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As you all know by now, the Cesc transfer saga took an interesting turn yesterday, with Arsenal turning down an opening bid believed to be around the £30m mark. But it was not the rejection that made the headlines – that we would dismiss their initial offer was inevitable – but the manner and force with which it was delivered. In case you haven’t seen it, here is the statement in full:

“Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly-valued member of the team and part of our future plans.”

“We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.”

“To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

I have deliberately waited a day before commenting on this, because I was interested to see what reaction this would produce in the written press, and also on those blogs where all news is spun in a negative way. The reason for my interest was simple – this is such a comprehensive and clear statement that it is impossible to interpret it in any way other than intended.

The final paragraph is the real killer – by ‘expecting’ Barcelona to respect our position, we are denying them the opportunity to continue their very public tapping up without losing a great deal of face. That much is apparent when you look at how the press have reacted – instead of the usual varying interpretations, they have unanimously agreed that we are right to stand firm. The solitary contrary voice is one claiming that Cesc himself is unsettled by the action, a laughable concept given how Wenger will have made his position clear in their ‘amazing conversation’.

The situation is now clear – one false move from Barcelona and they become the bad guys in the eyes of neutrals, and as I’ve said before, once the media get their claws into you, the authorities follow. We hold all the cards.

Prior to this response, Barcelona had plenty of avenues open to them. But they can no longer attempt to unsettle Cesc in public, or credibly talk about his ‘Barcelona DNA’. The only way they can avoid utilising the correct and proper route of raising their bid is to hope for a transfer request from the player. They may be waiting a while.

This is by no means the end of the story, but after putting our foot down so comprehensively, we cannot bend unless the offer skyrockets. Barcelona are now aware of this, and crucially, our captain will respect that position. Every player has their price, but we have made it abundantly clear that we have no need to accept anything less than he is worth, perhaps more.

Our captain has shown the club due respect by handing us control. And now that we’ve got it, we’re making a stand. Be proud, be very very proud.

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  1. I think the speed at which Arsenal rejected the offer and had a press release issued speaks volumes. We will not be selling Cesc – end of.

    I don’t normally give Arsenal a lot of credit, but I think they have handled this very well, they haven’t got drawn in to a public debate and they have attempted to end all speculation.

    Sadly a few members of the blogging community are ranting away saying that Cesc should just f**k off if he wants to go. I even saw one claim today that Cesc is going to buy out his contracts.

    The stupidity of what some people will believe is just amazing.

    • Yeah, the Webster get-out, which would cost Cesc in the region of £29m. Ouch. And I’m not even convinced he can legally use it anyway, as he is so far from the end of his deal.

      It is irrelevant though, as you say – he isn’t ever going to do something like that.

      • Cesc signed a new one year extension to his deal in October 2009 so although the original deal was signed in 2006 he can’t invoke the Webster ruling until three years after the date of the extension being agreed. Therefore there are two more years before he can try and use it. Even then given the exceptional loyalty bonus and back payment we set up legally he can not argue the same discriminatory actions against him that led to the initial Webster ruling and as such would be on very shaky ground. It is estimated that if Cesc tries to use the clause in two years time it would cost him approximately £43m + expenses. Ignore all the bollocks people are coming out with. The ball is completely in Arsenal’s court. Cesc Fabregas’ Snr’s recent comments about trying to find a legal way to force Arsenal’s hand actually play right into our hands. There is no legal ground upon which to force a transfer and all he is doing is jeopardising his son’s career, Right now Arsenal just need to keep doing what they are doing and we’ll be fine

        • Perfect – thanks for the clarification. I didn’t think the clause could be invoked at this stage.

          • Moving away from Cesc himself for a second, does anyone else see the Webster clause acting as a “trigger transfer fee clause” for a player – if the player buys themselves out of a contract in order to move to another club then presumably the player would expect the club they were moving to to reimburse them on top of all the fees and wages they’d normally expect in a transfer.

  2. Good post! I too feel very proud of if!

  3. Agreed on the official statement. With any luck luck Barca will button it now. I’m not too confident on Cesc not handing in a transfer request though; remember his conversation with Wenger was essentially regarding Cesc wanting to leave and asking Wenger to sort it out as quickly and cleanly as possible.

