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Amongst all the speculation around Cesc’s future, there is one line I keep hearing, time and time again: ‘There is no point keeping a player who wants to leave’. With player power never more dominant than in the present game, those producing that statement would have you believe that contracts are not worth the paper they are written on.

The argument is always that if you force a player to stay, they will coast through games, or worse, become a disruptive influence in the dressing room. Then, you are backed into a corner and forced to sell a short while later, but at a cut price.

For many, that is certainly true. Adebayor alone was proof of what can happen when a player sets his heart elsewhere (although City paid over the odds in the end), especially if work rate was what made that player so useful in the first place. But Cesc isn’t like Adebayor, he knows no other way than to give everything in every single game, and furthermore he actually cares about Arsenal, about Wenger and about the fans.

If Barcelona do not cough up the required funds to take him back to Spain, he will stay, and I’m certain that he fully understands our stance on that. Moreover, he is sensible and mature enough to respect the position, and if our demands are not met, he will return to captain the club before reigniting the transfer some time in the future.

The crucial point is this – Cesc will not let himself blame Arsenal if the proposed move does not go ahead this summer. No doubt he already knows our valuation of him, and one way or another Barcelona will too. If they do not pay it, that is their problem, and their fault, not ours.

Many point to Vieira and Henry as evidence of players who went on to have poor final seasons after being convinced by Wenger to delay prospective moves away from the club. But both were moving past their peak, and Henry in particular was struggling with a myriad of injuries that continued into his first season at Barcelona. It is hardly as if their form returned to previous heights once sold.

Cesc has no such worries, and if we’re looking for evidence of what can happen when a player remains focused, we should look no further than our most recent signing, Marouane Chamakh. He knew of our interest and offer last summer, he knew his contract was coming to an end, and with his move inevitable, he still had the most impressive season of his career before leaving Bordeaux.

Cesc will eventually move to Barcelona – he knows it, we know it – but if that move is delayed, even by a single year, he will do everything he can to ensure he lifts a trophy before heading home.

Taking that into consideration, Barcelona have no cards to play. They are targeting an intelligent, responsible and improving player on a long contract. Pay up or look elsewhere.

  26 Responses to “Keeping Cesc would not lesser his drive”

  1. I think he will end up staying on at Arsenal. Primarily due to Barca’s unwillingness and inability to cough up the necessary readies.

    • Quite possibly, and I’m certain that Wenger has told Cesc what price would be accepted. If Barcelona don’t pay it, that’s their choice.

  2. 100% correct. Carry on!

  3. great post . agreed

  4. Yeah man. Cesc’s highly respected, valued and paid as such, therefore, if Barca wants him, respects him and values him like we do then they shoud cough up very high price above sixty otherwise jus ‘forget bout it’ as Deniro woud say. Cesc wants a move so badly so we let him go cheaply? that’s the media nonsense. I actually would boycoot Wenger is he sells less than was paid for KAka. Cesc is young, have long contracts and his contribution at Arsenal speaks volumes of him; goals in abundance compared to some highly priced dudes who sit in penalty area to get goals; assists were huge top the league with less appearances than other top assisters like Lampard. And we can add that he’s SPANISH and should be highly regarded in Spain therefore more expansive in their eyes.

    • There are only a few reasons to let a player go cheaply (destructive influence, age concerns, expiring contract) and Cesc falls into none of those brackets. Barcelona are trying to unsettle him to bring the price down, but fortunately for us he is one of the most intelligent players out there.

  5. i believe barca still owe us money for hleb and henry. how the fuck does that work? when you look at the money being quoted for milner then we are right to stick to our asking price. if they want him that much then they’ll pay that much. end of.

  6. I agree but no longer see him as Captain.
    Give it to Vermaelen or RVP.
    He’s expressed a desire to leave, thus his heart isn’t truly here. I hope to god he stays, but not as Captain.


    Don’t know about you guys but a guy that is “500 percent sure” he wants to leave will eventually leave… I just hope Arsenal play hardball and not give in to Barca’s and Cesc’s will.

  8. barca wont pay 50-60 million for cesc now but when he stays & plays brilliant, they will come back with 70-80 million.
    But Cesc may be too annoyed and upset to join by then .

    also Arsene may have actually bought someone to help Cese

  9. Honestly fucking bored of this topic!! Why are people still so in love with Fabregas, he personally told Wenger he wants to leave, he has told his friends he 500 percent wants to join Barcelona. If somehow he still ends up kicking around in the Arsenal changing room next season he won’t be the same player, he doesn’t see himself as an Arsenal player anymore. If he doesn’t want to play for the Arsenal then we don’t want him!! What’s the point of having him for another season if he’s leaving? I’d rather get a replacement In so we can keep progressing. I for one would rather see Ramsey stepping up and getting the games over Cesc because Ramsey wants to play in the shirt.

