Apr 262010

Arsenal 0 Man City 0

Much of the talk over the last couple of days has been about City’s incredibly negative approach to a game they never aimed to win. A goalless draw is what they sought, a goalless draw is what they got. But while plenty have criticised them for forcing the game into tedium, I am left questioning the tactic in the first place.

If I said to you that it made little difference to City whether they drew or lost the game, would you wonder why they never went for it?

By the time kick off arrived, Spurs had already lost to United, leaving City two points behind their rivals for fourth place, but with this game in hand. After the game, both teams would have three games to play, including the pivotal match between the pair at Eastlands in the final week.

But here’s the thing – City cannot rely on Spurs dropping points in their other two games, which are at home to (a now safe from relegation) Bolton, and away to Burnley, whose relegation has already been confirmed. So City came into the game knowing that to finish fourth, they had to do one of two things:

  • Win Saturday’s game, therefore rising into fourth place, and then draw with Spurs.
  • Beat Spurs.

If Spurs do win their other two games, it makes no difference whether City are one or two points behind them going into that crucial match, so it really made no odds whether they drew or lost on Saturday. They would have had to beat Spurs either way. It would have therefore been worth their while to at least have a go – if they had beaten us then a draw against Spurs would suffice, and even if we had destroyed them, it wouldn’t had left them in a worse position.

It was a truly bizarre approach to take to the game, and one I still cannot understand. Self-defeatism at its very best.

There is very little to say about the game itself. Van Persie provided our best moments, while the only real chance they had stemmed from a Vieira run before Sol Campbell ended the move in style. Mancini gave the crowd a chance to swing from extreme to extreme by bringing Adebayor on for Vieira in the second half, providing us with the comedy moment of a standing ovation followed by a chorus of boos louder than I’ve heard in a long time. In the end, the pantomime was required just to liven the day up – there really was nothing else on offer.

So third is almost secured – we cannot catch the leaders but the point makes it almost impossible to be overtaken. For us, it was important to produce a reaction after the Wigan game, and in fairness, the players gave it a good go, but for City, the game could have been pivotal, yet they never gave themselves a chance.

Frankly, I hope Spurs avoid defeat to them and claim that final Champions League spot. Putting rivalry aside, I think they deserve it. The City revolution can wait.

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  1. I just think it would be funny to see Spurs Champions League end in the qualifying round :)

    • Ha – you know it would happen. A whole summer of delight followed by a loss to some team you’ve never heard of.

  2. “Frankly, I hope Spurs avoid defeat to them and claim that final Champions League spot. Putting rivalry aside, I think they deserve it. ”

    This. A million times this. Spurs deserve it whether I like them or not. City don’t.

    • Exactly. Also, City gaining a CL spot gives them a lot more credibility to all the player they will look to sign in the summer.

      • I really don’t understand this at all! Firstly, if City beat Spurs and claim 4th they will deserve it. If not Spurs will. But either way, how can you possibly want Spurs to do it?! The only reason I am interested in the season now is in the hope that they don’t get it.

        • I want Spurs to do it as opposed to City because they are, and never will be, a threat. City have the billions to capitalise on CL qualification, and have the resources to become a threat.

    • Totally agree. It’s the first time that I feel that Spuds deserve some praise and some champions league appearance. Although our loss to them was painful I see this Spurs team living up to the expectations of their loud fans. They almost made decided the title race and played with honor and spirit and that should be applauded. I hope they got a please in Europa first league, but if City can beat them then they deserve it too.

  3. Come on Villa

  4. I think they preferred to draw then lose because of the confidence factor, only Arsenal have the audacity to play attacking football away from home against a top 4 team, they showed us the respect we deserve and if they attacked us they could be on the end of a hiding they want their confidence in tact, look how badly we are affected by a bad result,i don’t blame them them sometimes a team like us with nothing to play for can devastate a team like man city

    • True, but we were hardly up on confidence either. Beating Spurs isn’t going to be easy, they had a chance to go at us given our threadbare squad.