    • I’m convinced he won’t hand in a request. I imagine the conversation went something like this:

      “I know you want to leave, and if Barcelona pay what we consider to be your fair value, we will not stand in your way. If the don’t, we cannot sell you”.

      Cesc will have understood that.

  4. The Arsenal response was spot-on, but we all know that if a player wants to leave he’s not going to perform well for the club any more. The game now is to deny we want to sell and defend against the Barca offers as strongly as we can until we squeeze the maximum bid out of Barca. Then we can afford 3 or maybe 4 other good players in exchange for Cesc. He’s good, but nobody is indispensable.

    • Not convinced – Chamakh was outstanding for Bordeaux last season and he knew he was off. Ronaldo was for United too before departing for Real.

      It depends on the character of the player.

  5. I am very pleased with this statement, I hope we keep Fabregas and I also hope we’re the club the Toure is coming to after the World Cup

  6. Say goodbye to ur captain… proud day to be a gooner my arse. Your team is in bits and you know it. Your best player wants to leave end of. Keep him hostage if you want but the fact remains your CAPTAIN wants out… ha, ha, ha.

    You lot are doing the euro (that’s money euro’s) dance in a bid to save face.

    You have no players representing the country your team is based in thanks to your arrogant French manager. What a bunch of…

    Goodbye to the monoply on the top four… you are an embarrassment to the national game.

    Well done Wally cot on being sussed out at last… championship at best for that…

    Now cheer on England like you lot have anything to do with us.

    Good luck with Joe Cole and Richards you won’t get either thanks to Whinger you bunch of turncoats with no English soul….

    Keep telling the kids it’s worth it.

    • Past your bedtime, no?

    • Mmmmmm your jealousy and bitterness taste so good. You’ll sleep well tonight after that little outburst won’t you, champ? Yeah, you’ve had a busy day.

    • sad pathetic loser of a man, you feel so bad about yourself that you have to slate other people. I feel sorry for you. How about you turn all that anger and aggression into something productive…get a social life

    • Your a cunt. Go and crawl back up your mamas arse. And get a life .

    • who do you support then bazmundo?

      if you’re so bothered about Arsenal, then why are you on a Gunners Blog?

      Yid cunt.

    • With a name such a bazmundo and given your comments, you my friend enjoy the stupidity of the ages!!

    • Bazmundo….

      you must be a jealous pathetic liverpool fan… what an idiot!

    • Bazmundo must be a Spud, only the supporters from Shite Hart Lane could come out with such rubbish. Our team is in bits, 3rd in the league, good runs in both the FA and league cup and the quarter finals of the CL. Strong financial position and bringing in 3 or 4 quality additions for next season without going into debt. If only other teams could be” going to bits” like we are. Walcott is probably the only valid point but I am sure he will get there eventually with a decent run injury free.

    • Well well well buzmongo ain’t you full of yourself. Shame it’s sh@$e that your full of hahaha bless your narrow little brain

  7. This and 1000 other reasons are why I am proud of this club… something that by reading the constant moaning about our club, players and manager in many blogs seems to be very rare to say the least.

    When you think about what this club has achieved with less than a fraction of many others you see what a feat that is, we are by far the highest point/£ spent in the league.

    The problem is the lack of patience our fans have, yes we had some amazing years with Wenger and the Invincibles and just before that, but what people fail to see is that Chelsea’s dominance came at a bad time for us.

    We moved stadium, couldnt afford big players so Wenger’s policy of youth was justified… it was not his dream project, it was his only viable option to keep the finances in check and guarantee there was light at the end of the tunnel (the tunnel being the loans) and also keep us competitive.

    As Chelsea started dominating this forced Man Utd to spend even more, same with Liverpool, which made the league more competitive.

    Also there is this myth or beleive that we are entitled a trophy every year or something? it seems people don’t know the club’s history at all sometimes, Arsenal have won the league 13 times in 124 years, I do not need a calculator to work out that is on average around once every 10 years.

    Since Wenger took over we have won it 3 times in 14 years, or once every 4.6 years. that is over twice as good as our historical average.

