May 102010

Arsenal 4 (Arshavin 21, Van Persie 26, Baird og 37, Vela 84) Fulham 0

Before yesterday, we were in danger of ending the season on one of our worst runs of form in years, not just because of the games we’ve lost but the quality (of lack thereof) of the sides that have defeated us. But with Fulham the most accommodating of visitors, we were able to finish the campaign on a high against a defence already preparing for Forlan and Aguero on Wednesday.

The game was wrapped up by half time – Arshavin robbed Schwarzer to score the first, although had he missed Van Persie may not have forgiven him all summer, so free was he in the middle. The Dutchman got his goal five minutes later after being slipped in by Walcott – the first effort was pushed on to the bar, but the ball fell kindly and the game was as good as dead. When Baird inadvertently extended our lead, we could at last relax and put any lingering concerns about Spurs to bed.

The second half was true end of season fare, and after Van Persie had managed a remarkable miss from a few yards out, Vela scored the sort of goal we have become accustomed to seeing from him in the Carling Cup – a marvellous chip over the advancing keeper. You have to wonder if it is the only type of goal the Mexican can score.

With the bench ridiculously young, there were rare outings for players we have barely seen this season – Djourou was a welcome sight after his injury issues, while Lansbury returned from his Watford loan in time to make his first ever Premiership appearance. By that point, the game, and the season, had well and truly fizzled out.

Yet still, I found myself highly irritated by a number of the Arsenal support (admittedly a minority, but a brainless one all the same), who jeered Arshavin for his recent comments (and perhaps his selfishness for the opener) but saved the worst of their bile for Fabianski.

You can say what you like about the Pole’s ability in goal, but while he has been rightly criticised for his mistakes, I don’t think anyone can doubt his attitude to the game. If he is not ready for first team action, that is hardly his fault, and given how much of a confidence player he clearly is, it seemed hugely counterproductive to ironically cheer his every touch and then, when he handled outside the box late in the game (and was booked), to ‘hilariously’ call for the referee to send him off.

Lest we forget – he is our player. Destroying him helps no-one, and frankly I wish that section of ‘support’ would up sticks and move on. It is one thing to have a go at a player who isn’t putting in the hard yards, but quite another to hound one who is giving it his all, irrespective of how impressive or otherwise that may be.

It is a shame that a promising, title challenging season has ended with some of the fanbase turning on the players and manager. Of course there are things wrong with the squad, weaknesses that need to be sorted, but it is easy to forget the strides we have made this campaign purely because it has ended so poorly.

Over the coming days, I will be looking back at the season, doing my end of term report for each of the players and looking at what we need to do this summer if our hunt for a trophy is to come to an end next season. Until then, enjoy the aftermath of a resounding win – it has been a while.

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  1. No they wasn’t he fully deserved them jeers.

    • Why? If you got put out there and found yourself out of your depth, would you deserve boos?

      I can understand frustration, but why would you boo your own players unless they weren’t putting in the required effort? That isn’t the issue with Fabianski.

      I’m not saying we should avoid the players understanding how we feel, but primarily, we should be supporting them. They’re OUR players, for right or for wrong.

      • Perhaps the jeers are directed at Wenger. If fabianski isn’t good enough to play at this level whose fault is that? Whose fault is it the only player we can put out in such a situation is one that isn’t ready for this level?

        • So Fabianski is to blame for the decisions (whether good or bad) Wenger’s taken?

          • I’m not blaming fabianski for his own shortcomings. I merely point out how the fans let wenger know that such crap is unacceptable.

        • But the person the jeers are going to affect is Fabianski. Misdirected.

          • He’s a big boy, if he can’t handle it then he should play in the league for sensitive boys.

