Jul 142009

Most summers, the transfer rumours in the press are so ludicrous that sometimes it is simply best to avoid them. I’ve been trying my best not to get dragged into speculation over too many players, whether coming or going, but with news beginning to pick up, and stories starting to have some substance, it is time to come out of the woodwork.

Emmanuel Adebayor. I would say a name that divides Gooners, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate, as the vast majority are now firmly against the big man. I have to admit to being torn – I can see that he could become an absolute monster of a striker, similar to Drogba in ability if not character (and that’s a compliment). In my mind, all he’s ever needed to do is knuckle down, ignore the inflated hype around him, and get on with his football, to allow him to be the great player he could become.

I hoped that this would be at Arsenal, but the one thing we can’t see from the outside is how a player behaves on a day to day basis. Managers have to make a judgement call on the likes of Ade, either drill him into the man you want, or let him go. With Man City sniffing around with ludicrous amounts of money, the latter option becomes a great deal more appealing.

I don’t doubt that Ade will be a success at City, if he moves there – I think he’ll play enough despite the number of forwards they have, and I’d bet on him scoring at least fifteen again. But over the past year we’ve had the indication that he may not develop into the top striker we all wanted him to be when we used to celebrate his work ethic.

With a new start, he’ll probably try again, which is a touch worrying if he moves to a rival, but Wenger is more than capable of using £20-25m wisely especially if, as seems likely, we see the full amount pretty quickly, rather than the usual instalment route.

But is really does highlight what a crazy summer it has been that Ade may move for these sums, only for various people to claim him underpriced. Underpriced? A good player, no doubt about it, but before this summer there hadn’t been many £25m transfers in the history of football. He isn’t exactly up there with the Figos and Zidanes of the world.

Maybe he will be, and maybe we’ll regret this in time. Or maybe his moving may just be good for everyone. Not me, of course, who will be unable to escape the flurry of transfer rumours (read: lies) if we rake in the cash from his sale.

Watch this space, I guess.

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  1. I firmly agree with you. I’ve always thought that Ade would BE the next Henry, but lately his ethic and attitude have really irked me. Although, having said that, this is purely from what I’ve read, so basically, I’m judging him solely on media statements, interviews, and so on. Whether this is accurate or not remains to be seen, but oh well.

    Whatever happens as to signing for City or not, he will most likely have to leave this summer as no doubt the vast majority of fans will be unforgivable in their lack of support for the guy, which to a certain extent is a product of his own making.

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