Aug 242010

Those of you with a keen eye (or a lonely RSS reader) may have noticed I’ve been strangely absent of late, and you would be right – work has taken over spectacularly, and I have just enough time to get home, eat, sleep and get up to start again. All great fun (seriously), but the blog has taken a bit of a back seat.

Fortunately, I haven’t missed as much in the last ten days as I would on other occasions in the season. Elevation to third in the league has allowed us valuable breaks while Spurs fight for a Champions League spot, and the latter stages of the transfer window are hardly the most delightful times in the calendar.

But we’ve still been relatively busy, and I wanted to jot down my thoughts in concise form. So here goes:

The 6-0 drubbing of Blackpool

Football matches should always take precedence over the rumour mill, and after a lacklustre performance at Liverpool, particularly in the second half, it was fantastic to see such a terrific team effort against a side still on a high after their spectacular first day success. Granted, Blackpool’s defence was woeful, and the red card killed the game, but we were clinical, didn’t let up when 3-0 ahead, and if the pundits can salivate over Chelsea’s 6-0 wins over relegation cannon fodder, so can we of ours.


Four years after signing, his class is still apparent. His Arsenal career will never reach the heights intended when Wenger shelled out around £7m before the 2006 World Cup, but to have a player of his quality available when Cesc and Nasri are missing is a rare treat. Moreover, he understands his squad role perfectly, and will not complain if back on the bench this weekend.


I agree with Alan Hansen that Walcott often makes the wrong decision with his final ball. But to bring up that criticism after the lad’s just put in the best performance of his career is churlish in the extreme. And ignore the two bad crosses Hansen insisted on showing – any flying winger putting in ball after ball is going to get some wrong. Walcott has areas to improve in, but why he has received this level of critique by the age of 21 is beyond me. He is miles ahead of where many others were at this stage.


I really hope they stay up. I don’t think they will.

The ‘Big Four’

…is now a Big Five. Yes, Liverpool were hammered by Man City, but they will be stronger this year, mark my words. But while some pundits will rejoice at the added competition for Champions League spots, there will be a massive gap down to Spurs (likely to focus on Europe) and Everton.


I have to say, I’m somewhat surprised by the Frenchman’s imminent arrival, but delighted all the same. I thought Wenger would bring in a central defender (he hardly had a choice, did he?), but I figured it would be a 24-25 year old impressing in Europe. Squillaci has just turned 30, so is a slightly un-Wenger-like signing, but we’ve been crying out for a ready made defender used to challenging for and winning honours. He fits the bill, and should be the last of our outfield purchases.

The keeper situation

Much cloudier. With every passing day, I suspect more and more that Schwarzer will not be arriving. If Fulham force him to stay, he cannot afford to sulk – he career will simply tail off. We don’t hold the cards here, as we did with Cesc.


Speaking of whom, why are sites still running with stories that he’ll be off to Barcelona this week?

And that is about it. The blog will be more regular over the coming weeks, and as the football ramps up, you can expect more frequent updates.

Until then.

  25 Responses to “Ten days in review – Arsenal in bullet points”

  1. Shit blog

  2. Every true GUNNER knows That if Arsenal is challenge for the title ,the professor must listen to the noises around the Emirates.Did you hear big mouth Jose warning that Arsenal will not win the title?Arsene open your eyes,eyes around the Emirates.

    • “every true gunner” is this a poor attempt of emotional blackmail to get gunners to turn on wenger.Jose? why would you care what he says??go and support madrid if you do.I’m very impressed with our squad this year, 4 excellent cb’s compared to two last year, rosicky back to his best, wilshere pushing for a place, nasri really coming of age, chamakh up front.Keeper in (wenger is trying).We’re set to rock n roll! Eric its people like you that give arsenal supporters a bad name!!!Do me a favour and dont take real ‘GUNNERS’ seats in the emirates!Come on you reeeeeeeeeeeeeds!! P.S Good blog

  3. Good blog. Well done fella. I suspect this ‘Sam’ is a spud

  4. Why is it that so many Spud or Mancunsters look in on Arsenal web sites.

    I wouldn’t dream of looking in on any of thiers.

    good Blog.

