Jul 262009

The internet is dominated by teenagers. If you doubt it, go to Yahoo, look at any sports story, and take a look at the comments. Those that are decipherable (why do people use text speak when space isn’t limited?) are almost exclusively the extreme views of the fickle, the black and white majority that see either unprecedented success, or unmitigated disaster on the horizon. Any voices of sanity or reason are comprehensively drowned out.

That is not necessarily their fault. Many know nothing but a world of instant gratification, immediate news stories and wild opinions, and soak up the insanity, believing every word. Like it or not, they are the future fanbase of the game.

It is the reason I find blogs so fascinating. No matter the opinion, it has to be rationally backed up to give the writer any credence. There are no shouting matches and no ROTFLOLs, just the honest opinion of the individual behind it. That sets it apart even from mainstream media, complete with editors and worst of all, agendas.

One of those agendas became painfully apparent on the radio station of our most trusted news source, the ‘impartial’ BBC, who aired an interview between David Davies, former acting chief executive and executive director of the FA (and a man who knows a great deal about spin given his political background), and Farhad Moshiri, the erstwhile silent business partner of one Alisher Usmanov.

On first listen, it seemed that Usmanov had managed to get his London-based and somewhat less unpopular colleague on to an edition of Sportsweek, and was therefore free to spout his wild opinion like anyone else (and his opinion was…pointed to say the least). But one source tore the interview and its motivations apart more completely and succinctly that I certainly could.

So this is, to coin a phrase from another site, a re-tweet. Yes, I know what one of those is – I’m not that old.

So I urge you all to read this piece, over on Goonerholic, where the somewhat suspect and staged nature of the interview is brought to light. I don’t think ‘holic will mind me saying that he isn’t one of the teenagers I referred to earlier, and if you don’t already read what he has to say, I would recommend starting about now. Ever positive where reasonable, his is a voice of calm in a Newsnow-fuelled world of instinctive and reactionary words. If you want considered writing, check it out.

I have nothing to add to the excellent work already done in that article. Great work ‘holic.

  4 Responses to “Link of the day: Moshiri’s interview dissected in style”

  1. Thanks Pete.

    Appreciate the link, and the kind words. How I would love to be a teenager again, though…

  2. You and me both! I try so hard not to begin sentences with ‘Back in my day’…

  3. I have to say, I really appreciate the work that you do (and, of course the ‘holic). It’s always nice to be reminded, inbetween all the speculative rambling that so many of the so-called “Arsenal-fans” come up with, that there’s actually some sane people out there.


  4. Thanks Marty :)

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