    FA Cup, Arsenal have won it 10 times in 124 years, or once every 12.4 years, but under Wenger that has been once every 3.5 years, over 3 times better than our historical average.

    We have been spoilt by a fluke, because Wenger could have never have expected Vieira, Henry, Dennis, Freddy, Bobby, Sol, etc.. to have formed such a formidable team, he even made the prediction of going a season unbeaten, which was laughed at and in a way is so arrogant to say, not even Mourinho would make such a claim.

    That team in my opinion has been his biggest accomplishment to date and also his biggest mistake, because I doubt fans will be completely happy with him until we have a team capable of doing what they (Invincibles) did… which was unique, but our fans think unique is obtainable every season, failing to understand how truly exceptional and amazing that team was.

    I still think Wenger is the right manager for us, yes, sometimes I do question his decisions, but they are not about signings, they are mainly to do with tactics (sometimes) and substitutions.

    • Agreed entirely – our perspective has been skewed by his success.

      It is entirely summed up by the fact that Harry Redknapp has just been awarded manager of the year for spending MORE money and achieving once what Wenger has achieved thirteen years in a row.

      • Redknapp has spent more (net) in the 18 months in charge of tottenham than Wenger has spent (net) in 13 years at Arsenal.

        • Well, we all know what ‘arry did to both West Ham and Porstmouth – won’t be long before he drags that lot from White shite down the tubes, just like he’s done with all the other clubs he’s left in tatters.

          The one thing that all gooners can hold their heads up high about, is that there is probabaly not another club in the EPL in such good condition to face the financial storm that is about to hit football as the Arsenal. When it does hit, and it will, the crack pot teams like the Tiny Totts will be significantly affected. I know whose position I’d rather be in right now! No matter how vitriolic your feelings are about the lack of success over the very recent short term, the great state our club is in right now is down to one man. AW.

    • Yep. Well said.

    • Nit only was that well said Erik, there were some good and new statistics in there for me.


      • Best post I’ve seen in a long time on an arsenal site. wenger has his limitations – doesn’t every manager – but people have very short memories as to where this club was before he came on board

  8. I’m sorry to see Cesc go. But we are in a downward spiral and lets face it our lillywhite rivals do have a far better squad than us. Three additions to their squad could even see them as prem champions next season. We will be lucky to make a top four spot. Lets get ourselves an English manager and start buying English!

    • Please tell me that was irony…

    • That is a dumb comment

    • How on Earth you can come up with English manager will buy only English player… DOOOH…

      • Obviously a Spurs fan…

        Sad to see that some of them are so delusional that they think they have a better squad than us.

      • I disagree Lady Arsenal, remember the spuds are still yet to qualify for CL first round and for me that is a big “IF” and even if they do will they be able to balance all competitions, it is well known this campaigns can really wear down players physically and mentally!!

        • Ive seen lady arsenal cause arguments on many an arsenal blog comments section. my opinion is that its really a supporter of a different club stirring sh1te to get a reaction and piss some gooners off, hence no reply from her. So if you ever see a comment from her do us all a favour an completely ignore that b1tch.

  9. Oye Bazmundo.
    Why dont you F**k off to your own Spuds,Chelski,Manure site.
    I have it on good authority (from within the club)Cole has already signed for Arsenal,but dont want it publiscised till after the world cup. Mug.And if you are
    a ‘Spud'(like i suspect)This is for you.As if we haven’t gotten used to the same old spud story season after season. We watch them celebrate like they’ve won the treble CL because they finished 4th.

    I seriously doubt tYou’ll make it past the qualifier but if you do, you’ll finally realize what it’s like to compete in such a tough competition AND the league AND the domestic cups (no, your Europa cup experiences dont count). Then you’ll see how tough it is.

    And this belief that Redknapp is some kind of genius! He’s a good manager, he’s done very well this season. Their performances against us, Chelsea and City were very impressive. You deserve to be 4th, no question. But please! The man has never shown himself to be anything more than a good domestic league manager with tactical limitations, who takes his clubs only so far until they run out of money or until he’s run out of ideas.

