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After the unequivocal rejection of Barcelona’s opening Cesc bid, there was widespread pride at how forcefully we were dealing with a club that had treated us as if we were an unimportant third party. But even as the words ‘will not enter into any discussion’ were uttered, there was also acceptance that the Spaniards would not go away.

That we hold the cards in this affair is undeniable, but equally important to note is how desperate Laporta is to land his man before stepping down as Barcelona president. If he fails, it will be a major blight on his reign, at least in his own mind. Theoretically, his obsession is good news for us, because such a man is easy to extract an overblown price from, but with their financial situation far from healthy, his willingness to spend lavish sums is restricted by reality.

With the realisation that the money on the table will not be enough, coupled with the knowledge that they cannot afford to raise the stakes much higher, Laporta is becoming desperate, as shown by his latest comments:

“It’s a price that we consider to be his market value. Arsenal have rejected it. We have to do everything we can to convince them that the best thing for all is to reach an agreement”

“The club have full confidence that Arsenal will end up understanding the situation”

We have full confidence that Arsenal we end up understanding the situation? Thanks Joan, but we actually understand the situation quite well. You want a player who is tied into a long term contract, and isn’t the sort of player to put in a formal transfer request or agitate for a move. Therefore, you must pay us what we believe to be market value. What you consider to be a fair price is completely and utterly irrelevant.

The thing that gets me is this – up to this point all of Barca’s actions have had a carefully constructed ulterior motive. The words of the players and the staff have been aimed at doing two things: a) driving a wedge between Cesc and Arsenal and b) driving a wedge between the fans and Cesc.

Neither tactic is working. Cesc has handed control to the club, and by doing so has confirmed himself as the man of class we all believed him to be. He is still our captain, and we still want him to stay. Furthermore, if Barcelona fail to come up with the money being demanded, that is exactly what will happen. Everyone knows it.

So what exactly is the point of these comments? Does Laporta expect us to turn around and say “Oh, I see, we didn’t realise you wanted him so badly. Since you can’t afford the price we’re asking for, we’ll just sell him on the cheap. After all, he’s got that Barcelona DNA. And we’re just lovely giving people. After the respect you’ve given us, it’s the least we can do.”

Er, no. The club’s resolve will not weaken, and the likelihood of Cesc getting restless won’t grow – after all, they are valuing him lower than the 28 year old striker they bought two weeks ago. Doesn’t that just make you feel so…wanted?

To me, these are the words of a man who has decided to end his presidency with a grand gesture, but is rapidly discovering that the deal is not the surefire winner he believed it to be, as the other parties in the affair aren’t playing along. That Cesc will join Barcelona one day is irrelevant to him – he wants him to return under his watch, which ends on June 30. Don’t believe that his claim that the Cesc deal should be completed pre-World Cup is for the benefit of the player – it is purely because once the World Cup ends, someone else will be in power, and take the credit.

We have absolutely no reason to budge. If I were in the Arsenal boardroom, these quotes would be making me smile. As Laporta gets more desperate, it becomes ever more likely that Cesc will stay.

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  1. Laporta “The Stalker” and “No Way” Jose need to quit while they’ve got some dignity. I’m seeing egg-faced pictures; turnip/Taylor style on The Sun’s back page.

    *Loading Photoshop*

  2. Get Gai Assulin on a free, and stick 2 fingers up !

  3. I kinda agree, what I don’t agree on is the wedge between Cesc and the fans.
    He’s club captain but hasn’t said anything on arsenal.com. How hard would it be to say there’s no truth I want to leave etc? Not hard at all. He wants out so if we don’t end up selling there’s no way he can remain captain.
    It wouldn’t make sense for him to captain a team he doesn’t believe are good enough at a club he doesn’t want to be at.

    • ur vry much correct.he can remain our player bt not our captain………..

    • Cesc can’t comment on it – think about it. He almost certainly has said that if a deal could be done this summer, it would be a good time for him to return to Barcelona. At the same time, he isn’t pushing it – everyone knows he will leave at some point, and it doesn’t have to be this summer.

      So he can’t come out and say that he is staying or is going. There is truth to the story.

  4. Good article but Cecs has not acted with class. He is the reason why this bull continues. Lets be real, if he comes out and says that he is staying Barca would have to back off. He is playing both sides so he doesnt look like a jerk on either side.

    I agree with Vassey, I dont think he should remain the capitan as he has not dedicated himself to the Arsenal. Thats what I want to hear, I am staying at Arsenal not that he has put the decision in Arsene’s hand.

