May 312009

Sometimes life gets exceptionally busy and, as a blogger, you have to store all the articles you want to write away for another time, frustrated that you haven’t the time to get it all done.

Other weeks, you ignore the football world for a day, come back to see what you’ve missed, and find precisely nothing. And no, I don’t count the repetitive creation of transfer stories when a player refuses to insult an interested club. It is truly tiresome.

That isn’t to say the world of football has been without its stories this week, but they just haven’t involved Arsenal. We’ve had Barcelona comprehensively beating United in the Champions League, Chelsea unfortunately winning the FA Cup despite Saha’s 25th second opener for Everton, while today’s confirmation of Ancelotti leaving Milan probably means he’ll be presiding over a Community Shield game in August.

Elsewhere, Portsmouth and Sunderland now have hugely rich owners, surely putting paid (no pun intended) to the theory that billionaire = success. There are now simply too many of them involved in the Premiership for them all to be successful. Another reason to keep Usmanov way away from our board, as if there weren’t enough already.

What else? Ah yes, Van Persie’s muscular problems are all down to his wisdom teeth, apparently. No, I promise you that isn’t a late April Fool. What I loved most about the story was the Dutchman’s comments:

“Three of the four specialists I chose were rejected by the club”

The accepted one wasn’t Eileen Drewery, was it?

In all seriousness, that a root cause of his injuries is being searched for is good news, but given that the only other recipient of this treatment is Rosicky (remember him?), I won’t be holding my breath.

There may not be much news at the moment, but that is likely to change – Wenger had already indicated that changes will be made this summer, and with boardroom issues to resolve as well, it should be a busy few months. There is also plenty to write about – I will be recapping the season this week and looking at a number of issues, namely Adebayor and the complex Champions League qualification process.

Until then, enjoy a sunny weekend.

  12 Responses to “A week of cup finals and only the most tenuous of Arsenal stories”

  1. @Spike

    I see no research on your part. Show us the proof that this is a common practice, please.

  2. im 100% certain steve gerrard had his wisdom teeth removed after complaining of growin pains in his back a few years ago,iv heard of this practice a few times

  3. I had my wisdom teeth out recently and I noticed that my pockets felt a lot lighter. A coincidence?

  4. Nice one Jeff!

  5. Ummm

    I aint the one putting out poorly researched shite in my blog. I know its a fairly common practice, you dont believe me? So what, I dont give a shit.

    You look it up

  6. Spike,

    Hostility isn’t the way to act or prove a point. The burden of proof is on you, and a common practice should be easy to prove by online resources.

  7. Ahhhhhhh yes i remember it now, i think Adebayor will need to have some wisdom teeth put in.. We are about to endure another summer of this clown will he wont he.. personally if he was to re-create his form from 2 seasons ago of 30 goals he is welcome to stay but if he is gonna put in half hearted performances like last season then i couldnt care less if he went to milan or mansfield..

  8. Sorry but Poor review mate.

  9. To be fair to spike, he’s right. Just pop into any orthodontists reception and you’ll see the usual leaflets and posters about it. It’s all to do with the way the bones are aligned I think, which obviously affects how the muscles work, and that all starts with the skull an therefore the shape of the teeth and jaw. If something’s out of place up at the top (ie from a wisdom tooth coming through and knocking the shape out) then it can affect the bone structure at all the major joints in the body, which can in turn strain and damage the muscles.

  10. Spike, my point was that there has only been one ARSENAL player who had has the procedure, and that was Rosicky, who hasn’t exactly been free of muscular injury since, and that, coupled with the fact that Van Persie had three specialists rejected, amused me.

    It was a light point, so lighten up.

    Alternatively, point out where I say that he shouldn’t have the procedure because it, medically, does nothing. Not being medically trained myself, I wouldn’t make that claim.

  11. Pete;

    Yeah, sorry mate… I put the blame on that sanctimonious tw*t! Saw this and thought of you…

    Chelsea winger Florent Malouda has revealed the secret behind his recent fine form – the removal of his wisdom teeth. (The Independent)

  12. Spike, no worries :) I have to admit I’ve got no idea how wisdom teeth can affect the rest of the body, but it it can make a difference, it certainly is worth a shot, amusing as it is!

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