    As our manager has said time and time again, success is based on CONSISTENCY. The spuds have often had great isolated moments but we’re all used to seeing them slide right back again into mediocrity. It’s MAINTAINING that consistency game after game season after season that’s the key. You have yet to show that. you’ve had so many false dawns.

    To believe that because you had a good season means the next one is going to be even better is pure fallacy. Look at Liverpool after their great 08-09 season. Look at us least season after our great 07-08 season.

    Also, You gloat about all the players you have in the English squad.Well, all those ‘spuds’ in S. Africa will come back tired and possibly injured to face an early CL 2-legged qualifier with very little time in between to rest.

    And it is absolutely unbelievable to see you demanding our respect when for years all I’ve seen you do is come up with excuses about our success – accusing us of cheating, influencing referees, winning just because of luck, yadayadayada. Not to mention inventing the vilest insult in all of English football against a manager, forcing him to endure it thoughout every season during his entire tenure at Arsenal. Exactly what sort of respect does that merit?

    Respect? You’ll get it when you learn to show it to your neighbors who’ve been only 1 of 4 European clubs who’ve been in the CL for 12 yrs straight, for being only 1 of 2 clubs in the English top flight to go a whole season unbeaten, for doing 2 domestic doubles in the space of 5 yrs, for contributing significantly to a country’s world cup victory, etc.
    12 May 2010 17:04

    • Righty love the post mate well thought out and was thinking bout CL qualify for the spuds hahahaha hope all there stars are knackered after world cup

  10. * Photograph from my album ‘ ole ‘ * on facebook

    Whatever happens in the long run over the ‘ Cesc ‘ affair the Arsenal board have performed with true class.
    The delayed and skillful wording may even turn the press and even kick F.I.F.A into action over Baca’s blatant tapping up of our skipper – Lets hope so.

  11. re. Eric. Fuckin class mate, you are so right. We have become spoilt under Wenger. What we need to understand is that the 04 side was a one off, we will probably never see a side like that again in England, let alone at the Arsenal. However, you are wasting your time trying to give a history lesson to some of the wankers who follow our club at the moment. They think our history started in 98 after Arsene`s 1st double. When you try telling them about the more darker periods in our past and tell them they should be grateful, even for the last 5 years, they just stare back at you with a vacant fuckin look on their miserable chops.

    • Spot on! Seem to be a lot of people with short memories. Either that or they’re too young to remember some of the dire periods an old girl like me can recall.

      How can anyone not be proud of the Arsenal? Even during those darker periods it made my heart soar to see them come out the tunnel.

  12. so you guys think cesc isn’t going lool, you guys crack me up. arsenal are playing increase the fee and then we can start discussing more the first offer regardless who the player or club is, it will always be rejected because the club that want a player will obviously want to pay as little as they can unless they’re in need of money.

    Last season cesc said he will stay at the club for one more season and then he will decide what to do in his future and from that point I knew that he was gonna leave the next season if we didnt win anything, and look at the present now people………………………………….

    finally a club like arsenal if 45 million MINIMUM came knocking on their door for CESC FABREGAS believe they will sell him….. THE BOARD ARE REAL CU*TS!!!

    • Cesc will go if/when we get a proper bid for him. Most Arsenal fans I’ve spoken to would now be happy for him to leave. Barca have to put their money where their mouth is an come up with the reported £50-60m. Until then read the statement – Cesc is not for sale.

    • I’m not saying Cesc won’t go, I’m saying he won’t go for anything less than what we are asking for him, which is likely to be in excess of £50m.

      The good thing is that if Barcelona don’t stump up the money, Cesc won’t force our hand. He’ll move in the future.

  13. hi messi,
    tell us what were supposed to do??? we dont want to sell him, but if he is hell bent on leaving then farcelona better pay up what we feel is his worth…..fab has never behaved badly with fans or the club.he has conducted himself well.most of the noise if from the idiots from spain….AW will not, I repeat let cesc leave even if the board want some money(45mill or whatever), unless he deems it possible to replace him….

  14. To hell with the media. they are jealous and absolutely hate us strengthening our squad, being financially stable, and their favourites going down the drains. Good move, Arsenal. Hope we get back to our winning ways again, and I dont see any reason why Fab should go to barcelona even after 2015.

