Sep 122009

Why is it whenever you have the first holiday you’ve been able to take in months, you always get ill? I know I said I’d be back yesterday, but a hefty fever left me bed-ridden, and will probably curtail today’s blog too. Fortunately, there is not too much to cover, so I’ll break it down into sections:

The aftermath of the Wenger chanting

I have received a response from United to an email I sent them after the game. It is a decent response, in fairness to them, and they are making the right noises about eradicating the Wenger song from their stands, and I’ll be posting the full conversation (to date) here shortly.

Despite sending a similar email to the FA after the game, and receiving an automated response indicating I’d get a full answer within five days, I am heard nothing, which is fairly poor for a Customer Relations team whose remit is ‘to build relationships and develop the flow of communication between The FA and the football public’. Still, they may simply be swamped – any news and I’ll post it here.


Good to see the media in full hypocritical flow this week, saying they didn’t want Rooney labelled as a diver as it might stop him winning penalties, all while continuing their condemnation of Eduardo. On the plus side, even anti-Arsenal observers are beginning to accept that Eduardo has been unfairly treated throughout this affair, which should lead to it blowing over fairly quickly.

The moronic ITV commentators didn’t help, claiming he had ‘gone to ground looking for a soft free kick’ after being taken out by a fierce but fair tackle the other night. It was one of those challenges that clearly takes man and ball, but that didn’t deter them. The penalty he failed to win after being clearly barged off the ball was just another of the hundreds rarely given for similar offences in the box.

Today’s game and Adebayor

Toure’s rousing reception will only emphasise the disdain we all have for Adebayor. A fine player when he puts in the effort, he is also an egotistical liar, who lives in such an alternative universe that he still cannot accept that the reason he lost the crowd last year was down to his own actions.

In short, he tried to take us for mugs. Having openly flirted with anyone and everyone last summer, he denied all knowledge and then foolishly thought kissing the badge in a pre-season friendly would have everyone forget what had come before. In truth, what would have achieved that was hard work, the sort on which he’d made his name in the first place. Instead, he believed his own hype and failed to put in the hard yards.

And only then did he trulylose the fans. We can excuse casting an eye at another club if you put in the effort while you’re here. And the thing with Adebayor is that in his early time with us, he wasn’t that skilful or a great finisher – instead his best assetwas his workrate. Lose that, and you’ve thrown away what made you.

Undoubtedly, if he scores today, many will claim we shouldn’t have sold him, but to get £25m for a player who divides the dressing room and isn’t actually worth that much in the first place is a no brainer, whether or not he condemns us to defeat today.

Put simply, even if we lose three points today, the newly united nature of our squad will gain more than that over the course of the season.

My instinctive bet for the day is for Bendtner to prove a point to his former colleague by scoring at anytime, but it turns out that I’ve been beaten to the punch by the ‘holic. Still, I’ve gone for it, so let’s hope he allows at least Gooners to have an extra reason to celebrate.

In team news, Arshavin misses out after aggravating his groin injury playing for Russia the other night, which has infuriated Wenger. Arshavin had the choice of whether to play or not, and considered himself fit enough, but the setback means he misses not only today but the start of the Champions League in midweek.

On a more positive note, how about this for welcome news – Rosicky is on the bench, and if he comes on he’ll appear in a competitive match for Arsenal for the first time in twenty long months. Welcome back.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. time for wenger to go. same olg f…kin story. 80 per cent of play and lettin in dik goals. gettin sick of watchin the same old story week after week year after year

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