    • This is the danger of Barca’s attempts to put a wedge between Cesc and the fans. Cesc is open to a return to Barcelona (we all knew it would happen sometime) but isn’t demanding that it must be this summer. Therefore, what is he supposed to come out and say that won’t result in a massive backlash?

      • @Pete I agree. Cesc is with the Spanish squad, many of whom are Barcelona players, and who have spoken out about wanting him to return to Barcelona. We all know he does want to return one day. He has made no secret of this. Add to this the pressure he is no doubt receiving from his family. See his father’s public comments. The poor guy is between a rock and a hard place. Whatever he says is bound to offend someone. So, he has has done the best thing possible by leaving it Arsene’s hands. Cesc can then concentrate on the World Cup.

        I am appalled by the insensitivity of many so called Arsenal fans who seem to need constant reassurance like little children and who give Cesc little credit for his contributions!

        • I personally don’t need constant reassurance. But when the player and his father are saying how much they want to be at Barca, alarm bells are ringing!

        • Insensitivity? what are you talking about? So if I make Cesc responisible for the situation Cesc, which he is, I am a so called fan? funny.

          He is under contract and is well paid so no reason to feel sorry for him. What about Arsene, the guy looks like he aged 20 years. Cesc can squash the situation if he wants to by saying I am staying at Arsenal. What he has contributed has nothing to do with that. Barca have no respect for us and he isnt saying anything to cause them to be respectful.

          Get it straight, loyalty is almost a done deal in sports. The people who the crap end of the stick are the fans.

  5. laporta is in a fake dream

  6. Has Laporta gone mad or something???? Or is he drunk????? World class Fabregas for just 29 million and that damn blasted stupid worthless Yaya Toure for 37 million. They should not even think of offering something less than 50 million. OBBESSION……………………..???????????????????

  7. lap-or-ta…..sounds like a strip club….he jumps like a headless penguine here and there tryin to make sometin out of notin….and mr.laporta which part of wengers f**k off ,u dont seem to understand

  8. hahah la porta just made himself look like an idiot by valuating cesc like a thing on the shelf.

  9. DNA don’t mean a thing. Ashley Cole supposedly had Arsenal DNA, now he’s the most hated Arsenal opponent of this era.

    If Xavi so badly wants to play with Cesc this coming season, he should ask Laporta to sell him to Arsenal.

    Sorry, Cesc, but once the U.S. is inevitably eliminated from the World Cup, I can’t root for you and your country, because of all those Cuntelona players on the Spain roster. Once we get das booted by Germany in the knockout round, I’m going with Robin and the Dutch.

  10. The gunnors shud steak to their words – our Fabs is worth 115m, 80m will be the starting point.
    Please Mr wenger i don giv a dam anymore, all i want is strong starting eleven and a strong bench. Thats a magic needed to win four trophies, not treble.

  11. If Fabregas is so desperate to leave Arsenal why doesn’t he either buy out the remainder of his contract (because he doesn’t have that amount of cash) or because he really doesn’t want to leave (perhaps Barca have paid his father some cash to do all his talking for him), but either way Fabregas should come out himself, not leave it to other people to do his talking and say “Yes, I want to return to Barcelona” and be done with it. If Barca can pay £32.4 m for Villa then I’m sure they can stump up £40 m for Fabregas. So let’s see how strong their resolve is.

    • Cesc cannot buy our his contract – on signing the extension a year ago he reset the timer on the rule.

      If Cesc says ‘I want to return to Barcelona’ it makes his position untenable if he stays. But he won’t say ‘I want to stay’ because he is open to a move. I’m backing his approach of saying nothing, because he doesn’t want to burn bridges.

    • He isn’t desperate to leave. If the money is right he’ll go, If it isn’t he’ll stay. He is loyal to Arsenal, Wenger and us fans. He wants to play for the club he grew up loving, under the managment of his hero, but he’s willing to wait until we’re ready to sell. You’ve got to respect him for that. If I was a Barca player and I knew Arsenal wanted me, I’d beg steal and borrow to move. He’s a better man than me and there aren’t many footballers I’d say that about.
      If Tony Adams was the Arsenal manager, he’d just won the treble and was willing to pay you tens of thousands a week to play for his team, would you act like the gentleman Cesc has? That’s how Cesc feels about Josep Guardiola and Barcelona. We should be grateful that he would be moving for love, not money, when so many before him have done just that.

    • How about Barcelona shut up, or put up 60 million Euros for Cesc ,that,s what he,s worth ,no bargaining here ,please ?