  15. Spazmondo

    you total cretin. I have never even looked a t a Spud website. You Voyuer you.

    You can keep yer Engerlander attitude because just like your ancient excuses saying at least you play football whilst winning zilch you have nothing much else to celelbrate.

    How embarrassing is it to make a DVD for beating The Arsenal in one match. Shows in reality what a Giant killing your team made.

    As for losing our best players, I don’t see even average teams looking at your boys, why is that then I wonder.

    As for another bloggers comment on The Arsenal before Wenger. Don’t you remember George Graham, he was probably our most successful Manager seeing as he did it in a shorter spell. george also left the foundations of the Wenger early years.

    • Graham’s honour board is impressive (2 titles, 1 FA Cup, 1 League Cup, 1 Cup Winners Cup in nine years), but Wenger’s (3 titles, 4 FA Cups, 2 doubles in 13 years) is probably better. We certainly never had the dips in Wenger’s reign that we had in Graham’s (10th and 13th at one point). But he certainly provided the basis for Wenger (especially in forming the defence).

  16. Ah Messi

    The great B arse lona eh. They rate Cesc so highly that they want to pay peanuts for him.

    I bet that 29 mill made Cesc’s ego sky rocket as thats average dosh for a Super player like him.

    Total joke of a Club who just go along breaking the rules unpunished.

    Well done The Arsenal sue the cunts the whole fucking lot of them and sue the players trying to talk Cesc into it.

  17. messi has Arsenal DNA…long lost cousin of Paul Merson….David villa also ..half brother of Ljunberg…

  18. yes cesc has Barcelona DNA ..esp when Puyol wrapped his legs ard Cesc and breaking his leg

  19. oh i just feel sorry for those idiots who leaving commenting on their club’s website and they begin on arsenal.why are they worried about us now.as we all arsenal fans know(THERE are always 22 players in the field but no body will ever attack another player who is not having the ball.all the other players without the ball will be looking to kick,to tackle dat player who is moving with the ball and that is what is on arsenal now.all other fools from other club ve started seeing arsenal having the best future and that is why they are pretending to dis us but in actual sense they are just fearing us THE GOONERSM,we ve de best future of all clubs in the world today.

  20. i iove being a Gooner

  21. Barcelona and the Spanish Media are all probably posturing, because they want Cesc to put in a big performance at the World Cup.

    He is the Ace in the pack.

    The 29Million is derisory, given that his market value must be around 60Million………..

    Presumably they hope he will feel insulted, and put in a mammoth World Cup performance.

    • Cesc is level headed enough not to let this faze him too much – Wenger told him to focus on the World Cup and I’m sure he will. Not much transfer-related will happen in that time anyway.

      Of course, if he does have a sterling World Cup, his value will only increase.

  22. Well done to all on this apart from the “YID” “C**t” although even that made me proud wow they are so worried and jealous and they have a right to be. AW is without doubt the best thing that has ever happened to our great club and he has achieved so so much it has spoiled many, when we moved pundits were predicting we would finish half way and he has kept us in the top 4, we are financially stable unlike so so many. Everything about our club is class and it makes me so so proud. I would rather finish 4th than be like Chelski who lets be honest were only bit players untill a Russian moved in to play chess with a football club its the same now at City. Our club is run the right way it matters that people will pay to watch us.

    Anyway I am ranting on but am so proud of all and the comments on this blog. Cesc may go although I really have my doubts now, I can not believe for a minute that when that special conversation was had with AW he was told that we would sell him only for Arsen to reneague on it he has to much class for that so I think Cesc will stay. Well done all.

    • Agreed. I think it is now as simple as – if Barcelona pay our asking price, he’ll go, otherwise he’ll stay. Wenger will have let Cesc know how valued he is, and that if Barcelona do actually stump up the cash, he won’t stand in his way, but Arsenal must come first in the deal.

  23. Fingers crossed, he stays. However, if the price is right (North of £45m) two new players and an injection of speed in our central midfield might not be the biggest disaster.

    Our class and foresight are both evident in these recent actions.