  5. @Eric Phillips Errmm what is your point? Jose “up my own arse” Mourinho has no idea about what Arsenal are about to launch unto the Premier League this season. There are only two teams that can win the Premier League this season, and he only got one right. Man City might get lucky if the costly mercernarys gell. Man Utd will not get a full season out of their ageing crocks, ditto Chelsea, so that leaves Arsenal and Tottenham. The Spuds, if they beat Young Boys (how ironic) will have to get used to playing Premier League, Champions League, Premier League, week after week. Arsenal blew it last season, injuries didnt help, but no excuses. Only one team can stop Arsenal this year and it is Arsenal. Keep the faith.

  6. Im a gooner but tht blog wernt great.

  7. dude you make yourself look an ASS when you say the Top4 should now be Top5… thats bullshit frankly. Middle-eastlands hasnt finished in the top four soooooo lets see where they end up come the end of the year

    • I know they haven’t so far, but anyone who thinks they aren’t going to be in and around the top four over the next few years is living in a fantasy world.

      I actually predicted they would finish fifth this season, but at the same time I can see the top five being miles ahead of the pack. The reason the top four was labelled such was that the gap between fourth and fifth was always so large. That is why City have to be included now.

  8. Most the people the dont know what top 4? I want to help them, Top 4 is Arsenal, man u, chelsea and Liverpool, because only them they share that position more then any onother team, spud they are not top 4 till they stay there atlast 3seson, but not just one seson every one sound up like night dogs, the top 5 issue, this is not for us football knowing, it is for singers, swimmers etc, what position 5th get? till we start make noise, top 4 they fight for champions all of them and not 5th place,
    oh sorry spud an city fan that top5 you create cause you want to be up there, but u are wrong.

    • I sort of agree with your top four definition, but all I am saying is that from this season, the block is likely to be an interchangeable top five.

      (Top four was top four because the same teams occupied the slots in different orders every season).

      Do you really think Liverpool are now going to come ahead of City every year? Sadly money does buy success when flaunted in these numbers.

      Agree that Spurs, for example, cannot be labelled big 4/5 because they have given no evidence that their placing will be consistent.

  9. With the same amount of millions available to buy expensive players, Arsene and Arsenal would smash Jose.

  10. I thought your blog was fine. i welcome all AFC blogs. agree with your appraisal on the new top 5, but i think the Spuds will be up there too. so a top six really. Which means more teams taking points from each other so should be a very interesting and eventful season. i thought Rosicky was easily MOTM on Saturday, cutting pass after cutting pass, a real joy to watch. this weekend will be our real first challenge. if we have any hopes of winning the title this season we need to go to places like Blackburn and dominate these teams, not cling on to a 1.0 lead for 70 minutes. i reckon it could be tougher than Liverpool, loads and loads of crosses for the clown to flap at. good luck everyone!

    • Thanks.

      I think Spurs will be up there on quite a few occasions, but I have a sneaky feeling that they’ll let the Premiership slide this season as they focus too much on Europe (presuming they progress, of course). The first couple of years any side plays in the CL, they struggle in the weekends following midweek games.

      Rosicky was outstanding on Saturday, and seems to be enjoying his football too. I guess a long spell out of the game does that.

    • If Modric misses any games at all, they’ll be luck to be as high as 6th (unless they lose tonight – unlikely, and concentrate on the PL).
      Their squad doesn’t have cover for modric although they seem to be covered in most other positions.

  11. top 5 or 6 is totally agreeable, y it should be a 2 horse race, last 4/5 years where was arsenal, they were in top 4, that doesnt make any sense, it was always a 2 horse race, i hope that we can make the title race exiting this year. theo is not yet near to world class, one hatrick against a minnows(10 men) huh, that doesnt change things,….we need some good hands between bars…hope wenger listens to my prayer.

  12. Awesome blog.

  13. Arsenal should buy dat we can win cup,if we dont buy players we will go trophyless again this season.This is our time let’s do it. UP GUNNERS

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