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So, according to the FA, this incident will not result in Bosingwa facing censure:


Now imagine if Joey Barton had done it. Think the FA would have turned a blind eye?

And before you claim that the FA take past misdemeanours into account, they shouldn’t. Prior infractions affect only the punishment meted out, not whether the individual is charged in the first place or not.

What chance the Respect campaign working when the governing body are so woefully weak and inconsistent?

In other news, Arshavin is finally an Arsenal player. At long long long last.

  9 Responses to “Madness at Soho Square”

  1. Fucking madness.

  2. Arsenal funs in Rwanda we are happy of Andrei Arshavin coming to Arsenal and please Arsenal we don’t want to be out of Big four

  3. All he did was push him with his boot. Not even a kick. Benayoun just looks surprised.

    It’s not like getting an elbow depressing your cheekbone.

  4. In the days where raising your boot is so severely punished, it does seem inconsistent, especially as it was entirely deliberate.

    And incidentally, a deliberate foul of ANY kind is an automatic yellow card, and that is without taking into account the studs showing.

    Red cards have been given for far less.

  5. Yellow card for celebrating a goal taking off ur shirt… A stamp on the back of a fellow player… NOTHING given!

    the referee system in football is a joke.

  6. there is absolute lunacy at the FA. Remember RVP got a 3 match banfor something less obvious. Why is it that Chelsea always seem to get their red cards rescinded? this is not the 1st time, even though shameless Mike Riley who cost us our unbeaten run, will never forget him, was wrong to book him in the 1st place, it still doesn’t matter, Aliadere got a further ban when Boro attempted to overturn an identical justifiable case.
    the FA is 2-faced, thats it.

  7. Mike Riley, he’s admitted he was wrong, that’s good.

  8. Not the FA’s fault. The assistant said he saw it, so the FA are legally unable to act.

    So is it the assistant’s fault? Maybe. He waved, Riley gave the free kick instantly, he didn’t tell Riley what he saw. But maybe he thought Riley saw it to. Maybe he didn’t think it worthy of a card.

    Obviously not the correct decision.

  9. Alan, I would agree except that the free kick wasn’t actually given – despite the assistant flagging to indicate a free kick, Riley did not give it, as you can see in the clip. Thus Riley either did not see the incident, or deemed it not a foul.

    Therefore, he has not dealt with the incident. The FA can (and have in the past) acted when a referee has ignored an incident they have seen, it is only if the ref has warned or booked the player that their hands are tied.

    So in this instance, they were perfectly free to retrospectively charge Bosingwa.

    The assistant was actually faultless but was ignored/overruled by the man in charge.

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