  24. gooner fan….am happy that the best midfielder in the world is gonna stay and play in the premier league….kudos to wenger and arsenal…..

    in wenger we trust

  25. Just because of a single player,arsenal fans are fidgeting.This potrays the club as a one man club.No Fabregas,no Arsenal.You see, it is not always good to build a team around a particular individual.Joe Cole is set to leave standford bridge but nobody gives a shit about it.Why? Its not because he is a bad player,not because they do not need him,but because they have quality indepth;its a club of stars,and guess what; arsenal is in the race for his signature.Wait until barca comes up with an improved offer,and see why Fabregas would not be allowed to join them.The truth is that his(Fabregas) heart is no longer with arsenal but because it is not in his hands to do anything about it.Deep down in his hear,he wants to go.So,allow him to go.It is said that when a door closes,another a better one opens.If your girl starts admiring another guy or wants to quit because she has seen another guy,simply allow her to go because nomatter what you do to her,she will never love you as before.This is the case with arsenal,barca and Fabregas.I rest my case.

    • you mug!!!!!!! 1 man team?if fat frank left chelski you just might eat those words,your hat and your debt

  26. He is going to go. We’re only rejecting the bid in such a firm way so we seel the season tickets (which the deadline is aroundabouts now).

    Once the fans have been tricked and the money’s in, he’ll be off.

    He should go too.

    • Johan, If you beleive this is about season ticket, then you’re a simpleton. If you’d said it was because we want more money, then that’s a possibility, but the season tickets don’t come into it. There is still a waiting list for a season ticket!

    • It would be foolish to act based on season tickets, and very unlike us – if there’s one thing you should have taken from the last few years, it is that we value long term over short term.

      We could spend all our money on players now and screw up our future. Similarly, we could add to the season ticket pot by losing serious face in this affair.

  27. This Cesc is going stuff is beginning to pee me right off. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth (was it Stalin who said that?) These are the facts. Cesc has always said he would only move, no timeframe, to Barca. Barcacuntulunya spread stories in the media, gleefully lapped up by the British press and SkynotSportsnews, backed up by Spanish Barca players daily mouthing the Barca DNA blah blah blah, this lead to Cesc making the statement that he would put the issue in the hands of his manager and trust his decision, Barcacuntulunya made two unwelcome unofficial approaches followed by a laughable official bid, then the Mighty Arsenal acted. The classiest “fuck off and don’t come back” statement was issued. It wasnt a “come back with a better deal” statement, it was a 100% Cesc is staying statement. It amazes me that obviously intelligent Arsenal fans (knucklescrapers like Bazmundo take note) cannot see this. Cesc Fabregas is under contract to Arsenal Football Club until 2015, and dont, please dont, give it with the webster shit (his new contract is dated 2009) or a transfer request ( he is not a grubby want away) Cesc remains an Arsenal player and will only leave under the best terms for both himself and the Club. Anyone slagging Cesc off need to step back and wonder This man came off the bench while injured in the Villa and single handed won it This man played and scored a penalty against Baracuntulunya with a broken leg Seems to me Cesc might have a bit of the Mighty Arsenal DNA in him.

    • Cesc has two clubs in his heart – Arsenal and Barcelona. He will not screw over either, which is why he’d handed us control. We are lucky to have such a classy captain.

  28. Well said Pete, just wish the few – and they are a tiny minority – who slag Cesc The Mighty Arsenal and Wenger off could show the same class.

  29. The Amyloidosis Foundation estimates that approximately 3,000 people are diagnosed with amyloidosis each year in North America and that blood cancers overall have increased more than 40% in the last decade.

  30. This is a really cool Arsenal site. I fully agree with what you’re saying on the Cesc issue. I do have to say that I think I would have a number in my head if I were Mr. Wenger. If Barca offered it, then fine. If not he’s the captain of our club. Back off.

  31. Newell old boys have put an offer in for Messi. It’s USD 5m and a truck load of argentine beef every year for the next 5 years. Apparently Messi has the newell old boys DNA! The Club chairman has advised the press that he hopes Barca will agree to this because it’s the right thing to do for the player.

  32. Pls let fab move to barca

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