build its confidence? I’m pissed off. Should be delighted by the result.

    I’m not Eboue’s biggest fan. But the guy is a willing trier.

  4. he as had less bad games than Nicklas Bendtner but does he get booed

    the manager is to blame by playing a right back in the left mid

  5. Bergkamp’s The Man :

    You are SPOT ON!

  6. Exactly – I bet the atmosphere in the dressing room was tinged too. Which is ridiculous – we got an important win and the feeling should’ve been positive.

    Any side should come out of the tunnel knowing that their fans are behind them. Anyone, in any league.

    It is okay to be frustrated, and it is natural to groan. Those reactions are instantaneous and human nature. But to boo, and then cheer a substitution, goes far beyond that, to the point where we are being vitriolic to our own.

    And that’s the point. He might not be the best player at the club, but he is put out there to do a job and we should support him. He’s our idiot.

  7. didn’t like that taday, Bendtner is another who has suffered, to be honest.

    He was booed against Villa despite being a 20 year old playing up front on his own against a decent defence. On that day too, the fans reacted to hard times in the wrong way.

    And times of fragile confidence, the support of the vast majority of 60000 will help pull the team through. But too many of our own feel that support turn against them. Put yourself in that position and imagine how you’d feel.

    I’m glad those reading this are among those who would not boo. I struggle to understand the mentality of those that do.

  8. its a joke! booing our player. the only reason arsenal were shaky was because some arsenal fans are weak. when a corner or free kicks are taken they sing up until the player is about to kick the ball then stop. they have no belief. so they worry whats gonna happen next. the fans are killing the players could take enemy fans disrespecting but your own so called family. it takes the piss. are people stupid . we know arsene protects his players like there his sons so how would that make him feel. do people think he has no friends in the would it make us feel if our friend was being booed . im telling you now forget being loyal to unloyal fans i wouldnt want put my all in for those bunch of pricks.SO EXPECT LOEWR PERFORMANCES. eboue was there watching the kids in the carling cup supporting arsenals future. he knows what support means. where was van persie. how many mistakes does he make. after today. i swear i hope arsene leaves. then fabregas. then all the other important players,because those fans dont deserve winning anything. barcelona ,madrid does things like booing and treating players like robots and meat, but they have won the european cup and its still wrong. some fans know what it takes to be a footballer but couldnt do it. eboue started making more mistakes because the crowd killed him. no player on that pitch played perfect passes. arsenals fans are now doing the work for our enemies. deluded bunch of d***s. ive never seen that happen to an arsenal player. forget that win its been ruined . when them players went into the changing rooms they probably spent time trying to gee up eboue instead of celebrating the victory.cesc has already gestured to the crowd because the fans are trying to kill him and his friends. weak minded fans, media with an agenda, the premier league with their selected teams (not arsenal). ITS NOT ARSENE OR THE PLAYERS ITS THE WEAK ANd ENVIOUS THAT ARE dESTROYING SOMETHING THAT CAN BE BEAUTIFUL ANd WE WOULd AS FANS ENJOY IT. wenger is not stubborn he has faith thats why he is successful and these fickle fans leave the match and go back to there shit lives. these guys are young. your trying to destroy there lives.

  9. pete

    i want to boo but there is something which stops be and i guess it’s i put my club 1st

  10. Well played it was bad enough arsene took him off but to cheer on that decision left me sick. Our morale is low enough like we need our “supporters” making it anyworse.
    Up the arse

  11. I actually don’t doubt that the decision to take him off was right – he is coming back from an injury and realistically could only play an hour. And also Wenger has to put the team first and take off the player who was threatening a very fragile lead.

    But the confidence rebuilding job he had to do after making that call has been made monumental by the crowd’s reaction.

  12. there a alot of PSEUDO-arsenal fans out there. the fans were quiet for the majority of the game. I mean the man was out for a long time

  13. How many of our players will want to stay because they love the fans? none.

    Now they know that they are fair weather fans. These fans show no loyalty why should players show any loyalty to them.

    Ade should have took a pay rise from Milan and gone, why not? The so called fans will only look for the slightest mistake as an excuse to abuse him and overlook the good he does do.

  14. These ppl shouldnt be allowed in, we dont need this, it got to stop; this will shattered the team spirit, and will make it hard to sign new players, and Eboue is RB (sadly arsene is to blame for this, he knew hell be boo off)

  15. No doubt, booing is out of place and just doesn’t belong in any form. But for me Wenger set Eboue up today, that was not very clever.

  16. Im glad to see most ppl are against the booing,
    eboue does work hard, hes certainly a good enough player technically and physically he just makes some bad decisions,
    didnt see the game today but even if it was the worst performance ever, he still doesnt deserve that

  17. arthur3sheds – ur exactly right mate

  18. i feel as pissed off now as i did after the yids comeback,, and we won for fuck sake,, i think alot of the new fans only know of arsenal since 1998, maybe it would be good to keep losing so these wankers find something new to brag about, and give up there tickets and let some true gooners come and support properly, fuck off to shite hart lane where you all belong you c**ts.

