Jul 242009

With Adebayor now gone, we go into a new season with a brand new structure up front, and it isn’t clear as yet how our strikers are likely to be deployed. Are we reverting to a flat 4-4-2?  Do we have a spearhead with someone playing the Bergkamp role behind them? Are we heading towards the Barcelona model of three interchangeable forwards, two coming in from wide positions?

One thing is for certain, we have plenty of players favouring the support striker role. Arshavin seems to be the leading contender, but Rosicky, Nasri, Van Persie and Eduardo all fit the role, and even Cesc and Diaby have been known to play there.

What is less certain is who is ahead of those players on the field, i.e. who plays the out and out striker role they support? All of these setups lend themselves to a spearhead, a role that could naturally have fallen to Adebayor, had he not chased his financial dream over his footballistic one (to coin a word from Wenger).

Van Persie is being mentioned as a player to replace him in that position, and while he is one option, I think this is a massive opportunity for Bendtner to step in and prove the (many) critics wrong. The much maligned Dane has had a tough couple of years in some ways, vilified by certain areas of the media despite a very impressive scoring record for man whose appearances were largely limited to substitute cameos. And many of those goals were vital.

When Henry left, no-one really gave Ade a hope of stepping in and scoring hatfuls, certainly not the thirty he managed. We cannot and should not ask that of Bendtner this season, because realistically we should be deploying a very flexible front line, and could conceivably have three or four players reaching the fifteen goal mark, rather than relying on one to get them all.

But he has a chance to become our spearhead, and if he continues the improvements he showed in the second half of last season, he could become another of Wenger’s ‘I told you so’ stars of the season.

One player who will miss the start of the season is Nasri, who broke his leg during the current training camp. Wenger believes he could be healed in six weeks, and while our club’s estimates and reality are often miles apart, he should not miss too much football. We will miss him, but we have plenty of cover.

The only thing I do worry about is whether this will increase Rosicky’s workload at a time where a muscular injury is almost an inevitability. After coming back from such a long term absence, little niggles are commonplace, and we must not be disheartened when we hear the Czech star is out for a couple of weeks. It will happen. What worries me is that too much might be asked of him too soon now that Nasri is missing. We’ll see.

Adebayor is living in his own delusional world where he never did anything wrong.

Cole is living in his own delusional world where he never did anything wrong and he isn’t a complete tool.

One thing that strikes me as hilarious is that everyone is assuming that we are still the most threatened of the top four. Which is strange, given that we’re the only one of the top four actually adding to our squad at the moment.

Only a few weeks to go.

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  1. Good to see an Arsenal blog given from a more optomistic viewpoint, I’m frustrated by all the doomsayers out there.
    Also agree that Rosicky may be under pressure now that Nasri is out.
    Keep sharing.

  2. I would love to see Huntelaar come here, along with Cana.
    This is because Eduardo and v.Persie aren’t the most reliable when it comes to injuries, and if (God forbid) they are both injured at some point of time next season, Bendtner wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure, I know it. He is likely to become world class, but then, we shouldn’t put more pressure than required on the lad. Also, Huntelaar is a guy with a proven record when it comes to scoring, and we have always been lacking a player like that in recent years.
    Cana is a must, because even if Denilson and Song have the potential to become good Defensive Mids, it is really asking too much of them to become so good so soon. And Cana is a reliable midfielder when it comes to that.
    Up the Gunners!

  3. Wenger should buy huntelaar

  4. We’ll miss Ade badly. Pity the boo boys had their way. They’ll turn on Bendtner next (i.e. continue where they left off last season). Adebayor is one of the best attacking players in Europe.

  5. Huntelaar is likely to cost 20 million. Is a failure in Spain. Won’t scvore Ade’s 25 average per season. Why trade down? A sure fire way to see Citeh move into the top four at Arsenal’s expense.

  6. Crooner.. you are talking rubbish.

    6 of his 30 goals came against the worst team in prem history (Derby) and the bottom line was he was moved on cos of his attitude on the pitch which was disgraceful at times last year, moreso than his ability, although that said he is overated.

    Huntelaar is available for around £17m and would score bagfuls in our team.

  7. Firstly don’t worry about Rosicky being over-used. Wenger will go very carefully with him for the first season. Also you forget we have Arshavin who can play on the left and we got Traore back from Pompey and he played almost the whole season for them on the left wing.

    Second, with the strikers we have I believe Wenger will need to come up with more then one formation and switch between them depending on who plays and who our opponents are. Bendtner is our only real target man (and Huntelar if we get him), but we have Eduardo, Walcott and Vela who are great at making runs and playing off the shoulder of the last defender like Owen did in prime.
    That leaves RvP and Arshavin as the two ideal candidates to play the Bergkamp role.

    I really hope Wenger buys a proper defensive midfielder beacuse with the players we have at the moment we could be devastating in an attacking 4-3-3 just like Barca last year!

    Cesc is our Xavi, Nasri or Rosicky are our Iniesta and we NEED that Yaya Toure!!

