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Today is a truly massive day in the Premiership. Once again, all three contenders feature on the Saturday, and the meeting of United and Chelsea at lunchtime means that a win for us at home to Wolves later on guarantees gaining ground on at least one of them.

United sitting top of the league is deceptive, in my opinion, and if one of the two has to win today’s match, I want it to be them. Frankly, if Chelsea win, I would consider us all but out of the race – I just can’t see them dropping many more points, especially now that they’re out of the Champions League. Three home games against Bolton, Stoke and Wigan are bankers, and whilst our hope lies in their trips to Spurs and Liverpool, I think we need them to start slipping up today.

United, on the other hand, have plenty more banana skins. A trip to Blackburn next weekend, three days after their second leg against Bayern, is tricky, and their next game is away at City. After that, they face Spurs and a trip to Sunderland. Honestly, I would go into all those games with hope.

Ideally, of course, we want them to draw today. Then, a win would bring us back within two points, and would require just one more slip from both to let us back in. We would have to be flawless, but that we’re even in it at this stage is remarkable.

Whatever happens at lunchtime, we simply have to beat Wolves this afternoon. Rotation is likely, with Eboue and Silvestre possible starters at the back, and Rosicky and Eduardo likely to feature further forward. Whether Walcott plays from the first minute depends largely on Wenger’s plans for Tuesday.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options in midfield. With Cesc, Arshavin and Ramsey missing for an extended period, and Rosicky probably needed in the front three, Song, Nasri, Diaby and Denilson will be required from now to the end. Nasri in particular needs to replace Cesc’s creative brilliance, while we desperately need someone to score the goals that Cesc and Arshavin have been supplying. As pointed out on East Lower, the scorers of half our goals this season are now injured.

Some are writing this afternoon off as a freebie, but Wolves are in decent form, unbeaten in four, and are more of a threat than you might think. The odds on us winning are so short that they aren’t worth looking at, but one bet stood out a mile to me.

Samir Nasri is 12/5 to score at anytime this afternoon with Sportingbet. That puts him tenthmost likely in our team alone, which seems ludicrous given the role he is likely to play. In fact, his odds of scoring are longer than Cesc, Eduardo, Arshavin, Vela and bizarrely, Fran Merida. I’m sure you can see the strangeness of that particular list.

Honestly, I’m not sure if those odds are meant to be that long, but I cannot refuse them, and it is, for obvious reasons, my bet of the day. More than ever, I recommend you snap them up too.

Incidentally, if you think he’ll score first, he is still listed as our tenth most likely, at 15/2. I’m having some of that too.

Elsewhere, Raymond Domenech has branded Wenger ‘irresponsible’for playing Gallas on Wednesday night:

“I’m livid and p***ed off. It’s outrageous and irresponsible to have played him so early after the injury. It’s scandalous. He better be fit for the World Cup.”

 There are so many things wrong with this:

  • He’s our player. We pay his wages.
  • He was declared fit.
  • The player himself wanted to play.
  • Domenech is a clown, who has a history of playing our injured players in friendlies

The man is an idiot, and frankly is worth no more of our time.

So with that, enjoy the football today, and if you haven’t already, get betting on Nasri to score. It helps pay for the server that runs this blog, so you’d be helping me out, and with odds like that, you’re likely to get a return too. Everyone’s a winner.

Enjoy the game.

  8 Responses to “We cannot afford a Chelsea win today, Wolves thoughts and a great bet”

  1. I couldn’t disagree more, if United win today there is no way they will drop the five points more than us needed in five games. And they have easier run in than Chelsea. United will deal easily with Blackburn and Sunderland, although I am hoping Spurs mite nick a draw at Old Trafford (unlikely I know but they should be battling for fourth) and hope they lose at City. However Chelseas away form hasn’t been brilliant (apart from at Emirates) and it will be V.difficult for them at Spurs and a resurgent Liverpool. best scenario a draw, then a Chelsea win but definately not a home win, that would mean curtains for us. Sorry but you have called this one very wrong

  2. I just hate the Mancs more so as long as they don’t win am fine!

  3. I completely disagree.

    I want Chelsea to win, then drop points at Anfield and White Hart Lane.

    If Man U win they won’t drop 5 point in their remaining games but if they lose and draw one other…


    If we win all of ours (we have to now) then we win the league.

  4. There is only one result that’ll be good for us: a draw. A victory for either team and we’re out of the race. With only 5 games to go (after this one) and with momentum on their side, there is no way the winning team will drop more than at most two points.

  5. totally agree wiv afriX, I just really dont want man u to win another title so a chelsea win would do me fine

  6. Folks, I completely agree that a draw is the best result, but do you really think a Chelsea win is okay? Where are they going to drop four points?

    There are only two games they could conceivably drop points in, and they would have to draw both.

    On the other hand, United could lose at City, and very few teams win at Blackburn, so given that United will be playing that fixture immediately after their CL game with Bayern, it’s a real banana skin. And they play Spurs, and Sunderland away.

    Put it this way – whoever wins has to drop points in two games. Chelsea have only two games they could drop points in, United have three or four.

    That said, like you, I want a draw.

  7. i dont agree with your idea. Draw the best result but chelsea win better than manure win coz there all c u next tuesdays!!! Man u will definetely get a dodgy penalty today – coz mike deans the ref – he got criticised by fergie 4 sending 2 off at fulham early this season so he will make amends today!!

  8. Draw would av been a fair result at oldtraford but a victory 4 Chelsea will be fine 4 Arsenal if we beat Wolves at the Emirates today because both of them will drop point against any of the team they play now , so Arsenal must win their remaining six games to win the tittle Insha Allah. I don’t see Man city or SPURS taking anything from Arsenal, my only fear is Ewood Park VS Blarkburn

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