Jun 302009

The state of the media in this country is downright depressing at times, especially in these lean summer months where sport sections cannot be shortened, and pages must be filled with a story designed to catch the eye of the reader.

And the one-upmanship going on is ridiculous – frankly, anyone who falls for it and buys the paper in question is a fool. Arsenal to bid for Benzema? Oh yeah, we’re sure to outbid the likes of United for a £30m striker. Okay, well how about £30m plus Bendtner for Ribery? I hope the editor cries himself to sleep at night.

Unfortunately, we live in the Sun generation, a world where the vast majority seem to believe everything they read in ‘the nation’s favourite red top’ (or more accurately, as beautifully described by Tim on 7amkickoff, ‘an open sore on the anus of society’).

And in these times of instant access to news, both accurate and bollocks, fickleness is taken to the extreme. Take a glance at many sites and comments from this week, and you’ll see Cesc and Arshavin ripped apart by ‘fans’ who worshipped them just days ago but now consider them ‘overrated’. The reason? Oh, that’ll be the Sun again, who suggested (subtly, as ever), that both wanted to both to Spain.

First Cesc explained his frustration at not winning trophies at Arsenal, but not in a ‘I want to leave’ way, but more like a genuine Arsenal fan, desperate for success. Of course the media world went bananas, but for a more rational view, check out Arseblogger’s post on the day the story broke, cutting through the crap with typical finesse.

And then this week, we have Arshavin, who wanted to move to Barcelona before he ever joined us, at a time when even joining Spurs was preferable to staying where he was, and on a very slow news day (after all, who wants to write about the Under 21s getting thumped by Germany last night?), the Sun decided to reprint his quote. Nothing like context to a story.

One consolation is that this idiocy isn’t restricted to football. I was at Wimbledon yesterday, sat in front of the big screen before Murray played another match on the road to being thumped by Federer in the final. The atmosphere was superb, and full of optimism, but ten minutes into the game, the plank behind me starting spouting more nonsense than I’ve heard down the pub in a long time. Here are some of his quotes, and bear in mind they were made after a whopping two games, with Murray 2-0 down in the first set.

“He’s bottled it, totally bottled it, it’ll be over in an hour”

“Write this set off, might as well just start playing the second now”

“Useless, I could’ve won that point, he’s not even a top 100 player really” [said after Murray had played a quite extraordinary shot that just missed]

“He’s getting hammered by an amateur!” [Wawrinka, his opponent, is in the top 20 in the world, and on yesterday’s evidence, a damn good player]

“Scottish wanker, never liked him” [yeah, that’s why you paid ticket money and are now sat on the hill, watching earnestly]

More and more, people around me were despairing. It was the equivalent of Villa coming to the Emirates, having a decent chance in the first minute, and the entire crowd writing our lot off as useless in the blink of an eye. It made absolutely no sense.

But then, very little does anymore. How does it make sense that the Sun has such a massive readership when their stories get more ridiculous by the day? How does it make sense that one voice of reason gets drowned out by twenty fools on Newsnow?

But fools are everywhere. Just look at the latest ramblings of the man in charge of our game. According to him, big spending=bad. But Real Madrid big spending=good, and Arsenal being frugal=bad.

Run that by me again, Sepp?


  12 Responses to “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore”

  1. please wenger buy benzema ! sell adebayor , arsenal need striker like benzema

  2. *sigh*

  3. Is there no way for the government to stop papers like The Sun (Only good for showing boobs) writing such rubbish? It really is a disgrace!

    All their original article does is to give spuds fans hope – hope they will finish above us … in their dreams!

    Maybe they should call it The Spud..?

  4. I totally agree – not sure why i bother reading newsnow. I do it to get any scrap of evidence that Arsenal are trying to buy players – even though I know we generally do things under the radar.

    Only one or sorry three reasons why people read the sun paper – betting odds and a pair of ripe ones on page 3. sorry did I say read?!!?!?!?

    I foolishly wrote into one of those discussion forums cos this brummy was laying into Arsenal – he suggested I choose a better club who win things or a family club like theirs. I guess there in lies the issue. I am a fan win lose draw I suspect he felt the same – the good thing is that I happen to be wedded to a team that is simply of higher class than birmingham and that is a true but sobering fact.

    He attempted to change is blog name a few times trying to trade insults but i knew it was him and now he gone.

    Anyway – got another hoergaarden waiting for me at the bar – regalia boat off Lower Thames Street! keep it goonerish!!!!!!!

  5. Anyone think Andi saw only one word in that piece – Benzema?

  6. The trouble is that every now and then one of these rumours turns out to be true. The Vermaelen rumours were around, and then we signed him. Ditto for Sagna, Nasri, Bischoff, Ramsey.

    As long as you can stay emotionally detached (not always that easy), all the headlines do make for a bit of distraction while I’m at work.

  7. “Pete :

    Date: June 30, 2009 @ 4:57 pm

    Anyone think Andi saw only one word in that piece – Benzema?”

    haha yeah i thought the same.

    lets also njot forget the sun’s atrocities with regards to the hillsborough disaster all those years ago. many newsagents in liverpool refuse to stock the sun out of principle- shame that isn’t nation-wide. that said all the tabloids are as bad.

  8. As worrying as we were last year at Xmas I thought we would do well to make the top 6. We did it comfortably in the end and reached to cup semis that is something not enough but something.

    We do need to strengthen and I believe Wenger and the board are working on just that. I’m optimistic as always. Anyone going to Barnet?

    People seriously if you’re near London Bridge get yourself down to the regalia it’s been summer tradition for me for about 8 years. the hoergaarden is really good.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me that tyhe Sun, continually gets away with writing complete garbage, and I aint just talkin football transfers here!

    Being a Football writer, must be the easiest job in the world;

    Get paid to go round the world, watching football matches and instead of actuallyu reporting on what occurred, just turn the article into a jaundiced, agenda driven rant against;

    a) Dirty foreigners
    b0 Arsenal
    c) foreign Arsenal players
    d) All of the above

    And in the close season, you just go down the pub and make up shite transfer rumours….


  10. You may say that Arshavin’s Barcelona quote is dated, (I am not sure about this) but this guy has to learn to be tight lipped and not speak insider about the team or other matters such as his dissatisfaction of his playing position; his demand to renogotiate his terms after shock of Britain’s high tax levels etc. I can sense his lippy character has behind it a unsettled prospect through discontentment. I hope I’m wrong but he has to learn to settle down and devote himself

  11. These football rubbish rumours have been happening for years. Why do you read them ? To avoid getting worked up ignore them untill August. Next you’ll be telling me there is a world pandemic with swine flu !!

  12. Da story had beta b bullocks coz am mo interested in c in a holdin midfielder & not another striker

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