Aug 212009

Absolutely no time tonight, and none tomorrow either (blame the end of the cricket season, which may stop me seeing the United game live next week), so instead, here’s a bullet point roundup:

  • United losing was great news, but they aren’t a spent force without Ronaldo. It would be foolish to write them off, and I hope no-one does.
  • That said, assuming Burnley finish in the bottom half, United have already dropped more points against the lower half of the Premiership than in the whole of last season. In those twenty games last term, they dropped just two points out of sixty – a 1-1 draw with Newcastle on the opening day. That is an astonishing statistic.
  • Cesc is not leaving this summer. Can the Mail just stop their daily stories now?
  • Portsmouth are ripe for the taking tomorrow, and after the start we’ve had, anything less than three points would be a disappointment. But we may have to wait for the breakthrough against a well organised side.
  • The same team could be selected for the third game in a row, and to be honest, I’d expect that, before a little rotation in the Celtic match on Wednesday with the clash with United in mind.

I’ll be on Twitter tomorrow whenever I can, so look for updates there, but in the meantime, have a great weekend Gooners.

Normal service will be resumed after tomorrow.

  One Response to “Quick roundup and Pompey preview”

  1. I doubt the Mail or any of the other papers and sites that have made such a big deal of the Fabregas non-story will stop. It would simply mean they would have to do some work and write a story with a kernel of truth attached. is my personal favorite website to hate. I have never read such total re-cycled drivel in my life. Footballfancast comes a close second though. Utter fantasy and wind-up nonsense.

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