          • you lot need to stop kidding yourself… how can you blame the Pole. He is a professional footballer, when called up for his chance he is obviously going to give it a go. You can not blame him for wanting the No.1 jersey. I think he wants it so bad he has piled a lot of pressure on himself and hence the awful mistakes. I agree, the jeers are completely misdirected. What message are we sending to other professionals? That giving your all is not good enough for us? It is the manager’s job to bring in the requisite quality but to get on a young player who has shut his mouth and trying to do his best is just foul. I can even understand giving Arshavin a bit of stick because he can’t shut up but Fabianski does not deserve this. Shame on us.

    • You are correct.Flapianski should be dumped in the thames.

  2. Another “Arsene knows” website. I think the fans that pay the obscene wages of Wenger and his bunch of gutless primadonnas are perfectly entitled to boo whomever they want. Wenger has to answer for his failures and if a certain section of supporters dont accept the right of others then mabey its them that should “up sticks and move on”

    • Ah, lovely, another person who likes to label any optimist as deluded. If you read a little closer, you’ll notice that I acknowledge the flaws in our team, and in Fabianski in particular.

      Everyone has a right to boo, but since you are supposedly an Arsenal fan, and therefore wish success for your team, don’t you think it a little unwise to affect the confidence of one of your own players?

  3. agree about the fabianski jeers, but can see where some supporters are coming from… as for the strides we have made this season… dont think so, we have 3 more points than last year, but have lost more games, conceeded more goals, out of the carling and the fa cup earlier, and out the champions league a round earlier… also handed a good hiding by chelsea twice, utd at our place, and lay down and died at theirs from 1-0 up, also the first time spurs have beaten us properly in 10 years… we were made to think that we had made strides from last year because of how poor utd and chelsea were for parts of the season, but in reality we have stagnated are more or less of the same level as last year, thing is next year that wont be an option because there will be more teams spending cash this summer and competing for the champions league places which unless we also spend big looks to be our only realistic, achievable target… again

  4. Pete; You are pissing in the wind expecting some of our oh so shite “support” to understand where you are coming from here. We have acquired some of the worst type of plastic fair weather support and I am gutted about that.

    The thing is, you will get slated coz they will spout shite like; ” well, we pays so much money for a tickiet we can say wot we like, blah blah blah.”

    The thing is, most of these twats wont even think about anything other than the last few weeks, every that went before it, has been forgotten by their goldfish, sky fed minds.

    Good post mate.

    • Cheers for the support, and you’re right – there are always angry people reacting to positive messages. I’d like to think fickleness is a trait felt by all clubs, but I can’t think of a set of supporters who turn on their players as easily as ours. Perhaps Villa – they’ve been harsh on their men.

      I don’t necessarily think unrest is always bad. For example, if Denilson continues to amble around next season, he needs to understand that a lack of work rate isn’t acceptable. But in a way, that kind of crowd reaction is designed to help the player in the long term. The Eboue scenes were unedifying, but you could argue their long term benefit.

      But the Fabianski jeers were laced with intent to make our own player suffer, with no positive consequences whatsoever. That is why the ‘fans’ who taunted him went down so far in my estimation.

  5. oh and add to that the absolute mauling at the nou camp, and the complete run around at the emirates at the hands of barca and that man city debacle at the beginning of the season, and the complete capitulation at wigan, then i honestly cant see where even the most ardent wenger fans are thinking there been improvement or progress since last year

    • Everyone can select bad days, but you talk as if we didn’t have them last season – I remember hideous defeats at Fulham and Stoke in particular, where we were unbelievably insipid.

      I’m not denying we have issues – the way we approach games against the top sides being high up on that list, and the naivety shown in those games, but to say we haven’t improved is debatable. You selected the stat that we conceded more – true, but we scored a LOT more and changed our style to be more open.

      That said, I can understand the frustration – we are not going to win the title until we concede less goals, and we have to be better equipped to face the top teams. Strength and a little bit of nous is needed.

