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I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with transfer deadline day. It compresses all the transfer activity into one fairly exciting day, after which we can stop speculating and just get on with the football, but on the other hand, it is a flurry of rumours and lies, more often than not ending in complete anticlimax.

This time, I’m not sure if an anticlimax is even possible, as no-one seems to be expecting us to sign anyone. If, as seems likely, Senderos stays, then hopefully he sits above Silvestre in the pecking order and we have enough cover in every defensive position.

If Denilson is likely to play the defensive midfield role when Song is absent, Wenger probably thinks we have enough cover there too (perhaps with Ramsey as third choice), and attacking-wise, we’re stocked.

Up front, we may be short of target men, but we’re playing an interchangeable system that doesn’t necessarily require one.

So this, of all deadline days, is one in which Wenger can justify buying only if the right player becomes available. If they aren’t, then spending the money we have available is a fruitless exercise. People will point to the Adebayor and Toure sales and insist we have money to burn, and they’ll be right, but it isn’t as if that money disappears if we don’t use it today – it’ll be available for a transfer period in which the right player is around. As with Arshavin in January.

Would I like to see an arrival? Of course. Do I think we’ll get one? Probably not. Am I going to write us off this season if we sign no-one? No.

That said, enjoy the day – there are plenty of cash rich sides looking for another diamond, and even more looking for replacements for the players they sold to those cash rich clubs. There will probably be moves.

I’m just not all that fussed if they don’t involve us.

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  1. I wont be dissapointed if we dont make any signing because the team is strong even without the likes cesc, nasiri, theo, vela and rosisky we still play very well against man u, just imagin if those injured plays are back we will be one of the best team in the world but i will like wenger to buy one dm because denilson cannot play that role like song.

  2. 5pm GMT?!

  3. Without sounding pesimistic, we need more players as our players are incredibly injury prone!

    Chamack – £8 million – not excessively expensive?

    Matuidi – possibly £8 million, if someone is good then they are worth it (Please see Arshavin!)

    Centre back is NEEDED! We need cover for the excellent Vermaelen and Gallas WHEN they get injured.

    Goalkeeper….I like Almunia and respect him but he is not really world class is he?

    Without signing anyone, when the injuries come and we have to rely on Sylvestre and Senderos (God forbin) we will rue the day we did not buy a good backup defender.

    What about when Song leaves to go to the ACON? Who will take his place there? Arsene did promise us a DM…

    Adebayor left and has not been replaced, our squad is now even smaller than last year!

    I am worried as City, spuds and others are strengthening and we are not.
    IF all things fall apart, who will take the blame?

    Arsene or the board?

    We know that if Arsene spends he will buy brilliant players and the league is there for us to win!
    Without the players we may turn against him, just because the board wants the money.

    We cannot carry on like this!

  4. I agree that the team is lacking some key players but isn’t that what our excuse has been recently? I will advise we get at least two signings and focus on winning trophies. It is becoming a norm that every season key players depart Arsenal due to that missing link that isn’t replaced. Teams that do well aren’t lucky but prepared. We play good football, no doubt about that but we need to prove something doing that. Wenger is a fantastic manager but can be heady sometimes. His intentions are good but we need to prove our supremacy least we lose credibility due to lack of silverware. I’m hopeful we will get a good sign on before the end of the day. Gunners for life!

  5. Grantski, yes 5pm GMT, but confirmation of transfers may go on for an hour or two afterwards.

    Andy Canon, Adebayor was replaced, by Arshavin (who arrived first). With Eduardo back now too, and Vela older, we don’t need a striker. But yes, the drop in quality from Gallas/Vermaelen/Song to their backups is a little stark.

  6. I pray let our team should nt b like stuttgart dt lose 6 player to matter what or ow.evry position a player is playing they must quality substitute incase.

  7. No need for a CB

    Gallas and the Verminator are an excellent first partnership, with Senderos and Djourou providing ample cover with Silvestre if absolutely necessary. No player is going to want to come and be 2nd or 4th choice. 5 centre backs is enough especially with Song if necessary

    Matuidi would be great for when Song plays in the ACN, but he is not absolutely necessary

    Chamakh I think is the most important. We miss Adebayor in truth, so it would be great if we could get him, he’s got more skill and would work harder than Adebayor did last season.

  8. Arsene Wenger should atleast buy Matuidi Because i believe it will be bargin and not loose.

  9. All in all wasn’t yesterday a total waste of time trying to find out what was happening.


  10. Yep, the most boring transfer deadline day in recent memory.

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