Aug 072009

As already seen with Eduardo, when a player returns from a long term injury, it is inevitable that they will soon be struck down by muscular problems. Today, it was confirmed that Rosicky has the predictable groin strain, which will keep him out for a few weeks.

And by a few, I mean an unknown amount. The timescale doing the rounds is six weeks, but that should be taken with a large pinch of salt because a journalist asked Wenger if the injury could take that long to heal, and he was non-committal in his answer. So the reality is we don’t know.

It doesn’t ruin our plans, and it isn’t a massive disaster, because Wenger is not foolish enough to rely heavily on a player who has missed the last year and a half of his professional career through injury. Even with Nasri out, we still have plenty of options in the attacking third. That said, he is a quality player, as he showed in pre-season, so hopefully he’ll be back soon.

If we need players, it is further back, and it was interesting to hear the manager talk about his plans for the rest of the transfer window:

“We can still make do with one or two players more. One could be in the defensive areas, and one in the attacking areas.”

“We make a few enquires for players, but we are nowhere near to signing anybody at the moment.

“Usually the transfer market only speeds up from August 26 up to midnight on August 31 – and especially in the last two hours.”

Interesting stuff, and completely contrary to his earlier comments that all business would be wrapped up by the weekend. In truth, that was probably a game played with Bordeaux, essentially threatening to pull out of the Chamakh negotiations (which would probably result in the player leaving for free next summer) if the offer on the table was refused.

But then transfer talk is a game Wenger loves to play with all of us, merrily sending us off in one direction while he conducts his business in private. We’ve had utterings of intent of signing players when none have followed, likewise we’ve had declarations that nothing will happen, only for Adebayor, Diaby and Walcott to arrive within a week.

So, as ever, we should take what he says lightly, and never ever play him at poker.

In seriousness, we could second guess Wenger all day, but realistically, we won’t know where we are until September rolls around. In the meantime, we have bigger things on our plate, namely tomorrow’s Champions League draw, which will see us pitted against one of Celtic, Atletico Madrid, Fiorentina, Anderlecht or FC Timisoara.

When it comes to qualification rounds, the glamour ties are not desired, so in theory we’d want the Romanians, mainly because no-one had heard of them before this season. But having knocked out UEFA Cup holders Shakhtar in the previous round, they cannot be underestimated. Personally, I’ve had a hunch for a while that we’ll be facing Celtic, which would be very interesting.

And that’s about it for today, other than the ‘story’ that Wilshere has been overlooked by the England Under 21s. I doubt he’ll lose sleep.

Until tomorrow.

  12 Responses to “Rosicky’s injury not a surprise, and not a disaster either”

  1. “It doesn’t ruin our plans, and it isn’t a massive disaster, because Wenger is not foolish enough to rely heavily on a player who has missed the last year and a half of his professional career through injury”

    Is that a joke? He did exactly that this time last year, and it left us short of quality wide otions as a result.

    Rosicky’s injury is a massive blow. Arshavin is the only fully fit, polished, and reliable wide option, and even he is a forward. Walcott is average, and who else is there, Diaby? Wilshere has the talent but we all know Wenger will bottle out of playing him and stick Denilson wide right instead.

  2. Paulinho, who are you saying Wenger relied on this time last year? We had no-one in the Rosicky situation.

    As for options, we’re likely to play one up front (probably Van Persie to begin with), with two from Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott, Bendtner and Vela coming from wide. That’s four options without the two injured players, and before Wilshere or Diaby.

    The new formation means we don’t have out and out wingers.

  3. Pete;

    Rosicky himself was in the Rosicky situation.

    This time last year Wenger was predicting he would be back in September and used his presence as a reason why he shouldn’t buy. It sounded like wishful thinking then and so it proved.

    I don’t like Vela and Bendtner playing as quasi-wide players, and Walcott either.

    Rosicky is almost on Arshavin level in terms of importance, imo.

  4. Vela, Traore, Gibbs, Eboue, Walcott, more than enough…….shoosh.

  5. Time for him to admit he is not up to any physical sport and retire, if he was a horse he would be put down.

  6. stephen Shut Up, your so clueless about Rosicky. He is still pure class and a thoroughbred. You would be an Idiot to write him off. keep the Faith.

  7. for some reason i hate that word keep d faith!!! football is not a religion for God sake, its just a game you are only as good as the players you have. i think this is just an invention by arsenal 4 under performing over the last few years!!!

  8. he is still class, but he should offer to take pay cut. we paid him 18 months for NOTHING. Has he earned his keep at all? i would love 18 months of paid leave.

  9. regardless of whether we have rosicky out or in.. we need that powerhouse midfielder.. or we r goin to miss out by a whisker !! like 2008..

  10. Rosicky was going to be a bonus player in the start of the season for us neway in my opinion.
    We saw the same thing with Eduardo. He came back to play and then had the injury again.
    It is to be accepted that Rosicky will be drifting in and out till December. And once he gets his match fitness back, he is deadly!!!

    In terms of player wide… I think Wenger will play Shava, Persie, Theo/Vela as attacking midfielders with wilshere drifting in and out from the bench,and Cesc and Song/Denillson as playmakers/Holding mfs.
    Its a good enough lineup to beat the likes of City and Everton but not good enough to beat the likes of MAN-U.
    Still, I will not comment much on it as we will know in a week if we are going to have any one else coming in before the start of the season. I am very optimistic this year anyway.

    I personally feel Wenger will not go for the premiere league but for the Champions League. The 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 is a formation that will suit us in Europe very well. Its one of the reason Barca are so threatening.

    Its time for the players to step up. Show the world what Arsenal saw in them when they were signed for First team. Time for Theo to that he is more than a road-runner and time for Van Persie to respond to the faith us Gooners have in him. Time for Denilson and Song to prove us Gooners wrong in thinking that they are not worth it and It is BIG TIME for Bendtner to back up his claims that he can lead the Gunners.
    We need improvements in the current squad. But it should be mental. And I see some of it this year.
    The tempo of the game until now has been high, the passing good, the finishing better than last year, even the tackles were solid. Aerially we need to be a lot better but i see the team defending and attacking together.
    If we can carry on this way for most of the season, I know we are better than everyone (on paper and on the pitch.)


  11. akm, Rosicky may not have played in 18 months, but he’s still been through intensive physio and rehab work.

    Put yourself in his shoes – he loves playing football, he’s had to do all the crap stuff for the last 18 months without actually playing the game. Hardly 18 months paid leave.

  12. Hardly 18 months paid leave

    Hardly 18 months worthwhile pay for the club though

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