      • 20 or so more goals doesnt really cut it for me, as most of that was in the first half of the season, before all the injuries and before the games really mattered… im not saying that there are games that dont matter, but towards the business end of the season, we dont get the same kind of results as we do earlier in the year when there aint as much pressure, think it has to do with the age and experience of the team… i really dont see the improvement myself but then again, im hardly gona jump down someone’s throat just because they think differently to me….lol…. hope wenger realises the situation we are in with certain players not being fit for purpose and where we need strengthening and how many players we do need, because at the minute that’s not the impression im getting… anyway glad to see the back of that season, looking forward to the world cup and us hopefully getting a few players before it starts….

  6. marcus, perfectly illustrates my point. Where the fuck does this post show any “Arsene knows” tendencies? In fact, anyone who actually, seriously uses that term shows themselves up as a bit of a retard who cannot construct any argument.

    Criticising is perfectly acceptable, shite support is not.

    • did your mom really screw the milkman dude, lighten up, chill man then kiss my ass you dumbass. its not wise to tell people about your mammas infidelities. by the way, ARSENE OUT

      • You are getting very close to being banned. Not for your Arsenal-related comments – I welcome debate, but for your abusive tendencies.

        Grow up, and have an adult conversation.

  7. Couldnt agree more. Its probably the same assholes who booed Song aswell. Whats for sure is that Songs development dosent taste half as sweet for them as it does for us who stood by him. The same goes for every player theyve booed.

    I dont get it? Do people actually think that this makes anything better. Im not only talking about the actual subject of the abuse but also the young players on the bench. Who could they ever in a millon years come on and develop in a relaxed way knowing their own fans will turn on them as soon as they make their first mistake? Riddle me that you fu*king morons.

    • Agreed – and opposition play to it. One of their common tactics is to shut up shop for twenty minutes and wait for the unrest to begin.

    • Exactly right! I remember Tony Adams when he was just starting out. It seemed hardly a game went by without him making a cock up that cost a goal. He was labelled a donkey and persecuted everywhere. But it was the opposition fans having a pop not the gooners! The players must be made aware that lack of effort and passion is not acceptable here but we must back those that try hard. If they don’t cut the mustard it’s for the management to get rid. But give the management the stick not the players on match day FFS!

  8. I was at the game and was of impression that they weren’t jeers – they were supporters getting behind a player who has had a tough time.

    People were saying the vehement support Eboue received on his ‘comeback’ from being booed off the bitch were jeers- look what happened there.

    All in all, I am sad to say that we have the worst fans in the league (those who go to the emirates and Marcus). Whilst not universal, the pricing of tickets has driven out the really passionate fans – the ones who understand the highs and lows of SUPPORTING a football team.

    But, credit where credit is due – as I believe it is in this case

    • I did wonder for a while whether the cheers were genuine, although something in them didn’t feel that way, but when there were audible calls for the referee to send him off for the handball incident, it confirmed by worst suspicions.

      As I said though, it is a minority, thankfully. The support, by and large, has improved this season, certainly in terms of those staying to the end.

      Agree on the pricing, by the way. It is a lot less accessible these days.

  9. Good post by the way mate..

  10. Fabianski is suffering 4rm ADHD-Attention deficit hyperkinetic disorder.

  11. Look. Fabianski is not to blame for being a 3rd Division goalkeeper. But it is just not acceptable to pay the money we do for season tickets and be told that he is a “top top keeper” by our manager. Everyone can see he has been a laughing stock at thios level and we take the stick on Monday morning from mates at work. It hurts us. Fabianski is better than I am and you are – but he is paid to be a Premiership standard goalkeeper and he just isn’t one. That isn’t his fault. But spare me this patronising spin from the manager. We weren’t born yesterday Arsene.

    • I understand that you guys that live there pay alot for the tickets but that is no excuse to act like idiots. i love arsenal. i live in south africa. i would do anything to just watch a game and it could be the worst game of the season but i would be in awe i would have a little giggle at almunia and fabianski, but all in all i would be in awe. i think because you get to watch the arsenal every week you forget how priviliged you are. one day i will move there and you can sell me your season tickets. cheers gunners for life.

