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With no midweek game to focus on, the temptation is to overanalyse Sunday’s demoralising defeat. The press are at it, listing reasons why a) we lost so poorly and b) why this means we’ll never win anything ever again, and the internet media is going the same way.

There is no getting away from the fact we were poor. Wenger pulled no punches in his post match interview, and the players are likely to have been suitably chastised. Certain individuals will have been singled out. What matters is how they react – if they let this hang over them, the season could be derailed.

And that would be a much bigger issue than a solitary defeat. If you listen to some people, the season is already over, which is plainly not the case. We’ve gone out of the cup and slipped behind in the league, but the gap is only five points. That may be extended to eight by the end of the evening, but as I write this Chelsea are level with Hull at half time. This season has been one where the top teams have been consistently vulnerable to the rest of the league, and to our credit we’ve been shocked less than our rivals. Our weakness has been in the big games, our record against the lower sides is actually better than those around us.

Instead, we have to look forward. A midweek break is potentially well timed – Bendtner, Nasri, Walcott and Diaby all have a chance to shake off various niggles to be fit for the weekend, and as we move into the final few months of the campaign, a lot rests on how many of them can stay healthy.

It is remarkable how we judge players on how they deal with adversity, yet so many fans are throwing in the towel after one defeat. The reaction to the Chelsea defeat was excellent, and needs to be repeated. If we can get away from Stamford Bridge with a solitary point, we will still be in range, and with a far easier run-in.

I’m not saying we’re going to win the league – our odds have certainly lengthened and it will take something special from here. But it is not out of the question.

Irrespective, there is plenty still to play for. Let’s not give in now.

  25 Responses to “Reflect, analyse and move on”

  1. I’m not giving up. Work hard against Chelsea and we have a good chance

  2. Your’e right of course. Objectively we’re better off than we were a year ago and certainly better placed than most expected at the start of the season (we would be the team to fall out of the top 4, remember). If you let defeat and disappointment eat away at you, then this isn’t the game to follow.

  3. Laugh, shake your head, move on.

  4. Chelsea and Hull draw. 6 points behind the leaders. Work hard on Saturday for us lads and reduce the 6 to 3.

  5. I am going through mood swings of utter anger at Wenger wanting him out, through to beliving that we can still do something.

  6. chelski droped points today..if we avoid defeat at the bridge we will be 6 points off the top going into the run in so may be not as bad as we thought it was eah

  7. give up it’s done There’s always NEXT YEAR as the spuds would say

  8. Call yourselves Arsenal fans,give up its done…You lot were calling for Song’s head not so long ago,but who said he would be the business the Boss,now your calling for his head,you make me want to puke,go down the lane and support the spuds you scum….

  9. As i write this, d match between chelsea and hull has ended in a draw. This means we’re 6 pts behind league leaders. Don’t know where d ray of hope is coming from but i believe we can cut it to 3 on sunday.. go gunners go..


  11. It’s weird – this season more than any it is possible to claw back a deficit. Points are being dropped all over the place.

  12. Hey guys, I just wrote my first blog, its about an interesting idea, which could solve our striker problem plz have a look and tell me what you think :)


  13. My predictiion for next Sunday is Chelski 1 Arsenal 2. We have been written off, but we will have learned some lessons against man ure and a win will put us right back where we belong. Roll on Sunday, I’m looking forward to it.

  14. these bottlers are finnished, wengers finished. i,m right and will be proved right

  15. I still have my faith with Arsenal if only Arsene drop that play call Denilson who lack hunger, urgency and desire. Denilson should retire from football.

  16. until now i love arsenal, but if wenger will have fouls again next, he must go or i go.., bye

  17. @eddoe why dont you fuck off then you plastic piece of shit?anyone who says sack wenger is a total retard.

  18. We now have our work cut out, on sunday we should and must deliver the points from stamford bridge i do not care whether we score by our hands,bums ,tummies or whatever but we must secure a point/s from that game ,thanks to Hull city who have given us a lifeline.Now the team knows exactly what went wrong on sunday and must rectify this and be able to play like professionals not like amateurs any more.


  20. Arsenal fans are sick of denilson and almunia ..they have had long enough to prove themselves..

    Its quite rite that people didnt want song.. but he did improve over a short course and far lesser games than denilson..

    I dont think that guy thinks very well..(possibly a bit slow)

    He has been astarter now ever since flamini left.. that was almost 2 years ago.. and he is still shit

  21. wake up arsene… buy a new DM and GK next year..and replace Clichy while your at it..

  22. I believe in my motherf#cking team.

    I’m very confident we’ll do well against Chelsea.

    Oz gooner, you’re a bit of a schmuck. Song’s developed into one of the best DM’s in the league.

    Gary’s absolutely right. Arsenal supporters are the best in the league. Arsenal fans are the worst customers in existence

  23. I would punish those that gave terrible performances on Sunday by omitting them from the team and some even the squad altogether. Those that didn’t play on Sunday are not guilty of anything to do with that match and therefore will be involved, even if they are not great options, simply to teach the players a lesson, and that’s is you won’t get away with giving performances like that.

    My team and squad would be:

    Eboue, Gallas, Cambell, Vermaelan
    Fabregas, Diaby
    Rosicky Eduardo, Arshavin

    Fabianski (Goalkeeper)
    Eastmond (Right-back/Defensive Midfeild)
    Silvestre (Left-back/Central Defence)
    Nasri (Right/Central/Left Midfelid)
    Bendtner (Centre Forward)
    Vela (Left/Center Forward)
    Walcott (Right/Centre Forward)

    The main difference would be to put Verm as left-back. Verm was also a left-back previously, so could slot in there, Clichy needs to sit in his room and reflect. Sol would come in Verm’s place with Gallas. A bit heavy of changes, but who cares – they can’t be worse than last Sunday!

    Oh and by the way, Chelsea drew yesterday and are “only” 6 points ahead of us and we play them next – I think they and MU will drop more points, it’s still possible – keep the faith.

  24. We are still in it as long as we believe and i wish some of the players know how close they are to the long expected title. Chelsea drew at Hull and that was a big favour and Arsenal must see this as a favour from God and they need to take this divine intervention with huge believe.
    Now they need to go into every match as if their life derends on it.

  25. A resounding victory at the Bridge will do us no harm. And lets just hope Arsene not signing any striker doesn’t come back to bite us.


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