    Our striking options are far to good to only play 2 per game!!!

  8. I agree about Bendtner. He could become a class act for us, but I’m not sure he is the Spearhead that we need this season. I think he has shown enough to desever his place in the first team squad.

    Besides, is Eduardo not the best finisher we have at the club?
    Arshavin, Van P, Eduardo as a 3 pronged attack looks pretty good to me.

    There are strikers out there on the market that we could have a shot at… Huntelaar being one, but why weren’t we in for Etoo?

    Having said that, not sure AW sees the frontline as his area of concern. Think he is still looking at Hangeland plus a DM (Cana?/Inler??).

  9. the other teams not adding may mean they feel strong enough as they are, or maybe not as the other big 4 have added more than us. man utd -valencia,obertan,owen; chelsea -sturridge,zhirkov; liverpool -johnson(£18m); arsenal? tv(£10m)

  10. every thing is fine for arsenal.we have a great striker,defender but we need def.midfielder like viera…if we get a great d.midfielder..i am sure champ leaque and epl will be ours

  11. I agreed that Arsenal have a pool of talented player. Yes, Arsenal can be title winning side but I am more concerned for a few weaknesses that keep repeating itseld each season:

    1. Unable to defend set-pieces.
    2. Wasted too many scoring oppurtunity.
    3. Frequent injuries problem to key players.
    4. Most of Arsenal attacking play are around the penalty box but they seems cant bring it in for much more direct attack.
    5. Lack shooting from distance, but seems to improved a little bit last season.

    If Arsenal and improved on most of that, then they are really going for some silverware. Else, they will again struggle for 4th place.

  12. many of my friend is liv and mu fan.they all tease me coz iam arsenal fan but i strongly beleive that i will tease them back this season..am i right gooners

  13. Bendtner has always been under rated by many Gooners.
    He’s far more intellegent than Ade, has a better first touch,and understands the offside law. His work rate improved throughout last season & he looked more of a team player to me. With Ade off his back & the confidence that a few more starts will bring he might just surprise a few critics in the comming season.
    If you compare the 2 players, Nic got the same kind of stick from the fans( possibly more) than Ade but responded in a far more positive way.
    He’s also a few years younger than Ade.The fact that he wont be disappearing for the African Cup of Nations is a bonus too.

    With Huntelaars current wages rumoured to be 150K
    euros (£128K)I can’t see him being an
    option for Wenger. He may want to play for a decent team though & accept a pay cut.

    My main concern for next season is the same as it was for last season….that when Fabregas is injured or off his game we lack creativity in the mid field..we seem far too dependent on him. Song & Denilson are solid enough but not very creative players.

  14. yup… thats all can be sorted if we have a great defensive midfielder…..that the key for arsenal weeakeness

  15. yup… thats all can be sorted if we have a great defensive midfielder…..that the key for arsenal weeakenesses

  16. dont worry my all arsenal fan..i will prove to all liv and mu fan.. thats arsenal are the correct choice

  17. crooner must not be an arsenal fan,a mole spud or city fan id say,what an idiot

  18. Few responses:

    I’ll be amazed if we sign Huntelaar, or any striker to be honest. We have plenty of options, and as has been said, Huntelaar would cost a serious amount.

    LH, why would we get rid of Adebayor due to his attitude and then get Eto’o, who is simply an older version who would probably demand even more money?

    Crooner, Ade is a good player, with the potential to become a great player, but we were never going to see it because of his attitude. He might be revitalised for a while at City, but the sale was still the right thing to do. Nothing to do with the boo boys, everything to do with the man himself.

    uk – just because Liverpool spent more on Johnson than we did on Vermaelen doesn’t mean they’ve strengthened more than us. It means, as ever, they’ve been ripped off.

    Wilshere’s Dad – agreed about Bendtner. Not many noticed how much he knuckled down and improved after getting some stick from the fans, exactly the sort of reaction we want. My bet is he’ll go on to be a crowd favourite in time.

    Cana.is about to sign for Sunderland so yet another midfielder who was atarget gone this follows Melo,Alonso i do not understand why when the whole world and his dog can see we need a holding midfielder why we still have not bought one just one signing a unknownd short defender and Huntelaar forget it we should allready be in talks with the ABE cash we got THE BOARD AND WENGER MUST GO IF WE FAIL TO WIN ANYTHING

  20. diaby will be a new holding midfielder you will see that he will become amazing