    • Are you really asking why we would want to keep one of the best players in the world for another season? Especially when Ramsey, your chosen replacement, is out with a serious injury?

    • 100% correct. people are seeing this as if its the end of the arsenal,but far from it as much as he is influential as a player, he as a captain has come out publicly and questioned the manager so that means he has no confidence in the greater cause.
      hE SHOULD GO! of course at the best price available

  10. Sell him the the highest bidder like Real or Man City. If Barca really wants him, they should shell out what he is worth.
    AW should improve his squad and challenge titles or this trend will continue.

  11. When and where has Fab said he wants to leave.?????? We only have old quotes fromhimthat eventually it would great if he returns to Barca,probably at the end or near the end of his career. It is the thugs at Barca doing all the talking,unsettling himand we have some immature fans all worked up. How many times do we want Fab to come out to deny this and that. Comeon.
    And, for some of you to quote that he had told wenger he wants to leave is ridiculous; you mean they had the meeting in front of reporters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ha ha English tabloids unlike the weather are predictable. It provides entertainment that’s all. Anyway, with the current financial crisis plaguing the Spanish banks, can’t see where RM and Barca can raise any money. At the end of the day, Arsenal will emerge fromthis mess as the nost well funded club. Mark my word.

    • The talk of Cesc wanting to leave is exceptionally well sourced – the story is certainly valid, but it is true we don’t know many details.

      • If you don’t know the details how do you know its valid and well sourced.

        • We know enough details to know that Barca want Cesc, and Cesc has spoken about moving if the deal can be done. That part is well sourced, the rest is conjecture.

  12. last season was not chamakh’s most profilic season.. making up stats now.. at least try

    • Actually, you’re just making up an interpretation. I said that Chamakh had the most IMPRESSIVE season, not the most prolific.

      By that, I meant that Chamakh led the line better, scored crucial goals in bigger games, and made an impact on the European stage like never before. In other words, he proved himself as a big game player, not a flat track bully.

      A solitary ‘goals scored’ tally does not tell the full story. I have no idea why people like you like to come on sites and slag off articles with absolutely no grounding to what you are saying.

  13. I really don’t get it…since when has conjecture and rumor become the truth and law? Where are the actual quotes from the player’s mouth? This is all media-hype to unsettle the player (not to mention club) and sell papers. This is a non-story story! Either Barca will pay for Cesc or they won’t, other than that Fabregas is contracted to Arsenal and theres nothing that can be done. And as for Cesc not being able to perform because he would be unhappy…thats just bullshit. Cesc will play his heart out week in and week out just as he’s always done since he moved from Barcelona. He loves Arsenal and would never disgrace the club or Wenger for that matter; and he will never hand in a transfer request. End of it…hope you all enjoy the World Cup now….have a great summer.


  14. I agree, he should go to barca. But Arsenal must recive 80m.pound.He couldnot be captian of the graet Gunner..

  15. The player’s father, also called Francesc, insisted that his son will definitely play for Barca next season. He said: “Arsenal have to respect the decision and the will of the player. Negotiations between Arsenal and Barcelona will be very long. Both sides are going to have to sit several times because the issue is complicated.

    “Cesc is now focused on the Spanish team but he wants is to close the signing soon. He has always responded to Arsène Wenger with his work and we are also grateful to Arsenal because they made my son a great player. We just want this to end soon.

    “At the moment has a contract with Arsenal. I get the feeling that the English club do not want to sell but in the end will finally give in and let Cesc go.”

    Time to get the biggest fee now,and Arsene needs to start finding replacements from now.Let him go,Its funny how he has changed his tune so quickly,lets just hope our next captain shows a bit more loyalty.
    Im dissapointed in him,we deserve better than that.

    • Those quotes are meaningless. We always knew he wanted to go back to Barcelona. He would happily do it this summer. But if not next. Or the next. I bet if you asked him if he’d prefer to join Barcelona now, or win the title with Arsenal next season and then join Barcelona, he’d choose the latter.

      Look, 90% of the Primiership would be happy to move to Barcelona this summer. Are they all that disloyal, or is that… just natural?

      I wont call him disloyal until the day when he publically says he’s wants to leave Arsenal when there are still achievable unachievable goal (such as the Premiership). I’d put this different to if Torres declared that he wanted to leave Liverpool, as winning the Premiership isn’t an achievable goal for him.

  16. Lets face it, nobody really knows whats going on, least of all the media.
    But unlike when we let Henry, Hleb, Vieirra, etc. go when we were short of cash times have now changed. Cesc signed a long term contract with a huge (and backdated payrise on top) increase in salary and should respect that.
    I don’t think Barca really want him right now but are just sowing the seeds to buy him next year, unless we give him away for the low price they suggest.
    The time has come for Arsenal to behave like a big club and tell Barca to do one. Then to go and get the players we need for us to challenge on all fronts so Fabrigas may not even want to leave us anytime soon.

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