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It was back to training today for the players, or at least most of them, as pre-season began in earnest ahead of our first warm up match against Barnet in eleven days time. You can take a look at photos here, and while we shouldn’t read too much into the first day back, they do raise a few points:

  • Rumours that Vermaelen is short are wide of the mark.
  • Senderos has no squad number.
  • Great to see Rosicky back in training, he must be chomping at the bit this season. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • No sign of Adebayor, who doesn’t have Cesc/Theo/Gibbs’ excuse of international duty. Where is he?

Admittedly, there’s nothing too newsworthy there – Big Phil’s future was always up in the air, and Ade might be nursing a small knock for all we know. But just seeing them back on the training ground has got me looking forward to the new season with typical fan’s optimism. Oh yes.

Elsewhere, if newspapers aren’t spouting garbage, you can be sure that agents are. Even former agents, like Dennis Lachter, Arshavin’s representative until a couple of weeks ago. His firing seemed to have escaped his memory, however, as he invited Barcelona to bid for the man he clearly still believes to be his client:

“Today Arshavin is an Arsenal player. If Barca want him, they should make a formal offer and then we can talk.”

These comments come six months after Arshavin finally made the move he seems delighted with, and two weeks after he sacked Lachter and decided to represent himself. Something tells me we can dismiss this story.

Finally, I urge you all to take a look at Arseblog’s exclusive interview with chief executive Ivan Gazidis here – it is fantastic that Gazidis recognises the importance of the fanbase, both in his interview answers and in the fact that he gave the interview at all. His answers certainly tick all the right boxes, and I have to admit I’ve been very impressed with him so far. Long may it continue.

More tomorrow.

  8 Responses to “Lachter has a memory lapse as Arsenal return to training”


  2. hear this arsenal to win the fa cup the carling with only youngsters and champions league also and to top things of we will win the premier league also gunners forlife

  3. I like it ! Good start………….

  4. Why is he wearing no.28?

  5. yes no Adebayor,
    but did you spot Song, Kolo, Eboue, etc. Pls give us a break. let what will happen happen

  6. Actually there was Africa world cup qualifiers during the past month and they were all probably vacationing a little bit too… little due diligence please

  7. simms21, before you are so quick to critique, it is probably worth you doing due diligence.

    Adebayor was suspended for Togo’s last game, which was three weeks ago, so his last international was June 6, over a month ago. I don’t think that’s the reason for his absence.

  8. ya. its good to see our boys again. we hope they are made up this time around

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