May 052010

Afternoon all.

Not a huge amount of Arsenal news today, so this post is for one reason only – the launch of The Beautiful Groan Podcast, a show that will be coming to you every Wednesday.

The first episode is available now, and you can download it directly here (24.8 Mb – about 36 minutes). Alternatively, you can subscribe in your RSS reader using the following URL:

If you are an iTunes user, you can subscribe by clicking Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast and entering the URL above. In the next few days I hope to have a direct link to the iTunes catalog entry for the podcast – it is currently going through the submission process.

So what can you expect from the podcast? On today’s show, I talk to Thomas Vermaelen, who gives a very frank assessment of Blackburn, and also to Alan, my United-supporting brother (yes, I know) who talks about both clubs, giving us an outsider’s view of where Arsenal are and what we need to progress.

On top of that, one of football’s annoyances gets consigned to Room 101, and I discuss the past few weeks as well as the Fulham game at the weekend.

More features will be added as the podcast grows (and once there is space because I don’t spend the first few minutes explaining what the podcast is!), so stay tuned for that. For up to date information on the show, and links to all episodes, visit the Podcast page.

As this is the first ever episode, any and all feedback is welcome (and in fact, requested). Anything you like, anything you don’t, or any suggestions you have – please drop me a line either from the Contact page or by mailing directly to the following address –

Listen, enjoy, and let me know what you think.

  3 Responses to “The Beautiful Groan has gone audio – podcast launched”

  1. Okay okay I’ll download the podcast. Hurry up with the Itunes link I’m lazy. 36 minutes of you to listen to :P

    • You don’t have to do much: Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast, and then paste the URL. Works in iTunes, it just isn’t in their catalog yet…

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