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Right, let’s get the inevitable out of the way first, as it seems to be dominating the Arsenal airwaves at the moment. The will-he-won’t-he saga of Arshavin is no closer to being resolved, with every party sticking firmly to their guns.

Arsenal are refusing to go above a figure believed to be around £12m, Zenit, not a club in financial difficulty, are holding out for far more (the reliable Gunnerblog adding that they are being exceptionally awkward and obtuse with the negotiations), while the player himself is threatening to buy out his contract towards the end of 2009 if he stays.

All in all, it has become quite a mess, and the situation has now reached an impasse. Zenit have set their demands and aren’t budging, and we feel no need to cave in given how the player’s value continues to drop the closer he gets towards the end of his contract, so the main loser is the man himself, stuck at a club he no longer wants to play for.

Although there is a lot of frustration around that we won’t buckle to Zenit’s demands, if they are unreasonable demands then we are right to. The last thing we need is a reputation as transfer mugs, especially given the current financial climate and our status as one of the poorer ‘big clubs’. Poor, of course, being a relative term.

Moving on to other things, and Rosicky has been talking about his injury this week, indicating that he might not be on the treatment table for too much longer. Of course, this is always greeted with skepticism, since every return date he’s had pencilled in has been comprehensively missed. It might be frustrating to hear players returning from injury being described as ‘new signings’, but in the Czech’s case it is true. Any games he plays for us now are a bonus – he’s been gone so long its sometimes hard to remember he is still around.

Finally, a point of football madness. We know how the Real and Barcelona presidential races are always filled with outlandish promises and lies, and today it seems former Real head honcho Florentino Perez is attempting to get his spot back. And he is still spouting garbage, this time claiming Kaka (who has just said he wants to captain Milan) and Wenger (who would never manage a club like Real) will be brought on board if he is elected.

I would despair that so many don’t see through these lies, but I guess that’s a face of life certain tabloids rely on for their sales.

In a way, I really can’t wait for this transfer window to be over.

  10 Responses to “Arshavin saga looks to be lasting a while longer, but not as long as Rosicky’s injury”

  1. it’s funny that anybody would actually believe those promises. in fact i struggle to even understand the purpose of a ‘president’, let alone why they need to be elected.

    lol sounds somehow childish considering they don’t do anything anyway and the promises are rarely met. when it comes down to it they’re just football clubs which can be run just fine without this showbiz style nonsense about club politics. it’s all such a petty waste of time.

  2. ashavin though you can’t read english let me advise you my men, if you miss this opportunity to play for arsenal I don’t think you’ll ever get that opportunity maybe in your dreams. Force the deal to go through if you want to be a gunner

  3. ashavin this truely is the best time to get your name on the list of greatest footballers that we have around.so make best use of it,arsenal is the best plce for you to come now.you are not getting any younger

  4. We actually raised our offer to £15M, but they want us to pay an additional £3M in agent fees, and I am afraid mr Arse-Shavin aint worth it. Save your money AW. The current squad will do the job…

  5. there is no dought the zenit will drop there price the player is out contract very soon and will want get some may for him no one is going payout 20 mill,i realy feel arsenal are inthe driving seat the is refusing to play for them

  6. We have offered a fair price for the player. Zenit think this is the summer when they wanted £20M , there were plenty of interested club but nobody was prepared to pay £20M
    Now it is just us, in November he will buy his contract out and zenit will receive very little money/

  7. OK, how about this as a solution? If Arsenal are coming up short of Zenit’s demands and Arshavin is willing to buy out his contract at a later time, why doesn’t Arshavin come up with the difference? It would be akin to buying out his contract. For example, if Arsenal is offering 12, Zenit demands 15, then Arshavin can pay the 3 differnece. For Arshavin, it’s cheaper than paying 5 to buy out his contract and happens now rather than later. Arshavin can have some contract incentive escalators at Arsenal to “pay himself back.”

  8. Rob, realistically I don’t think a player is ever going to buy out their contract – instead what it likely to happen is a club buys it out for him.

    Whether this is official (e.g X pays Y 3m for the remaining year of Z’s contract), or indirect (Z pays Y 3m to get out of his contract, then X signs Z and happens to give him a 3m signing on fee), is irrelevant.

    So Arshavin would not want to be 3m out of pocket, as realistically it will not be the players that buy themselves out.

  9. Pete,
    Good points. It would be interesting to know exactly what happens in these deals, all we hear are rumors and rumors about runors…

  10. I do think we are in the diver’s seat, if zenit don’t sell now it’s only much less to zero for them later. No one will buy a 28 year old for any significant money.

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