  12. where are we going to pick up the extra 15pts needed for the premiership title as champions next season

  13. He is an Int GK on 15+k per week – OUT OF YOUR DEPTH!!!

    Retire then or join some small ass polish club.

    • My guess is that you thought Song was out of his depth a while ago, too?

      Look, I’m not suggesting that Fabianski will turn out to be a top keeper. But Gomes has, and he made twice as many mistakes as Fabianski.

      Personally, I think the Pole is a superb shot stopper, but currently has no idea how to come for crosses and command his area. That doesn’t make him a write-off, it makes him not ready.

      But that’s just my opinion, I realise not many agree.

      • Pete I agree completely. And anyone in their right mind should be able to look at him and say he is not a right-off. Some arsenal fans have been way more dissapointing than any of the guys.

  14. To be honest, i think more than anything, the jeers came from the frustration of the fans at how our season fizzled out and how we clearly don’t have the required depth in our squad to challenge fully for the title. Fabianski was the scapegoat because he is a prime example of our weaknesses.

    I’m not saying it was fair to jeer him but i think it was a demonstration of the frustration fans felt after our frankly embarassing end to the season, rather than just at fabianski’s errors.

    And if Wenger realises this, strengthens the squad and most of all buys a new keeper it could be for the best (though probably uneccessary)

    • I just don’t get the ‘we don’t have the required depth in our squad’ line. We have the most in depth squad in the country. Only when we were reduced to playing our Carling Cup players did we have actually bad results. Do’y think that Manu/Chelsea could have got anywhere near the points tally they had with Rooney and Lampard/Drogba out for 5 months?

      We collapsed in the last month, it was horrible to see, but give them credit where it’s due.

  15. Supporters wouldn’t have to jeer players if Wenger did his job properly. The fucking stupid comments the manager keeps making is what drives fans to do unusual things to show their distaste. It’s because they don’t trust Wenger that it happens. Any normal manager would dump Fanbianski out the club in 5 minutes, but Wenger’s barking mad so the fans get so desperate they have to try and eliminate players for him. Same with Eboue, if wasn’t for the shit he took from the crowd you can guarantee he’s still be lazy, diving, halfwit.

    • Can’t agree more!

    • well said James – toally agree with you – the trust in Wenger has gone. also worried about his motivational skills or lack of as he sits on the touchline looking like a lost man
      as for Eboue he might run around a bit more but as we saw on sunday he will always be a diving halfwit embarrasing us with his antics. how long have we seen this from him yet Wenger does nothing about it

  16. Groan – just want to sign off the season by (once again) giving U my thanks for keeping things on a positive note, and putting the lows of the season into, ummm…analytic perspective.
    Much needed outlook for a glass half empty supporter – keep up the good work!

  17. Pete,

    I totally agree with you in regards to Fabianski. Is he good enough at this time to keep goal for Arsenal? Probably not, but is this his fault? His he doing this to piss off the ‘I pay my money so I think I can do the hell I like’ crowd? no he isn’t!

    He has been visibly affected by his recent errors. He is a young keeper who could do with a bit of support from the erm.. supporters.

    I suppose it is not cool to do that anymore.

    The Alex Song evening at Fulham seems to have escaped many minds.

    I often find myself agreeing with your posts, keep up the good work.

    Mean Lean

    • Exactly right – Fabianski is in a period where his ability is being questioned because his confidence is rock bottom.

      Of all the players who the crowd could pick on, they go for the one it is likely to have a negative effect on.

  18. You forgot that fulham are also preparing for JOSE ANTONIO REYES

    • heh-heh – at least i assume this comment was made tongue-in-cheek.
      but i’ve gotta tell you: i’ve watched Athletico quite a few times this season, and no-one picks or threads inch-perfect passes like Reyes.

      • I wish Reyes had been able to stand up to the physicality of the Premiership. There was so much talent there.

  19. I wish the fans would just say that they thanked Wenger for what he has done and now looked forward to a manager who had a better chance of winning something! This is no different to saying to Gordon Brown that has done a good job but it’s now the time for Millibrand to take over! WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. If chelsea fans cheer john terry , why can’t we cheer fabianski and arshavin cos if we don’t, who will?

