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I have absolutely no idea how some bloggers manage to update every day when they’ve had a week like I’ve had. Good work on their part, but here it has been a week since I last posted, so here’s a quick recap of what I missed while having a manic time:

Monday was the best night we’ve had in a while, Eduardo surprisingly starting against Cardiff, playing an hour, and scoring twice in a 4-0 hammering. It was a real feelgood affair, and more than his goals, his link up play was superb. We’ve missed him, but unfortunately will be without him for two more weeks, after he picked up a hamstring strain. Wenger called it a nightmare, but it is to be expected – players coming back from long term injuries inevitably get niggles early on.

At that point, things were looking rosy. Walcott is not far from a return, Cesc has set a return date of early April, which could be crucial as we hunt for those precious points, and shock of all shocks, Rosicky is on the brink of recovery from his hamstring/groin/knee/flimsiness problems. Mind you, that has been the case at least five times in the last year, only for another setback to rule him out. Fingers crossed this time around.

The build-up to the Roma clash on Tuesday began with Julio Baptista talking down our young side, but quite frankly he can stuff his opinion where the sun doesn’t shine – he is probably the worst Brazilian footballer I’ve ever seen, capable of the occasional brilliance but unbelievably clumsy. We dodged a bullet when our highly priced approach was gazumped a few years ago.

Going into yesterday’s match with Sunderland, there was a real buzz around the place. Arshavin was likely to make an entrance, we’d finally battered someone (admittedly Championship opposition), injuries were clearing up, and Villa had lost the lunchtime game against Chelsea. We had the chance to close the gap, and move into the Champions League games with renewed confidence.

What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. What could go wrong? Well, try picking the dead-hand central midfield of Denilson and Song and then keeping the insult to Arsenal supporters going by bringing on the drama-queen clown Eboue when we needed a goal. Another potty substitution from a manager who shows every sign of being totally out of touch with reality. You are desperate for a goal so you bring on someone who hardly ever scores or assists a goal – MADNESS!

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