  12. Good article .. to those claiing Cesc hasnt acted with class I disagree. Its obvious there is something in this story and he probably wants to go.. We want him to come and say that he is staying… meanwhile I assure you Barca and others are pressuring him to say he wants to leave NOW.. and he refuses to do that.. Barca are uing all their player-cunts and newspapers to orchestrate things.. Lacunta Rosell and Co’s comments claim fabregas have publicly asked to move wich is the very thing he refused to… They wont get him.. not this season unless its a deal of a life time Arsenal (Ronaldo money)will not sell. The big question is what actions we will take because we need our revenge and we should be very petty here. I suggest ofering anybody half decent in the Barca youth setups profesional contracts ..those we dont really nedd can be loaned out to other premierhip outfits. We need to hit them were it hurts .. personally I now hate Cuntalunians (cesc still excepted) but I say we snatch their young ones just out of spite. Unfortunatly the board are probably ‘bigger’ thsn me .. and will not leave the moral highground .. meanwhile tapelona are digging deeper in the dirt.

  13. good post

    we don’t need xavi, he is a c*nt. we need proper center back and a GK!

    c’mon wenger

  14. a lot of idiots commenting on here – how many times in the past has he said that he is staying? If he started to comment EVERY time they said they wanted him, then he would have to issue a new denial every day.

    Grow some balls, idiots – he is not going anywhere unless Barca offer an ammount so ridiculous that we CANNOT refuse it, in which case all 3 parties are happy. Unless that happens he stays.

  15. you see what i dont get is he never said he whanted to leave he just said someday he’d like to retern to spain someday but he also said hes verry happy at this club and in no rush to leave im my eyes hes the most loyal player we have and i mean cmon he played in the champions league with a broken leg… why do you slaughter our players i mean fucking support them why cant we act like we did in the first leg againts Barca, support our players and make it a great fuckin place to be play, just stop destorying our players

  16. Hi gunners, some of you just make me laugh, how can Fabrigas say I leave it in Wengers hands, what a f**k? He can decide on his own, he is not a kid anymore. I say sell him not less than 50. They paid 35 for Villa who is getting to his 29ns, Ibrahimovic for almost 65( that is plus Etoo who is better than him). Infact sell Fabrigas for 80, he is worth it and young.

    If he stays, take the captain away and give it to Vermaelen or Van Persie. Period, no player can play hard game with the mighty ARSENAL. He can go and f**k himself.

    • Fabregas left it in Wenger’s hands as a mark of respect to the manager and the club, and you criticise him for it?

  17. That.s the 1 thing that must happen he must remain captain to get his head right if you taken the captaincy off him you alienate him

  18. He never had any say anyway only ones with a say is the board yes they will listen to what Wengers says but in the end they will make their own mind up

  19. I can’t believe people can question Fabregas’ and Wenger’s integrity. Model professionals and two of the classiest characters in football are having their intelligence, morals and loyalty questioned. What a fucking joke. Have a fucking look at yourself. You’re calling Arsene Wenger an idiot and Cesc Fabregas a traitor, but you’re willing to listen to the headlines on NewsNow and the propaganda of Joan Laporta and swallow it like a fucking spoonfull of royal jelly. Fucking retards.

  20. We as Arsenal fans really have to be smarter than all this. Cesc does not owe us an explanation, he owes us 100% of his football until his contract is up or we sell him for a price we’re happy and nothing more.
    Cesc Fabregas is a lifelong Barcelona fan. At home he has one of Pep Guardiola’s Barca shirts given to him by Guardiola, his footballing hero, signed “one day you will be no.10 for Barcelona.” Like it or not, his eyes have always been on a triumphant Catalan return and playing under his idol will be a very tempting prospect. How can we blame him for not wanting to get involved in the politics and leave it up to those holding the purse strings.
    It is quite clear that the understanding between Cesc and Wenger was, if Barcelona put in a serious offer, he would consider it seriously. Which is exactly what would have happened anyway. The Circus that’s going on is simply for the entertainment of the fans, don’t let it change your feelings for a player who has acted with pure, silent professionalism in his dealing with the press and has consistently given his best on the field: playing through pain, dragging the team forward and providing a perfect footballing role-model for the rest of the youngsters. At 23 these are also the factors that push his value light-years beyond the mere monetary value of his contract. In fact (and I know I’m biased) I value a Cesc far greater than a Ronaldo because his talents bring out the best in others. If Barca aren’t willing (or able) to part with a good multiple of their first offer, I can’t see Cesc going anywhere.
    But it’s a funny business, so…

  21. Ha-ha-ha to Gunners Great position, Yu laporta will resign or retire with nothin’ deal done. Yu was in a hurry 4 villa, yu couht hav bouht Fabrigas first with that money plus 20m. Now use yo retirement funds to raise at least 70m for Fabrigas and sell xavi for 29m to Real madrid.

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