  21. if you jeer at your own football team you jeer at your own life – that’s the sad truth

  22. Jeering Fabianski is really low and people also forget the defence have been far more goals with All the goalkeepers in our book. I am most anti akb but we need to know following red top in abusing our players show how thick fans are, Remember our next door lil bro team down the road with Gomez? He was even worse than Fabianski and Aluminia put toghther but guess what Redknapp come in and he is suddenly unstoppleble. Wenger man managment is reason why such young man has to endure such hate from fans, putting him at worse moment after sitting on bench fir almost two years.

    Wenger has just come out with his usual line that he is not going to buy big? No one told him and these despite his team being exposed by even teams like Wigan and others. Wenger is the problem and he need to let go in areas like defence by calling in Adams, Keowns etc and Seaman to train goalies. His total dominationof Arsenal is making things very hard for everyone.

    I think the earlier goes the better as teams ahead of us have worked out how we play and beat us easily. These has gone to even champion league where Barcelona vcompletely outplayed us.

    Wenger need to add few quality players in these team, a striker,two central defenders,DM and most important a world class goalkeeper. Also a good winger needed to supply ball for Chamakh.

    Others out Denilson,Aluminia,Sylvester and all dead weight in the academy who have failed. It not going to be easy fir Wenger to win even carling cup cause he is simply his own worse enemies.

    Supporters are all thickos, add alcohol inti the mixes they would start to sing pedo song at Wenger. It take time and frustration

  23. Did Fabianski start flapping at crosses before or after the jeering start?

    He deserve every single jeer in his direction for not even capable of producing what an elementary keeper could – REMEMBER THE BACK PASS? REMEMBER SWEEPING THE BALL INTO HIS OWN NET FROM A LOW HARMLESS CROSS? Remember the countless times he missed the ball completely and went flat on the ground while the defenders have to desperately try clear the ball.

    I think Arsenal fans are most patient. We have to live with the “these youngsters are talented” for the past 5 years. How can someone like Wenger, who presided over the Invincibles era, tell us, these lot is talented? Pires, Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp, Ljunberg…even Cesc is a step behind this lot! Talented my ass.

    This man is talking out of his nose, hoodwinking us to settle for third best. With the resources he has, Arsene has done a marvellous job, but dont tell me this squad is quality. This squad is an embarrassment.

    • Your post is an embarrassment…

      Song and Diaby looked hopeless for quite some time. Look where they are now, especially Song.

      • Exactly. And how many others than can turn out like Song have been (or will be) drive out of the club by this nonsense.

        It is unbelievably counterproductive, and all the ire that people have for Wenger is aimed in the wrong direction. And yet so many seem to miss that important point.

      • i agree about song. but…WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT? and by the time they really blossom, have 1 to 2 good seasons, we flog them off.

      • im afraid its your post which is a joke mate, i mean are you for real trying to defend Diaby. Theres a few clowns on here most notably the guy whos mother screwed the milkman, but you are the dumbest by a long way.

  24. Brad Friedal, Sorensen, Mark Schwarzer, Given… we are not asking for a Buffon or Akinfeev, all we are crying out for, is a decent keeper…is that too much to ask for?

    Instead we are stuck with a La Liga 3rd Division reject and a dubious Polish keeper of the year

    • You watched Schwarzer make the sort of howler that Almunia or Fabianski would be crucified for on Saturday, right?

      And Given would be entirely the wrong fit – he is a keeper that never leaves his line. Great shot stopper, but he is not the keeper for playing behind a high line.

      • yea. schwarzer fumbled.

        but when it mattered, schwarzer made the saves that kept fulham in the running in the UEFA cup. DID U EVER SEE FABIANSKI DO THAT? Or alumnia.

        We only saw that once from alumnia, vs BArca in first leg.