  5. I agree, give the Spuds their glory. I’d hate to see City take 4th place.

  6. If man city drew with spurs..and Villa drew city and Bolton beats Spurs..
    Who will be back there..This season anything is possible..but again If liverpool beat Chelsea, ManU Will win..
    So will this EPL end as 1. ManU 2.Chelsea 3. Arsenal 4.Liverpool ??

    • Even as a Man Utd fan, I’d have some disappointment at this. No way Liverpool deserve fourth.

      • Spurs can beat City has go 4th they deserver forth..But who want to see a Barcelona vs Spurs or Ac Milan vs Spurs game..

      • Agreed – but it is hugely unlikely that they’ll do it – even if City and Spurs draw they both have to lose one of their other games to let Liverpool back in.

  7. As much as I detest sp*rs, I hope they get 4th spot. I dont like Man Citehs business model much and want them to fail. Last thing football needs is another chelsea. If all clubs were run like this it would be a disaster for football. I can’t stand Villa, O’Neil and their mouthy c*nt fans and Liverpool can f**k off too so I really don’t mind if Sp*rs get 4th.

  8. I honestly thought the same thing as the match played on.
    Why was City not playing for the win? Had they won and then beaten Spuds, they’d have been 3 points back of us for 3rd. (and with how poor this season is running down for us, Fulham and Blackburn might hold another slip-up).
    Our getting a draw with them basically assured our spot and put City in the position to have to win over the Spuds as opposed to giving them the option to win or draw to get 4th.

    Lets hope Villa somehow pulls it out, since I can’t stand City, Spuds or Liverpool.

  9. COME ON YOU SPURS!!!….. Fourth is in the bag and Arsene Wanka is of to Real coz Fabrigas is gonna be sold behind his back HAHAHAHA !

    • That way you show your class, a typical spud I would say
      On one hand devout arsenal fans are giving credit to a spuds team as they feel it is deserved but on the other a spurs fan like yourself has the audacity to post such a comment (on an Arsenal blog too)

  10. Us SPURS fans( COME ON U SPURS!!!!)…. know that when it comes to de cranch we ave more guts, bottle and metal than any of yous pansy twinkle tode spineless gooners or shoud i say goners HAHAHAHA! nothing to play for unlike us, all to play for until the very end!…. COME ON U YIDS!!!

    • Just as well then that Arsenal don’t have to worry about leaving their league position to the last game of the season – they get a superior league division sewn up earlier.

  11. As a proud Gooner and season ticket holder, i take great offence to this very very rude idiot. Why don’t you shove off! back to white heart lane

  12. SHUT IT!!!!!! U POMPASS TWAT!!!

  13. COME ON YOU SPURS!!!….. Fourth is in the bag and Arsene Wanka is of to Real coz Fabrigas is gonna be sold behind his back HAHAHAHAHAHA

  14. I normaly enjoy your articles, but this is very poorly thought out. Man City getting a point was vital, it means they can afford to draw against

  15. City getting a point means they can afford to draw against Villa and they will still only be 3 points behind the filthy yids regardless of whether they beat bolton. If they were then to beat the yids they would then go back above them on goal difference with just the one game left. To all the gooners who want the spuds to finish 4th, get a fuckin hold of yourselves. I never want to see that scum play in the champions league.

    • Fair point on drawing against Villa, but it still requires them to beat Spurs. Now, putting all biases aside, do you really think it was wise for them to put all their eggs in one basket by beating probably the form team of the league, who will be MASSIVELY up for the game, rather than attempting to beat us, a team riddled with injuries and meandering towards the end of the season.

      My point is that they could have won either game and finished fourth, but they didn’t even try to win the first, so they have to win the second.

      In my opinion, that is a very very risky strategy.

  16. I agree, poorly thought out article. Not only was a point potentially very useful to City, if you “had destroyed them” they would have risked ultimately losing their superior goal difference.

    Having said that, Johnny is a moron.

    Yes we deserve it. And we wont be losing to Partisan Belgrade either.

    See you in the Champions League!

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