  19. Who are these people who dish out this ridiculous treatment?

    Not only will it effect Eboue, probably beyond repair, it will effect the whole team to know that if they have a bad run of form, they are going to be subject to that. No wonder the team look so nervous at The Emirates, the fans will turn at any point!

    Why is Eboue so unpopular anyway? Prior to Sagna, in my opinion, he did a great job at right back and was always a threat going forward.

    Wenger does have to take some of the blame putting Eboue in to that situation.

    Also, can people please change the record by quoting players salaries as some sort of justification for the abuse…this is totally irrelevant.

  20. I think the reason Eboue is the one who is singled out if because some of his antics don’t go down well, but in fairness to him his theatrics have largely stopped this season so I would’ve hoped the fans would’ve noticed that. Unfortunately he is now derided when he simply isn’t playing well, rather than when he is throwing himself to the ground.

    I feel for Song too – he might not be the most talented player in the world but that’s hardly his fault, yet he comes in for a lot of stick too. Now, I have nothing against people sharing their opinions in the media, blogs, 606, whatever, but if you’re at the ground, support the team.

    I think some of the problem is that ticket prices are so prohibitive that a large proportion of those in attendance are there thanks to corporates, or are of the bigshot mindset that makes them think they have a right to boo.

    And in a way, they are right. They can do whatever they please. But it is nothing short of mob bullying, and when directed at one of your own players it is disgraceful.

  21. Pete I agree, the extra capacity we have gained is great for the ‘business’, but it has allowed 20,000 (well not all of them) extra idiots to attend the games, that is a lot of people! I don’t think this would ever have happened at Highbury, certainly not to this degree, and you can only assume it is those who have jumped on the Arsenal bandwagon in the last 5 years or so.

    I have noticed more people around me in the ground since we moved who seem not to know too much about what they are talking about, this is just the proof. The sheer number of people cheering Eboues exit shocked me.

    Eboue has frustrated me in the past as he has everyone else, but I’d never go that far!

    Song has had the same sort of treatment, but I did see some encouraging signs from him today, and he should keep his place.

  22. oo2ba

    Spot on mate Arsenal have created this monster by only really wanting the sanitised politically correct football fan. Real fans wouldn’t have treated their player that way, once again i have come away from the ground ashamed to be a gooner most of the people are complete WANKERS.

  23. i don’t condone booing and would not have myself, but frankly he’s nowhere near good enough. whilst that’s not a reason to dislike him, his awful attitude, constant diving, crying, getting booked for crap. he’s a shithead whether booing him was too destructive or not.

    it’s more of the effect on team morale which bothers me more than ebopue’s confidence. he gets payed a fortune to regularly bew shit and constantly dive and complain. he doesn’t deserve sympathy even if booing him was the wrong action to take.

    he’s not just an ionnocent victim, the fans pay a fortune to keep his wages massive and watch him be shit 8/10 games. his attitude is awful and i’m frankly glad he is upset, he deserves it.

    but it’s true that this could be bad in the bigger picture so it was certainly not a good idea

  24. Any moron who booed him or is saying it was right to boo him should never be allowed into the stadium again. These are not fans, they are c*nts and should go suport sp*ds at the lane. Eboue isnt that bad, he is a good squad player at least and had a bad day today, no reason to destroy his and the team’s confidence by doing this is unacceptable.

  25. We have a young team, ding there best to best to win thngs and we now have a sizeable number of morons, claiming to be fans, booing our own players. You could’nt make it up. Eboue, Bendtner, Song and Gallas are getting it from there own fans. If we want to wn things we have to support through thick and thin. To the booing morons…………go and support spurs where your behaviour will be welcomed.


  27. Eboue is the nicest player at the club all the young players get on well with him and goes out of his way to help them,he can’t help it if he is not the best player at the club.

    what he can help is the diving and cheating

  28. Guys, lets face d truth, Eboue was so BAD he did nt bother to shave his hair. We dont nid mediocre players at arsenal who dont giv a shit abt winning as far as they are paid there salaries. We nid to win something and if it means Booing bad players like Bendtnar, denilson, eboue, Gallas, silvestre, so b it, we nid to flush those CUNTS out of the club.

  29. Ryan, the fact it gives you a thrill that Eboue was upset means you are a knob of the highest order and there is no way you can call yourself an Arsenal fan.

    Doug – It’s christmas, get yourself a nice little spelling book.

  30. I think those fans who booed our very own war duo ebou,should fuck out of arsenal because they will keep killing the moral of our players by booing them,i think no other player can do what ebou is doing for us in arsenal becaus he is the only player who seems to fill any void left by an injured player and i can even remenber him playing in the midfiled when cesc was not there,so why boo a player who can even strike when asked to

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