        Take Lehmann for instance, lehmman cock up not because of lack of quality, lehmann cock up because of complacency, lack of concentration.

        The 2 clowns we have, simply lack quality! They are no longer youngsters! 25 and 32! i rather see Vito in goal and learning from the mistakes then those 2 court jesters

  25. Guess you lot did not see schwarzers fumble for arshavins first goal? If he was our keeper he would be shot of confdence soon

  26. pete, why waste your breath on these morons pretending to be fans ?. Whilst changes are needed, as it escaped every one’s notice that we lost ALL our key player over the last 6 weeks ?. Half of these idiotic glory hunters dont even know who Rocastle

    • And that the ‘manager of the year’ has just spent a fortune more than us and achieved once what Wenger has thirteen years running.

    • Isnt Tae great. He knows who Rocastle was. Its a shame that a spastic like Tae can use the name of a legend with no point whatsoever.

  27. So we had a crappy season. Big deal!

    Next season why don’t all you fans appoint a new manager and let’s see how well you do.

  28. Destroying the morale? Then how old Fabianski??? 25!!! 25 mate and he still keep his shits mon both his hand. He did not learn at all. He deserve to be jeer by Arsenal. We pay expensive ticket price to see a quality, not quantity (Arsenal have many players but lots of them are sucks!).

    • Learn from what? The guy has never had an extended run in the team, and the first time he did, he made mistakes. And the fans destroyed him.

      You think its likely he can come back from that? Just put yourself in his shoes – trying his hardest but with thousands of his OWN support on his back.

  29. Fabianski does not deserve this- typical of a minority of our support- who seem to hate half the team. Fabianski will be a great keeper one day- but probably not for Arsenal in the EPL. He should be loaned out for 12 months to rebuild his confidence.

    • goonergerry is wrong on a few points. firstly its a majority of fans not minority, secondly we hate 80% of the team not 50%, and thirdly, Fabiansky will be a great keeper one day, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lollllllllllllll lol

  30. listen up gunners fan..i ain’t a keen loser n i’ve have been supportin arsenal for almost 11 years now n sad to say we are not the team we used to back in the days..people like fabianski deserved to be booed cuz he dun deserved to be wearing da arsenal jersey not even this almunia..if wenger noes in his thick skull of his, we need improvement or a miracle in every department of the so sick of losin n nt winning sure all of u feel so even u dun argee to what im sayin but i mean best for every one of the gunner’s fans out der…n if nxt season we do not win anything, im keeping my mind open n move on to a club hu shares the vision n sentiment of’ll be sad but every one has to move on to greater things rather than wait 4 a lifetime..

    • You’re kidding me, right? If we don’t start winning things soon you’ll move to another club? You won’t be missed.

      Every club, yes EVERY club, goes through lean patches. A stadium move wrecking our transfer budget seems like a likely time for ours, don’t you think?

    • We don’t need plastic fans like you…go away then. You won’t be missed

  31. By God Wenger has managed to convince all of you lot that mediocrity is OK at The once mighty n feared Arsenal!. You are the ones letting down the club by accepting such standards. Even spurs don’t fear us anymore. Anyone read what fat Sam said post blackburn match? ‘we targeted their weak points,high balls into the box n their keeper who’s their weak link.’ even a bufoon like Alardyce can see it yet the Great Wenger cant?! Boo the f**k outa him n wenger till he stops toyying with our club and you lot can go with wenger and support whichever team he coaches next coz you care about him and Arsenal!

    • A lot of people talk about what Wenger is doing wrong – who would you suggest to come in? Don’t imagine for a second anyone like Mourinho is going to arrive at a club less than flush with cash.

      I find it incredible that we criticise a third placed finish in a side decimated with injuries, that maintained a title challenge until a late collapse. Especially given that there are at least six other clubs spending a lot heavier than us (because they can, and I suspect that for a while, we couldn’t).

  32. Can I just say thanks to everyone debating sensibly here, whether you’re firmly in the optimistic camp or frustrating with Wenger. We aren’t all likely to agree, but at least the debate has avoided the abusive daftness these things often descend into.

