Nov 092009

Wolves 1 (Craddock 89) Arsenal 4 (Zubar og 28, Craddock og 36, Fabregas 45, Arshavin 66)

Moving house and blogging is a tricky combination. Phone companies tend to ensure that you haven’t got a hope of getting online during the first few weeks in the new place, and trying to write anything meaningful from a mobile is nigh on impossible. Hence this will be a Monday-Friday blog for the next fortnight.

The upshot of that is by the time you read this on a Monday, you’ll know all about the matches that happened two days earlier, so instead of providing a blow-by-blow account of the game, I’ll talk about a few things that struck me.

  • Van Persie has been an absolute revelation, and not just in his performances, which have probably exceeded everyone’s expectations. His touch is exquisite, his finishing lethal, and his ability with his back to goal is a lot more impressive than any of us probably realised. But more than that, he seems to be thoroughly enjoying his football. All that talk of being a united dressing room doesn’t appear to be hot air.
  • Cesc has nine goals and eleven assists. That’s a defining role in twenty goals, and it is only early November. That is quite astonishing for any player, let alone a 22 year old.
  • We might not be able to keep clean sheets, but hopefully that is purely a concentration thing. Twice in a week we’ve conceded sloppily when 4-0 up, but remember in September we weren’t scoring as freely, but instead kept it tight at the other end – 2-0 wins over West Brom and Olympiakos, and that 1-0 win over Fulham being part of four consecutive shut outs. As long as we only concede when we’re cruising, I won’t mind.
  • The lack of a backup option for Alex Song is a worry, however. That we’re even concerned about coping without him shows how far he’s come in the last year, and I’m not sure Ramsey is suited to that role, fabulous talent though he is. Nasri could, but would be similarly stunted. The African Nations Cup forces Song to miss our trips to Bolton and Villa, plus the United game on January 31st if Cameroon reach the final. Let’s hope they don’t.

It would be fair to say we weren’t at out best on Saturday, but even without the slices of good fortune for our first two goals, we were still comfortably too much for Wolves, in the sort of game we have struggled to get the points from in recent years. That in itself is a massively encouraging sign, although we shouldn’t get as carried away as the press who, now that Liverpool are their chosen target, have taken to boldly predicting we’ll break all goalscoring records this season.

Amazing how times change, isn’t it?

  6 Responses to “Wolves 1-4 Arsenal: Scoring freely even when we’re not playing well”

  1. I think everybody is making a mountain out of a mole-hill about the goals we’ve conceded. In the premier league we’ve conceded 14 goals, but then again manUre have conceded 12. I agree with Wenger’s comments about the goals against not being a problem. It clearly isnt if you evaluate the situation fairly. Arsenal ’till the end!

  2. You ain’t going to win fuck all,Chelsea or Manure to win title, you won’t have 2 goals given you plus a ref who clearly favours the top teams-your number 9 – you know the cheating little bastard who dives at every little touch (I thought the message read “I am an illegal immigrant”) and who should have been booked for diving then got a second yellow card for over celebrating in front of the north bank, pity the lads in the North Bank couldn’t have got to him now that would have been worth the money,Apart from that you were the best team we have played this season, but that ain’t hard when we haven’t played the top 3 teams yet in those above + Liverpool -sour grapes-you bet-because “if” we had taken our chances in the first 20 minutes then things could have been a lot different, sunderland put 5 up us! you couldn’t! thats why you ain’t going to win SFA because you let teams off the hook.

  3. Yep you outplayed us and deserved to win but can somebody explain to the this season? We finished above you but you were promoted?

    This is the 1919 season. It was contested by 20 teams, and Derby County won the championship.

    [change] League Standings
    Pos Club P W D L GF GA Pts Note
    1 Derby County 38 23 7 8 71 33 53 Promoted
    2 Preston North End 38 20 10 8 61 42 50 Promoted
    3 Barnsley 38 22 3 13 51 51 47
    4 Wolverhampton Wanderers 38 19 7 12 77 52 45
    5 Arsenal 38 19 5 14 69 41 43 Promoted

  4. john wolf you have terrible logic. sunderland might have scored more against you but they have 8 less points after 1 game more than arsenal. if you think chelsea or utd will win the league, fine, but it seems odd that you’re bragging that a newly promoted team can score 5 against you and a top team can only score 4. rather than slating an arsenal which had something like 7 players injured and still scored 4 playing in only second gear, you should be more worried about how your team shipped goals so easily. we also had chances to make it more at the start of the second half, so ‘what ifs’ don’t count for shit.

    good luck to wolves, they had a good go at it when most other teams are too scared to attack. but john you certainly aren’t representing wolves in a way that makes you look like anything other than an idiot.

  5. johnwolf, I thought your comment was simply a rant of an angry fan until you lost all credibility with the borderline racist ‘immigrant’ comment.

    Here’s a suggestion – instead of coming on here and getting unnecessarily aggressive, why don’t you enjoy that fact that your side are back in the top flight, playing decent football, and were the better team for half an hour of our game.

    Surely, that would be a more productive and positive use of your time?

    I always want the newly promoted sides to succeed, and would love Wolves to have a decent season, but fans like you make me question that.

  6. Dennis Wescott, sounds like you’re asking a question that you already know the answer to. Still, I’m happy to accept what is probably the truth.

    It is generally accepted that Henry Norris, who was chairman of Arsenal at the time, was the man who influenced the FA to promote us ahead of Wolves and Barnsley (and also ahead of Spurs, who were relegated from the First Division that season).

    No-one really knows what happened, but it is important to note that these particular promotions were not done on table positions – the First Division was expanding from 20 to 22 teams, which meant (in addition to the two up two down system that promoted Derby and Preston), two further clubs would be rewarded.

    Chelsea (who came second bottom of the First) and Arsenal were picked, and the official line was that both clubs had richer histories and had contributed more to the game. I’m not going to debate whether that’s true or not.

    Were it done on merit, I suppose one less relegation would’ve happened, plus one more promotion, so Chelsea and Barnsley would be in the First (not Wolves, in any case). But this was an election, not a promotion, so table positions were not the be all and end all. It is similar to whenever the Scottish leagues expand – there is an election there.

    Of course, it is highly likely that Norris bribed certain people to vote for Arsenal, as we did comfortably win the election. If I remember my history correctly, Norris was later convicted of financial irregularities regarding something else, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    One thing to note – that isn’t the 1919 table – that’s the table from the last league played before the war (1914-5). We were elected after the war, five years later (one of the reasons they didn’t purely use results from so long before).

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