  21. I agree with everyone who talks about a holding midfielder! It is to me and most other people that this is a necessity! I love Wenger and have all my faith in him that his plans will pay off, but he needs to get in the transfer market! Why do I keep reading about how Sunderland are about to sign Lorik Cana, This amazes me, he should already be an Arsenal player, cheap and proven at club and international level, it’s a no brainer! I also agree with everyone’s comments about Bendtner, I belive he is a skilled and quality striker and just needs the fans backing and time to progress into one of the worlds best! he has shown he can play at all levels! and I have enjoyed watching him mature over the past few seasons. I do however feel we need another striker this summer, for squad strength and if anything backup. I know we have Van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Walcott, Vela, Arshavin and Fabregas, but VP, Eduardo and especially Walcott are massively injury prone as are too many Arsenal players I believe. And as much as I would love to see Arshavin in a supporting striker role, I just don’t think Wenger will do it. Therefore we must sign Chamakh !!!!!! he is relatively cheap and a quality player, ok he’s nothing special yet but I think he’s good enough and for the price of around 10m I think definitely worth it! why let Sunderland get in there! And as for Ashley Coles comments about Man City pushing Arsenal out of the top four next season!!!!! Will someone please kill him, end his career, he is a little bitch and needs to shut his dirty mouth! If anyone believes just because Man City have endless cash and a few quality players that they can break into the top four next season, they are sadly mistaken! Things like that take time, you can’t just buy a bunch of misfit players who all play relatively the same positions and expect miracles to happen. Just look at Chelsea there still not there yet and it’s been years now! I believe maybe in 3 years Man City could make Champions League but I wouldn’t like to bet! Come on YOU GUNNERS! WE NEED ALL THE FANS BACKING THIS SEASON!

    and PS. Hope you get better soon Nasri!

  22. from what i’ve seen Bendtner’s best position is playing as a Bergkamp style withdrawn striker. he has great appreciatiion of the play and the players around him and can take advantage of his heading ability making late runs into the box.

    what he has not shown so far is an ability to receive a long ball and keep possession while support arrives. this is adebayor’s great strength and i think we will miss that in games where we come under pressure – unless Bendtner has added to his game of course.

  23. I think it is highly unlikely that we will sign Huntelaar. He transfer fee is too high. I think Wenger intended that the club keep most of the money from Adebayors sale.

    Also , I think Cana has already joined Sunderland for a measly 5mill pounds i guess.

    Our strike force is lopsided by the look of things. All apart from Adebayor were playing for the supporting striker position and none have performed well when forced to the main striker position.Bendtner would want to have the positon real bad, but by last years performances I think he prefers being a support striker.

  24. bentdner is going to be a top player .he is very energetic,can score goals and always gives 100%.his decision making leaves alot to be desired,however when he gets a run of games this season i expect that to improve.Wenger has achieved alot at arsenal , give him a chance ,he has a wonderful squad put together now ,watch them go this season .For those of you so called supporters,please tell me what striker playing at the top of their game in europe ,that can be bought for less than 30m is better than Arshavin Eduardo Van persie Bentdner or Walcott,answer none.What defensive midfielder is better than song or denilson.There is nothing wrong with our squad we just need to defend better as aTEAM and attack better as a team.With a bit of luck on the injury front this team could win lots of trophies

  25. Bendtner, like most of our youth should be given this one last chance, if they cannot achieve substantially both more points and at least finish third in the league and/or win something, wenger must roll up shop on the youth project and build a better team.

    If the club/wenger/board are concerned about the economic recession they should first realise how the recession on the pitch may affect supporters. The lux boxes have been hit, it won’t get better unless the team does.

  26. I don’t get it, I’ve been an arsenal fan all my life and they have always been a big club, they have lined up a target and got them not often but they did it, now we’ve just lost out on a player we desperatley needed to Sunderland for next to nothing! We are linked with matuidi but he seems like song v2 we don’t need him, we’ve missed out on toure melo and Cana, we need a big strong tough tackling cdm it’s the final piece of the puzzle, don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of song and diaby both of whom will be world class but they are still young and still learning they make mistakes because of it and we need to sort it out, as for huntelaar we may aswell be linked with ronaldo, why is he going to come to us, I would love it if he did but just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, he’s exactly what we need, a goal machine, I hope we avoid chamakh he seems like adebyebye, a moneygrabber, one minute Sunderland are a small club and playing for arsenal is his dream next Sunderland are huge and he’s in talks, why are we selling senderos he young got great experience and will only get better, why we are keeping silvestre is beyond me, he is by far the worst player I’ve ever seen play for arsenal but wenger loves him! If we are going to achieve anything next year we must rid ourselves of snailvestre, keep senderos and eboue in a perfect world sign huntelaar even though I’m sure he’s not coming and sign this much fabled hard man cdm, who that will be I don’t have the foggiest but it’s not matuidi, if we buy chamakh and matuidi instead of huntelaar and rocky ten men then my forehead better be ready to spend more time with sweet lady palm. Ok rant over phew xx

  27. Peter Peterelli said:

    “…missed out on toure…”

    Wenger has never tried to buy Toure – that’s just lazy reporting by papers again and again and again.

    Wenger must have a lot of faith in Song stepping up like Flamini did two seasons ago, but I just can’t see it. However, it’s worth pointing out that none of the big teams have got any better this summer so far apart from City, and as they’ve only bought strikers so far they’re looking like a fifth place team for the moment.

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