  33. Correction* not Arsenal

  34. I agree with you on the sensibility part but you’ve got to understand this all coz of wenger’s ego and wanting to say ‘I told you I could win things with youngsters!’ at the end regardless of how our club gets affected over the waiting period oftime. Tell me how comes he didn’t sign a striker in january fully knowing all our strikers were out? Even Arshavin had to come out in the end and beg wenger not to play him as a striker. Don’t tell me he couldn’t find a single striker even to sign on loan till the end of the season. He’s more concerned with his ego than the good being of the club. Take nothing away from all that he has achieved in the past but he has taken us as far as he can. Do you believe this team has any chance against the likes of henry,bergkamp n co? Don’t be fooled we have made any progress this season, the only reason we remained in the race is because the standards of Chelsea n Man u dropped. We have stagnated n this is clearly shown by how even spurs are looking good. Trust me if wenger continues with his stubborness next season when we miss out on CL you’ll be the one complaining in my position. Open your eyes please n smell the coffee. You’ll remember me saying this next season. God have mercy on our beloved club

  35. “Another “Arsene knows” website. I think the fans that pay the obscene wages of Wenger and his bunch of gutless primadonnas are perfectly entitled to boo whomever they want.”

    Well good for you that boo-ing turns you on. How it can be anything other than counter-productive I do not know. It won’t help the player, and Wenger doesn’t give a $hit what you think.

  36. Fabianski should never play for us again, the jeering was the best way for the fans to aim our disproval at him. It worked with Adebayor – he spent most of last season getting jeered – although the chances of us getting 25p for Fabianski are mimimal, let alone 2,500,000,000p.

    I was one of those hoping he would see the red card – what a fitting end to the career of the worst Arsenal player I have ever seen. Yes, Jeffers was terrible, Helder wasn’t amazing, but Flappyhandski has cost us several honours, all on his own.

  37. I feel ashamed to be an Arsenal fan when I hear again about our own fans booing one of our players. Disgraceful.
    Our fans booed Bendtner, Eboue and Song. All now get our support.

    Look at Gomez, seemingly hopeless when he first arrived, now highly rated and spurs fans consider him a key part of their success.

    Our booing of Fabianski was needless. It cannot help him or the club. If wenger wants to buy a new keeper, then he will – I think he has seen the evidence. I used to think we had the best fans in the world – I certainly dont anymore.

  38. Good post.

    All those fans who constantly whine and who feel entitled to criticise the club and particularly Wenger are becoming a major irritant. They spout names of ‘established’ players (Villa, Silva, Torres, etc.) that they’d like Wenger to buy, thinking that that would solve our problems, and showing extreme arrogance assuming that these players would want to join Arsenal. Sol put it best when he said that players need to grow up and realize there are a lot of big clubs and big teams out there – I think this applies to fans too.

    Do you really think that before Wenger revolutionized this club from top to bottom (and is still doing so), we would have ever seen Henry, Fabregas, Vieira, etc.? What the Wenger bashers don’t see is that without him and the success he brought our club we might still be Sp*rs, and we would never be able to dream about signing superstars without being laughed off. Do you really think that Arshavin would have signed for us?

    We should stop kidding ourselves and be grateful for having one of the best managers in the game whose expectations for success are at least as high as the fans’.

  39. I feel Fabianski’s main problem is confidence, so the so called fans that jeered him may have made his confidence alot worse.
    Then again Eboue got booed last season and so far it has seemed to have been the best thing ever for him as he has got stronger and improved massively.
    I still think that the fans that boo are a load of stuck up c**** though

  40. Unfortunately these followers of Arsenal are a by-product of our success. Back before Highbury became all seater and the ticket prices rocketed you had three quarters of the crowd fully behind the team supporting every player regardless of ability. Witness Perry Groves for proof of that – he would be slaughtered today for his lack of touch etc but back then he was cheered on for his application and guts (and his ginger barnet). Even Gus Caesar escaped the boos because everyone understood that he wasn’t responsible for being a bit pony.

