Dec 252010

…and a fantastic 2011.

I already have my New Year’s Resolution in place – write more. Not hard, admittedly, with a whopping one entry written in the whole of December so far, and that a miserable one after the United defeat. Admittedly the snow has left us with nothing to talk about, but with the visit of Chelsea on Monday (weather permitting), things are about to get very interesting. I faithfully promise to actually talk about it (and I mean talk – the podcast will return soon).

Anyway, hope you are all having a great Christmas – enjoy the break, and I’ll be back with more on Monday.


  One Response to “Groan wishes you a Merry Christmas”

  1. From the beginning of the holidays, I was sad all because I wasn’t having money to enjoy myself. But The boys make me to understand that enjoying the holidays with money is not the only solution. And they able to proved it by beating Chelsea and very much happy with such result. That is a big warning to man utd when they are coming for their defeat.

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