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Here we go again. It seems only yesterday that we sat in front of our screens on September 1, hoping that Wenger would pull another rabbit out of the hat and bring in a player or two in the fading hours of the transfer window. That day, we got more and more disconsolate as time ticked on, in the realisation that those we had lost throughout the summer were not about to be replaced, and a side that had challenged so strongly for the title would have to repeat the trick with a weaker squad.

Five months later, and our fears for the season are being realised. There has been no player transformation in the mould of Flamini to compensate for the lack of arrivals, and with our form stuttering badly, and injuries mounting up, we could do with some good news. For the past month it has become clear that the only such news would be the arrival of Andrei Arshavin, who would at least pose more of a threat going forward even if he wouldn’t help shore up our shaky defence.

Today looked like the day it might finally happen, and with conflicting stories all over the place it may yet. It has been confirmed that Arshavin is in the country, but the latest story has him heading home again after we agreed neither a fee with Zenit or terms with the player himself.

It isn’t clear what is fact or fiction in this saga anymore, so we’ll just have to wait and see if something happens. But the omens are not looking good.

Keep everything you have crossed.

  5 Responses to “A deadline day that may be as painful as the one that came before”

  1. im sorry to say but i have been to every home game so far this season and i could hardly afford the ticket prices and now with news that we will not strengthen this average squad im no longer going to fork out top dollar to watch our once great team fall to a mid table team
    all season we have been feed bullshit by the board and wenger i will always love and support the gooners but i have had enough of being skint and at the weekend coming home depressed which has happend alot this season some of you will say good and bye bye but im not the only one ive supported arsenal for 30 years and some how this seems worse than any other maybe because we have a bunch of overseas players that dont really give a shit
    Ian Wright pulled on the red n white shirt and gave everything for our club them days are now long gone

  2. Our bored and wenger is de main problem we hav and if we can’t make it to champions league next session den i ll quit as a fan after 15 years

  3. its all pat of bein a football fan. The times have changed at arsenal. Players coming in are players who want to earn top dollar. They don’t want to playfor the shirt. It will be rare to see that. The arsenal old school of seaman, the legendary back four, merse, parlour, wrighty, bergkamp, henry they loved arsenal. Some of these current lot don’t realise the significance of pulling on the arsenal shirt. Players lived, breathed arsenal. Henry bein the only one of late that did. Yes he moved to barca but he still loves this club and will come back one day most probably behind the scenes. He was quality and played with his heart on his sleeve. Although u could see in his last saeson with injuries he wasn’t the same player but he still pulled on the arsenal shirt and knew what it meant. Know we have to hear wenger’s excuse as to why we didn’t bring in a fresh face and only signed up some youngsters who will come good in the year 2013. That was a guess but that is always the case with arsenal. We simply cannot but world class talent. Nasri bein the exception. But he was a replacement for hleb we still need a central midfielder and creative player. But that won’t happen. What will happen is we will bring in a central midfielder and creative midfielders that have “huge potential”. anyway come on u gunners.

  4. Wenger is far to lenient with these mercenaries.

  5. Sia4real – if you’re threatening to quit as a fan you’ve obviously already quit (or never were) a real fan. You’ve got to take the good with the bad – and 5th isn’t bad (it sure aint good, but its better than Spurs, who were alledgedly going to break the Top 4 last year).

    If Arsene does get Arshavin for £12.5 million that’s great business – that’s 12.5 million Euros nowadays, when last summer his price was 20 million Euros.

    And as to the other point – why doesn’t Arsene buy a defender / defensive midfielder / striker? Because Arsene expected his players to step up to the plate. The back four 14 months ago were magnificent – he should expect them to reclaim that form. In central midfield he wanted one of Diaby or Denilson to step up their performances (much like Fletcher has done for Man Utd this season).

    Imagine if he had gone out and bought Richard Hughes or Sean Davis in the summer. There would have been uproar about how a distinctly average player was blocking Diaby / Denilson’s path to the first team, even though having a Hughes/Davis in the side may have helped them this year (quality – low, tenacity – high (red cards – high in Davis’s case)). If he’d gone out a bought a top quality central mid (who? No-one has moved that would have filled the spot), they may not have suceeded (£15 million doesn’t always buy a good player), and may have hastened Diaby / Denilson exit from the club (both who still look as if tehy could be top players).

    Wingers – he has Nasri, Walcott, Rosicky and Vela (well, he’s played as a winger). Rosicky’s been out, of course, but Eboue was his replacement. Do you need more wingers than that?

    Forwards – when Eduardo’s back they’ll have four international strikers. Is it Arsene’s fault that Adebayor’s been poor recently? The Bendtner’s not stepped up to the plate? I bet Wenger would love to rewind to the summer and sell Ade for a huge fee, but he can’t.

    It might be man management. But these players are paid thousands every week, yet Eboue (out of position), Toure, Clichy and Adebayor are playing worse than they did last season. Bendtner, Diaby, Denilson and Song haven’t improved as expected. Arsene has to take some responsibility as he put this team together, but you look on paper and its full of potential. He gave the ball to Diaby and Denilson, and they didn’t run with it. Arsenal fans have been crying out for those two to be played in central midfield (rather than on the wing where they spent most of last season), and Arsene has obliged. At the end of the days, the players just haven’t stepped it up.

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