    Nowadays these new fans (don’t ever call them supporters) think that just because they have the cash to hand over in exchange for their over-priced seats and half time glass of wine that they’re also entitled to constantly have a pop at any player they feel like for the crime of not being world class right now. Fabianski is trying his heart out and if he cocks up it’s not on purpose. Does anyone really believe that jeering any player is constructive? If you don’t then all you’re doing is making it harder for the team to be successful and contributing to the very thing you’re complaining about. Supporters are there to be supportive – it’s not rocket science.

    • Amen to all of that. Absolutely spot on.

    • We don’t root for Arsenal to try as hard as they can. We come to watch and cheer for them to WIN. If we want to watch players try hard we can go watch the reserves, we can watch school boys, we can watch whatever. This is professional football and professional football is about winning, full stop.

      Fabianski is merely a vehicle for the fans to voice their frustration at the quality of the product being put on the field. For Wenger to come out after another one of his lacklustre performances and tell us how good he ‘really’ is when it’s quite evident he isn’t is what the fans find insulting. Hell, even you admit he’s not good enough.

      At what point do you say enough?

  41. Jesus!! So many fair weather fans on here. Do you actually believe Wenger doesn’t buy for his own self gratification? You actually believe Wenger wont spend millions because he wants to prove he can do it with kids?

    He has had no money!! End of story. NO…..MONEY. As soon as funds are made available I think he will spend them in positions needed. I myself have been very pleased with the team over the last 5 years given our financial restraints…….and the extent of which rival clubs have been spending and improving. Despite spending less than most of the bottom half clubs we remain a consistant top 4 club. We have seriously challenged for the title twice and been seriously unfortunate with injuries. We have reached at least the QF of the champions league every year with some stunningly memorable victories along the way.

    Did most of you believe when we started the new stadium that the team wouldn’t suffer? I mean , c’mon! You have to try and look past a couple of weeks at a time and see the bigger picture of what’s going on. I know as footbal fans it can be hard to do…..but if you don’t learn that skill you can drive yourself mad. It’s only those short – sighted morons who can’t actually see the progress being made long -term at this club. We are being groomed and set up to dominate English football for a long time by Wenger.

  42. Well said Nick these people need to have more class, sp*rs fans used to ironically applaud Gomes at first, I used to stick my nose up as spurs mates for doing it and now some ‘gooners’ are doing it, sould never have happened at Highbury. SHAME ON YOU WHO DID IT

  43. I spoke abt it on another Arsenal blog and someone replied “Look how Eboue has improved”
    Imagine that kind of “supporter”, thinking that Eboue is good because of what they did to him against Wigan.

  44. Good post. Where were these fans when the team was doing well. They were absolutely quiet waiting in ambush for the team to fail or for a player to target. They targeted Song before Wenger said in no uncertain terms ‘hands off’ Song. Its not like Wenger doesnt know how to win the league. Why not join Spurs, Man City or Liverpool and realise what it means to be in 4th let alone 3rd. Wenger will do it? He hasnt signed the contract and why not take the opportunity to call for his head, you hypocrites

  45. Well, my sole consolation is that, luckily we dont have the gimme-more-money Rafa. Give it to him and he’ll spent it on something unnecessary.

    My biggest hope for next season? That Harry do a Leeds.

    Otherwise, cheers to another season of mediocrity. And CL spot. And to many many references of tremendous team spirit, character. To our top top class goal keepers.

  46. Pete, i think you do have to give our fans some credit. We kept largely quiet for the first 3 trophyless years. All these resentment, outpourings of frustrating mainly boils down to our dear manager hoodwinking us again and again, now his words lost all sense of credibility.

    the man saith, Judge me by May.

    And now its May.

  47. Sri lanka win ther world cup? havent a clue mate but I gaurantee theyd beat Arsenal any day of the week

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